Pre ejaculate pain


I concur with the smell it definitely smells like my good ole days.


I will have to seriously consider having a reversal. My wife says she’ll support me whatever I chose to do, she realises what I’ve been through and would want me to have the reversal of it would guarantee a solution. Just need to explore other long term contraceptives before I commit to anything.

On a related point, MikeO and robertq1018, how does your semen smell different? What did it smell of before and what does it smell of now? My semen never really smelt of anything pre-vas, it does have a smell now though, I don’t like it :confused:


Hard to explain. Spooge smells like spooge. After the vasectomy it smelled less distinct/strong. The consistency was more watery and clear. The smell is much more pungent now.

I will say I reached a peak level of whiteness and volume at about 9 months post vas. Then I had pain sharply return on the left in the cord area. My numbers kind of went down after that.[quote=“kevin82, post:16, topic:1201”]
ne down to masturbating once or twice a month (this from a bloke


Where do you live?

The pain is probably scar tissue in your spermatic cord. When you get ready to climax your nuts pull up tight and I would imagine that is when whatever is in your spermatic cord is pulling etc…

I’ll tell you what, if you saw what was removed from me during my reversal you’d understand why I was in pain. Two purple daggers of burnt hardened vas with clumps of sutures on them. It looked angry and painful and it was. I believe cautery causes problems for some of us. It may be an immune system thing, it reacts to the denatured proteins, I am not sure but I was much better after all that burned up crud was removed.


I’m from England MikeO.

My semen never smelt before the vas, now it smells pungent, I don’t like it really. Also, I’ve notice that the smell lingers on my penis, I’ve started having to give the head a wash every time I use the bathroom in the hope that it’ll go away.

It does feel like the whole cord is in pain before I ejaculate, but the lumped bits (the ends of the cut sections) hurt more, so I’d agree with you that it could be scar tissue.


I also had that Spooge smell… Now let’s take a step back, we’ve only smelled our own sperm, so i can only speak of mine . Before Vas I had a strong smell to it, like a hint of bleach smell to it. After Vas it was super water down and alot more smell to it and wifey said it tasted different :joy:


If you decide to get the reversal, make sure you take Vitamin C also a Multivitamin and antioxidants to minimize scarring and closure of the tubes,
I read this somewhere… They recommend that you start before the procedure, i started about 3 weeks out and I am hoping it works.


Kevin82, your experience sounds very similar to mine. It’s been about two months since my urologist signed me off as they "couldn’t find anything abnormal."
I still have sharp pains in my right vas and groin area right before climax and a dull ache at random times during the day. My semen is completely different now,I never shoot anymore and it smells funky, it never did before, in fact the smell lingers on my penis well after climax. Half of the sexual positions we used to enjoy have become too uncomfortable. …and the doctors say they can find nothing abnormal, well this isn’t normal!!


Well, yes, I think it’s safe to say only straight guys are dumb enough to quasi-castrate themselves for their significant others and objects of their sexual desire and so all of us here are not the type that would smells anyone elses spooge, LOL.

I do envy gay guys that, BTW for never having to mutilate their genitals appease their partners and can enjoy them and their activities without worrying about PVPS. When you think about it, women are kind of hostile towards our junk that way. They don’t give two shits about pain because I think they believe having babies entitles them to something, or means we have to have our share of pain as well. That dynamic is so fucked up and wrong.

There is a tree here where I live in Maryland that gives off a similar odor in the spring. We call it a “cum tree” or “spooge tree”. And it’s pungent/nasty and everybody I know that has walked by one in spring says or is thinking the same thing.

So yeah, that’s one of the ways I know about it.


We call em cat box trees.


Another update: Fed up now! Sex is nothing like it used to be. In the last few weeks, my wife and I have tried to have sex at least once, if not twice a week. I haven’t climaxed during actual intercourse on any of these occasions. It’s not because of the pain, I don’t even get to the point of climax (which is when my pain kicked in the most) I think it’s because the thought of the pain is playing on my mind and I mentally avoid it. Luckily, my wife isn’t content with only her climaxing so I usually get to roll on my back after she’s finished, and she “finishes me off” lol…not that I’ve got a problem with that, I still cum and it’s not as painful as during sex, but why shouldn’t I be able to climax in my wife during sex? Surely that’s the main point of vasectomies!!


I feel ya man. I actually have opposite going on sometimes just frustrated asking or waiting for right moments when the moments for me is when I have fleeting moments when I don’t hurt. I try something with her and she usually does it just for me and she doesn’t really want anything which isn’t very satisfying. I don’t want to go thru that mental disappointment. So I try to masturbate and I can’t get hard enough to do that. So right now I just have a wait and see game. It’s awful.


@backintime30 I know where you’re coming from. Sex is fine for me, I just get a really intense pain in my vas and groin right before ejaculation. That’s why I preferred masturbation for a few months rather than sex. With masturbation you can control how vigorous things are much easier. The pain is always worse during sex as when it kicks in my balls and banging and bouncing about, during masturbation you can keep them pretty still thereby managing the pain. The thing is, I didn’t want my sex life to be masturbation only, I still do it but like I said, I make the effort to have sex, I just wish I could climax during it!


@BB11 mine aren’t sore in the moment from sex but next morning boy I pay the price.
The guy who did my V really jacked me up.

Believe me my way sucks too, because I feel totally unwanted and less of a man when you feel like your wife is punching a clock for you all the time.

So you got the green light to go with a raincoat right? You haven’t notice a difference in intensity?


I must admit though, like you, I struggle to get a full erection a lot of the time now. I’ve started to agree with the urologist that a lot of it’s in my head- don’t get me wrong, the pain is very real, but because it has gone on for so long it’s now playing on my mind a lot which just exacerbates an already crap situation.


@backintime30 the intensity has gone way down. The intensity of the pain before I cum is awful, that pain added to the lower intensity orgasm just makes orgasms seem like a disappointment a lot of the time. The only problem is, as men we need the release, I just don’t need the pain! My semen volume has gone down and I don’t shoot anymore. How is yours?


Yep I am pretty much the same. I found if I go pretty far between like a couple weeks it’s more powerful. My semen is backing into my bladder I think. Sometimes I’ll pee semen. It’s weird. But going back the feeling is not like before. It gets to the top of the hill and instead of the excitement you get on the way down it’s like riding the brakes if that makes any sense. And in general I dont shoot like before.
I don’t have any shooting pain with the orgasm before or after so according to some opinions I don’t have congestion. But they always feel really heavy and are sensitive to slight bumps.

When I was on testosterone in the first week of ever injection. It was really intense and almost like pre v.


Is the pain stabbing or burning or both?


It’s definitely not burning. It’s like both ends of the vas are being squeezed and twisted whilst needles are being poked into the cut ends…that’s literally the best description I can think of.


Come back from the GP about an hour ago. Got another script for antibiotics. I’m having problems with pain in the vas when I urinate now. Because my pain is more regular and persistent than it has been before, my genitals are in constant shock! My balls are tight and drawn right up to my body and my penis is almost always shrunk (yes I know it’s November, but I’ve never had that problem before, only when I’ve been swimming)


Ask for some predisone. Inflammation could be the bigger issue. And Gabaphentin