Pre ejaculate pain


Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. Needed to find an outlet for my problems and this seems the best place for it.
I’m 32, married with two kids. I had my vasectomy last year.
I had the usual aches and pains at first. After about 10 days I decided to give it a trial run so I masturbated. I don’t know if it was because my balls were sensitive or because it’d been a while since I’d ejaculated but I had a really intense orgasm. The next two or three were great too, I was beginning to wonder what a lot of blokes were complaining about. After the fourth time (I still didn’t feel up to sex, didn’t fancy my balls banging about) I noticed that the intensity was fading, and when I ejaculated the amount of semen was the same but instead of shooting out a few inches like it did pre-op, it now just dribbled out over my hand. That’s when my problems started.
Next thing to happen was the pain came back, just twinges here and there whilst I was getting on with day to day life but by Christmas I was having really sharp pains just before ejaculation. The pain was so bad that I just couldn’t finish sex or masturbating to actually achieve the orgasm, it was like I got to the finish line and was struck down with cramp before I crossed it. About once a week I managed to ejaculate on my own relaxing in a hot bath.
I went to see my doctor who prescribed me antibiotics. After the course was up I felt ok for a week or so, so sex and masturbation was back on!!! Then the pain started again.
I eventually got a referral to a urologist. It was a woman. I just felt awkward talking to her about sex, masturbating and ejaculating. Plus I just don’t think women can fully understand.
She referred me for an ultrasound which I’m going to next week, but she did say that there’s no real treatment for my pain. I was gutted!!
I love sex but half of the time now it ends with me being unable to achieve orgasm, half of the time it’s because of the pain and the other half is probably because I’m thinking of the pain. I feel as though my manhood has been compromised. I get good erections but (yes I’ve measured) they’re not as big as before and my flaccid penis never seems as big (apparently psychologically the stress and worry can divert blood to other organs away from your penis which makes the penis smaller in times of stress.)
I’ve reached a point where I try and avoid sex and prefer to masturbate and then I can control the speed, force etc.
My libido has increased, I seem to be thinking about sex more than ever before but I usually can’t enjoy doing it. My wife had the implanon rod in prior to my vasectomy. That lowered her sex drive, but now her sex drive is up but I don’t want to do it as much.
Does anyone else have similar problems?


I think my problems were pretty similar. Like you, my pains started about 8-9 months after vasectomy nearly 11 years ago. A lot of guys talk about their pain AFTER ejaculation; mine was made worse getting an erection. Felt as if my penis was ripping my cord and testicle out. Put the biggest damper on sex for us.

I opted for reversal about 8 months after this, and the sex pains (and others) went away once I recovered from the surgery.

Some believe I was congested, some think I had nerve pain and the painful part of the vas was removed during the reversal, while others have different theories. I will never really know, but I tend to believe (now, looking back a decade) that I had nerve pain, not congestive pain.

Your urologist, like the vast majority, is why I’m opposed to vasectomy. They do a procedure, but have no idea (and don’t care to learn) how to fix the “1-2%” that go wrong. First, she’s wrong, there are treatment regimens for men with pain due to vasectomy. I’m dealing with some pain now but have been pain free for 108 of the 120 months since my reversal. That’s pretty good.

There are several urologists and health systems in North America and Europe capable of treating your condition. It’s a stubborn condition with a lot of uncertainty, but there are physicians who can help if you find them.


I have had issues since my vas. Pain in general but also pain while erect and pain will having sex and pain during finish and pain afterwards. This has led to zero sex for over a year. Granted, my wife has not wanted it since she had the last kid, but given the pain, i am not going there.

My libido hasn’t gone away. Just the opposite as I was getting older. my wife has zero interest. she says its cause I’m in pain, but she hasn’t wanted it in years. i have told her i am not in pain to see what happens and she comes up with an excuse.

anyways, back to your post…i experienced pain. in fact i even had blood for quite while in my ejac. of course my uro said i didn’t and literally said i was lying. so i also noticed an amount and distance change as well. again, told i was wrong. but my vasectomy absolutely messed with things to the negative.


Thanks for your replies guys! I find it terrible that a procedure that should in theory make your sex life better ends up making it worse!! My vasectomy has worked by default, because I avoid sex anyway.


Horrible isn’t? The urologist who did mine gave me information about the procedure. The paperwork he and his practice puts together says that a vasectomy will not change sex. In capital letters “NO”.

Months later he’s asking me about pain with sex and ejaculation. He knew all along he was lying. His excuse to that and the other misrepresentations he made before the procedure is that all the things he said could not happen or would not happen actually can and do happen but he thinks they always get better just give it time. So basically he lied because he knew that would keep me and other patients from having a vasectomy, and then he would lose an $800 fee.

