Post vasectomy wife


I feel mad at my wife when alone and feels like I don’t love her I have extreme anxiety now this sucks some days I feel the love her some days i dont more than not. Has anybody survived this post vas feeling


I too experienced this problem as i felt pressured into the vasectomy and blamed her and for the most part i still do. We split up after she had an affair .I’d also say that you have to take some responsability as you had the final decision to have it done.Time may help heal the anger you feel and if she is supportive and loves you the relationship could work it out.I am remarried with a great wife and we are trying to sort our mess out …
A word of advice i can give is read this forum and do not rush into any procedures until all non invasive things have been tried .I had a reversal without being tested for infection etc.because i panicked . Try to keep calm and not ruin the relationship further as you are where you are at and can’t turn back the clock …atb .