Post vasectomy pain in Abdomen 5 months later Mystery to modern medicine!


@ljtomono1 yes 25/7/17 the sad thing out of all this will be going back to condoms which i hate. But i will give anything to be pain free normal life. In the end if i do get better it will mean i have lost nearly 2 years of my life by the time i recover from reversal fully, and my wife has not given a shit, fuck i am bitter about that, she pressured me to do this vas .


Yes i think we would happily settle for being pain free


Hi Lee who did you see in Birmingham. I’ve had pain for 4/5 weeks. I’m 18 months post op. I’ve got bad abdominal pain. Thought it might be my bladder / lower intestine, I had completely forgotten I’d had a vasectomy! As this spreads side to side and up and down think I may be suffering from build up somewhere. Brum consultant would be ace. Phil


Hi the guy in Brum just referred to the doc in London


Been a year now.Yes orgasms are better and yes pain is pretty much gone.Every once in a while a bit of an ache but I m wondering that if you stop the flow for as long as I did(12 years between vas and reversal) that there isn t some permanent damage done.99 percent compared to pre vas.


How s the recovery?Reversal?


@Mainman i got stuffed around had to find another reversal surgeon 27/7/17 is the day now.


Had I not had a case of epididymitis (and I’m talking the real deal where it blows up to about 5 to 10 times it’s normal size, fucking gross), I would have loved to try a redo with the goal being removal of scar tissue with end cleanup.

After the back of your testicle blows up like a hose with a knot in it you to realize with absolute clarity that that part of your body was never meant to be a closed system.

Reversal comes with the cost too. Depending on how much vas was removed, how much was destroyed and how much is blocked you can end up with more tissue disruption and alterations down there. Im not crazy about how my nuts hang now. However, if learn to live with it if I did not still have some issues on the left. I should be happy I can sleep through the night again but the pain I can get is quite life altering still. I wonder if I would have been more pain free with simpler removal of the cauterized and tied off vasal ends without the additional vasal resection and freeing up/disruption of basal tissue required to the the ends together.


Went to see doc for first post vas cleanup appt yesterday… discomfort in abdomen still present he was disappointed that i had not improved after the 7 wks. He wants to give it another 2 months as i still have a lot of hardened scar tissue. It was very sore when he manipulated the vas ends and i am very sore in abdomen today. If after 2 months no improvement he said he would try an anaesthetic injection higher up i.e just above the scrotum. At least he confirmed that i do not have aswollen epi, it is just scar tissue


@Loz How have you been post-op? It has been a few months, and thought you might have some info on how your surgery/recovery went, as well as whether it addressed your ongoing pain.


Its been a while, as things have overall been good. I have recently had a CAT scan and bladder scans/flow tests to try and rule a few more things out. Go back to see the results on 18/6… using NHS docs now as run out of money using private.


Hi All, 14 months on from my last bout of surgery to redo the Vas recently i have been going to the Pelvic floor specialist for a month now (3 sessions)… He does not claim that he knows the answer but believes that freeing up my pelvis and abdomen and also techniques to release any tension could help. I reserve judgement at the moment but so far it ‘feels’ like it is helping. Despite a part of my brain saying this is a nerve related issue i am trying to buy into what he is doing, i think the breathing exercises he has given me are helping me manage flare ups and my abdomen/pelvis are feeling the benefit of the massage. I am still running and both my times and recovery are improved since i started the therapy. We are coming up with plans on what to do about Lyrica usage and use of the scrotal support whilst exercising. So despite the cost (£75/session) i am going to continue as i think it is well worth it.