I point blank asked the guy if there were any potential sexual side effects. He looked me in the eye and said no. He said “NO” in writing too in his information about the procedure. It’s horrible that someone would lie about something so intimate as a vasectomy because if they told patients the truth it might cost them a surgical fee.

The doctor was Matthew J. Spellman with Urology Consultants, Ltd.

This is him:

Here is his paperwork:

Here is him and his practice saying there is NO change in my sex life. I don’t know about you, but I consider painful intercourse, ejaculation, and pain triggered by ejaculation a change to my “sex life”

There you have it. A doctor saying there is “NO” change in your sex life from a vasectomy, in writing nonetheless. Funny that months later he and his partner are asking me about pain with sex and ejaculation given that “NO” “my sex life” won’t change.

Keep in mind Dr. Spellman and his practice says “NO”. “No” means “No”. Not a 1 in 1,000 or 1 in 1,000,000,000. Absolutely “NO” your sex life will not change.

Now lets see what these guys have to say:

So wait a minute, we’ve gone from “NO” to “Yes”? How can Dr. Spellman say no when the American Urological Association says yes? How can you tell a patient there will be “NO” change to their sex life when there in fact can be?

And what is this post-vasectomy pain syndrome they talk about? Dr. Spellman made no mention of it in the consultation or his paperwork. In fact he told me the #1 cause of pain after vasectomy doesn’t happen. Don’t believe it? I’ll make another post about it.

When you assure a patient that there is no risk and they have nothing to worry about you had better make sure you are telling them the truth. Here it is in black and white:

Dr. Spellman - Does the operation change my outward appearance or my sex life? NO

The AUA - Will my sense of orgasm be altered by having a vasectomy? Generally not… so YES it could potentially.

Again I don’t know about you, but I consider “my sense of orgasm” to be part of “my sex life

Thanks for sharing your story. We need this information out here. People need to know the true risks of the procedure and what can happen. They also need to know that doctors can and do lie about the risks.


I’m actually from the UK so vasectomies are provided free of charge under the National Health Service (NHS) here. That being so, I can’t understand why doctors don’t tell us the truth about them! They have nothing to gain financially either way as they aren’t private physicians, they employed by the state. The fact that I was only told about short term/ recovery pain and long term PVP was never mentioned has really angered me!! It’s a shame that the majority of men that go for the op only find forums like this afterwards when they’re suffering rather than before when they could change their mind.


UPDATE: I went for my ultrasound yesterday. The technician said she couldn’t find anything to worry about but would send the details to my urologist who would contact me in due course.
The thing is, since my appointment my testicles (the right one more but both in general) have been aching more than usual. She didn’t seem to press on hard with the tool, so I’m not sure if it’s that or not. This vasectomy just seems like one thing after another, really fed up now!


The NHS web site pretty plainly states there is a 10% chance of chronic pain after surgery.

“Long-term testicle pain
Some men get pain in one or both of their testicles after a vasectomy. It can happen immediately, a few months or a few years after the operation. It may be occasional or quite frequent, and vary from a constant dull ache to episodes of sharp, intense pain. For most men, however, any pain is quite mild and they do not need further help for it.
Long-term testicular pain affects around one in 10 men after vasectomy. The pain is usually the result of a pinched nerve or scarring that occurred during the operation. You may be advised to undergo further surgery to repair the damage and to help minimise further pain.”


Most/many of us here have had normal ultrasounds. Good to rule out other possibilities, so I’m not saying it’s a waste of time. Most post-vasectomy pain seems to emanate from sources invisible to ultrasounds.



Looking at your posts it looks like you have classic congestion issues and as Raising says would not normally show on ultrasound.

Have you looked at reversing the vas?


It’s REALLY hard to know if you have congestive or nerve pain. Hell, I had a reversal 10 years ago, and I still don’t know.

Most experts suggest pain AFTER ejaculation is indicative of congestion. I can tell you that in my first bout 10 years ago, I developed massive pain as I was getting an erection all along the spermatic cord. In retrospect, I now believe this was nerve pain, just dramatically worse than what I experienced again in 2008-09 and am experiencing now. I’m confident I was not congested. Perhaps you’re experiencing something similar, perhaps you’re congested. Very hard to tell.

The diagnostic that might help with this is a nerve/cord block. If your pain goes away, the assumption is that you have nerve (neuropathic) pain. If it doesn’t the assumption is you’re congested. At least that’s how they treated me. But, in reality, I think mine was a coin toss, and I just wanted to be reversed and the doctor consented. I don’t regret it given 9 years in the last 10 of being pain free.

This is a REALLY tough call. That’s what makes vasectomy so damn difficult. They don’t really know exactly what to do with the guys that it doesn’t work out for.


