Post vasectomy pain in Abdomen 5 months later Mystery to modern medicine!


@MikeO yes i did ask about that… he did not give a good answer but i said it was probably down to the normal cramping that i was told to expect, which i assumed just morphed into the continued pain as the granuloma formed. Tbh i will always have queries in my mind about this but at some point you have to ask yourself is this the best ‘bet’


So 6th of June for my surgery, will let you know how it goes!


All the best with it mate. I to met with my reversal specialist and he is ready do do my reversal. Myself i am stalling because i dont know whats behind the other door. Including in Australia i have to drive over a 1hr then fly 2000km then catch a train for 1hr just to get to the capitol city. Then i need to do this in reverse to get home in pain not fun.


That sucks.:frowning: can you not stay in a hotel locally for a few days to recover at least a bit?


Yes i will stay for 3 days locally. But after that i still need to go through all the same routine to get home.


Are you completely back to normal now after reversal?


Op done today… surgeon said the vas ends were a real mess, lots of scar tissue and nodules trapped. Took him longer than he thought to tidy up the ends. So quite encouraging… still tender so will know if it was successful over the next month or so. @Loz any news on your reversal?


@ljtomono1 mate my reversal specialist has decided i need a mental assesment before going any further and put operation on hold. He is concerned i will get worse and i am thinking maybe covering all bases in case of litigation. It all started when at appointment i said the pain makes you suicidal so my bad i guess. Good to hear you are maybe going forward in right direction.


Oh jeez… yes people do tend to get twitchy when you mention that… but at the end of the day thats how a fair few people in this situation feel. Still feeling tender today it will be hard to know if abdomen pains are improved until i come off the cocodomal/tramadol


Hi all recovering well from the redo of my vasectomy/tidy up of vas ends, no external infection or haematoma thankfully. Scrotum tender, and abdominal pain still there but early doors, just on paracetomol now, planning to back to work on monday. Doc says it will 4-6 wks till we know if the surgery has resolved my abdominal pain. Hystology of the chunks of removed vas today both sides confirming inflammation and sperm granulomas.


@ljtomono1 good to hear glad things went good for ya. I am in process of booking with another reversal specialist in Australia i will go in for the slaughter somewhere around end July/August. This guy does high volume reversals for fertility and few people for pvps as well.


Thats great news @Loz glad you finally have a date you can target and hopefully put this horrible period behind you! In terms of reversal if the surgery i had didn’t do the trick it is likely to be my next option and i wondered about using my current surgeon who seems very good but rarely does reversals or use one of the guys recommended who does regular reversals over here even though of the 2 guys recommended only one responded to me and his response was that he didn’t think reversal would solve my issue.


How far out are you bud?

I posted a picture once of what was pulled out of me. It was angry and purple and black. The clumps of sutures were nasty looking and the cauterized/scarred vas ends looked like daggers. I got a lot of relief. I’m pretty much cured on the right but had some burning return on the left and that’s where I am. I still have sperm in my ejaculate after 5 years but instead of being completely white and creamy like it was after reversal it is a mix of white and clear. I think once side is wide open and the other may have sealed off. It’s unfortunate they cant die your balls one red and the other yellow so you would tell who is open and who is not. If your spooge was green you’d be wide open, red one side, yellow, the other lol.

I am betting you will get relief. I would be shocked if you did not.


My original vasectomy was september 16… latest surgery was 10 days ago… i haven’t seen a pic of what they removed, just a description… but feel vindicated in having surgery, i was starting to feel a little better in the 2 weeks leading up to surgery but figured it was a cruel trick of the mind!


I had something similar where I would have a good day and be like “this is a mistake” but my body would never have adjusted to the scar tissue inside of me. I think it was having issues with the clumps of sutures. My reversal surgeon said it was excessive and a bad idea to do it that way because he said what can happen is the sutures can kill vasal segment and it can simply break off. Excessive and crude. Just getting the cauterized dead vasal ends out helped me a lot.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing eh?


3.5 wks post surgery… still recovering i think, intermittent pain in left nut and vas end still swollen. Still wearing scrotal support at work. Still have abdominal discomfort. Surgeon said it will be another 2.5 wks before we will know if my abdominal issues are fixed. Must admit not feeling confident but fingers crossed!


4 weeks post surgery… over last 24 hrs discomfort in stomach has got significantly better… not sure if its temporary but positive. Also left teste less sore. Strange thing is on both sides the epididymis is hard, not sore but a new thing. I am wondering if perhaps when the vasectomy was redone did they properly seal it this time? Perhaps now no sperm is leaking which means it is not causing nerve irritation or auto immune response which means abdominal issues are slowly easing? But of course sperm could now be backing up in epi


Lee glad things are changing for the better. Hope that applies to me and maybe sperm reaction to, causing my abdominal pain. The suspense is killing me 3 weeks to go.


Yes i was thinking of you the other day hoping your surgery goes well… is it 25/7? I absolutely think you are doing the right thing, and even though the recovery will be hard you have that chance to be ‘normal’ again. Not sure on the sperm auto-immune thing maybe putting 2+2 together and getting 5. I go back to the surgeon on the 25/7… hopefully my recovery continues and he can give me some ‘educated’ answers!