I was the same as you Raising, thats why three weeks ago, I got put back as nature intended.

The Doctor advised that upon draining and deflating both epi’s the left was more clogged up than the right, which he thought was causing the referred pain in the groin.

Has it worked???.. still way to early to tell but the groin pain seems to be subsiding and I am in a lot better place mentally due to all the plumbing being connected again.


Best of luck to you Woody. Sounds like the reversal was a good decision based on your description. If the pain is subsiding already, that’s a terrific sign. My reversal doc said that pain relief can be slow and steady over 12-18 months with ups and downs.

Like you, as well, I was in a much better place. I was convinced that I needed to get put back together. Overall, it was a great decision. The prostate problems went away almost immediately. The scrotal pains went away about 5 months post-op. Obviously I have some sensitive nerves down there that have resulted in two subsequent bouts of pain (one going on now), but 9 years of pain free living in 10 years makes my reversal WELL worthwhile. Hope you get similar or better results!


UPDATE: Well I had my x-ray. The urologist looked at my results, urine sample etc and has said they can’t find anything abnormal, so they signed me off their books!!!
I really don’t know what to do now, my GP will only refer to the urologist again, and they’ll likely find nothing and sign me off again!!
I’ve learnt how to power through the pain barrier, so we’re managing to get back on track with our sex life. I shouldn’t have to struggle like this though, I used to have sex 4 times a week and masturbate every day but now every time is a bloody struggle against the pain!!:cry:


You are probably in the category of guys that would benefit from reversal. I think if I was you I would start looking into it. What you’ll find happens is when you are in pain long enough it starts to train you to not want sex as much. Pain during sex is not good.


Totally with you on this one BB11. This is the first post that has mirrored a lot of my own symptoms of PVPS.
I had my vas just over 2 years ago and I’m still struggling now! It’s so hard to describe how PVPS affects your life unless you’re suffering from it yourself.
Let me tell my story. In Jan 2014 I went to my family doctor with my wife to ask for a vas, we have 3 happy, healthy kids and we can’t afford any more, plus we’re just getting a bit of “us” time back now that they’re all at school. The doctor referred me to the vasectomy specialist. She talked me through the whole procedure, pain was only mentioned in the short term, there was no reference of long term pain. We decided to go ahead with the vas.
I got my appointment through about 3 weeks later, it was for May 2014.
So May came along and it was V day, it felt strange going to have an operation done at my local clinic rather than having to go to hospital. I sat in the waiting room with my wife, when we were called in to the room my heart sank a little, for the first time really. Anyway, I just walked in, how I wish I’d taken this reaction as a sign to run!
In the room was the female specialist, two female nurses, a female assistant and my wife. This was the worst possible situation for me, I’m very much aware that I’m not well hung, so the idea of being naked in front of 5 women was horrific. I nearly ran again!
After a quick chat I was asked to remove my trousers and boxers, lie on the bed and cover my genutals with the paper towel. Not once was I screened, it was terrible :fearful:
I’d pre-shaved so that wasn’t an issue, the doctor pulled the tissue away and slapped the iodine all over my old chap. The next part was the worst, she got the anaesthetic needle off the table, I nearly threw up. She said it might hurt a bit as it goes in, the needle went through my scrotum, that was bad enough but i thought that was it, boy was I wrong!! The needle started to plunge into my testicle, it was the most painful and sickening thing I’ve felt to date! Then she had to do the other one. The operation was nothing after that.
So I was strapped up, got dressed and taken to another room with one of the nurses and my wife. I got a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit and was told about aftercare, then we were on our way.
For the first day or two I couldn’t feel any pain really, it was well bandaged and I was resting and taking pain killers. By day 3 however the pain was setting in. I kept up with the pain killers and kept resting as I’d taken a week off work.
By day 6 I was feeling a bit less tender so I decided to test things out. I waited until everyone had left the house, made sure I was comfy and set about “the task at hand.” I took it steady and tried to make sure my balls didn’t bounce around. It’d been a week since I’d last ejaculated, and I generally masturbate most days so I was climbing the walls by now. When I orgasmed it was like no orgasm I’d had before, quite intense and I shot like a fountain which is something I never normally do. Wow! I thought I’d hit the jackpot. As I had the house to myself all day I had another go after lunch, that was just as good. I decided to save a bit up and try sex with my wife later that night.
Before the vas we had sex about once, occasionally twice per week.
So the evening came, my wife wasn’t sure I’d be up to it but I assured her I was. The sex was great although she had to do most of the work as I was still unsure about my balls bouncing about.
My recovery progressed, I went back to work, after 3 weeks I started running and swimming again.
My sex life got back to how it was before and I was masturbating every day again too. Life seemed great, got two negative semen tests, the vas had worked, we were happy.
By October, which was 5 months after the vas, things slowly started to change.
I first noticed that my balls never hung low, they always seemed tight and drawn up to my body, they seemed smaller too. Next I started to notice that my semen was thinner, there was less of it and it was more watery, with a clear edge around it. Next thing was my erections, getting one seemed to involve more work, when I got one sometimes it wasn’t fully erect. I measured it, before it was about 5" erect, now I was sporting 4"2-4"5 at best. It began to drain my self confidence. Because I already felt small before and now it was smaller, and I was struggling to keep and maintain my erections, I started to avoid sex. Weeks went by without it!
I went to my doctor and explained it all, I said it was pointless me having the vas if I wasn’t having sex. He told me it was all in my head, my semen hadn’t changed, my balls hadn’t changed and my penis hadn’t changed. I knew he was wrong but what could I do?
I went home and tried to ignore it. That was short lived because the pain came next! I was happily sorting myself out one afternoon and got the “about to finish” feeling, but then my balls tightened up and shot into pain! It was like someone had stuck pins into my vas wounds whilst twisting my balls, it was so bad I couldn’t finish. I tried sex and the pain was just as bad! Probably the first time I’d ever not climaxed during sex, I was gutted!!
I went to the doctor again, eventually I was referred to the urologist. Went for an exam, they couldn’t find anything abnormal so was given painkillers.
The problem still persisted, I managed 2 orgasms a week at best, one through masturbation and one through sex. However, in the next 6 months after the uro appointment, saying that we’d had sex about 25 times, I’d had to stop without climaxing at least 5 times. Saying that I’d masturbated about 25 times too I’d had to give up because of the pain at least 8 times! This was just rubbish.
Went back to the doctor, got some antibiotics, they worked for a few weeks but then I was back to the pain. Got another uro appointment, exam found nothing again so I went for a scan- nothing found, so like BB11 I was signed off.
I started using stronger pain relief and resting more, eventually I was managing to have sex and climax once a week, but I’d gone down to masturbating once or twice a month (this from a bloke who did it every day) Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and I’ve always enjoyed our sex life, but from being a teenager I’d masturbated every day, this had now become a thing I’d had to lose because of the stupid vas! Part of me wants to get a reversal, but I’m not sue if it’s just so I can enjoy masturbating again. We’re still having sex once a week and I always climax but there’s still a twinge of pain right before I do, and I still get twinges of pain when I run, walk for long periods, go to the gym or get too hot. I just wish I’d never had it done!!
BB11, and all you guys suffering with whatever forms of PVPS you have, I really hope that you and I get a solution to our problems.


They will tell you it’s all in your head, they won’t want to listen to you, you will be the bad guy if you bring it up, get upset about, let it interfere with anyone else’s enjoyment of life at all because guess what? It’s not happening to them and generally women don’t give a shit.



I am new here, but I had a reversal done about 4 weeks ago. I asked the butcher that did my Vas to do a reversal and instead he did a revision, which cut more of my VasD. After several months of pain he refferred me to the PUR clinic where they did a Block and a full denervation. Finally, i cleared all my Credit Cards and went for the reversal, I am still in pain on my left side, but I attribute it to all the things that have been done to me on that side.

Here is what i can tell you so far
1- you have to masturbate or have sex everyday after a reversal (This should be easy for you)
2- My sperm has changed from the water down version to the original thicker consistency
3- I am experiencing a better orgasm (Someone called it the sweet release)
4- Through pain and all, my erections are harder (infarct i had an erection the next morning following post op)

My thoughts so far, even if the pain on my left side does not improve 100% there a few other options, but i feel much better about my self and how my body is adjusting to being put back together.

Men aren’t supposed to be sterile, we don’t stop producing sperm like women do with eggs… After a certain age they are done and menopause sets in. A vasectomy is not normal, it is barbaric and we all fell for the bullshit they sold us at the doctors office.

Dr. Stain did my vasectomy and he charges USD $599.00 and he has done 35k Vasectomy that’s 20,965,000.00 almost 21 mill buddy. They are not going to stop!



Here in the us there are some clinics (Planned Parenthood) that provide this service at no cost to people with low income. With that said, it does not mean that the doctor is doing the procedure for free or “pro bono” here it is subsidized and the surgeon gets paid for every single snip he performs.

Like I said on a previous post, we have this guy called Dr. Stein that goes around all of Florida performing all these Vas for USD $599 a snip. He has done 35k so that;s close to 21 mill in cash!


Yup, your semen gets white and creamy again after vas reversal. I wish I had pictures to show the morons saying there is no difference. There was a huge difference in my ejaculate after reversal. It was whiter, thicker and there was a lot more. The smell changed too.