Post vasectomy pain in Abdomen 5 months later Mystery to modern medicine!


Looked over the website, I’d say they know what they are doing far as a reversal goes.

If that’s where you had your vasectomy at, I still find the abdominal, etc etc comments odd. I’d find it hard to believe they haven’t done enough of them to see a wide spectrum of recovery’s, and outcomes. Places like this usually do 1000’s of vasectomys.


Yep tried to go to the best did a bit of research before hand. Still ended up this way.I call the abdominal bullshit to. Maybe trying to not make it a issue i think making me stay positive… Need a fix after 6 month of this.


I think a lot of urologists use mental manipulation on their vasectomy clients. If the problem doesn’t exist in their library of vocabulary, they just keep steering you into getting better. When you walk out the door, you get comments like, you will get better and not come back, forget about all of this, almost there buddy, etc. I’ve had several do this to me years ago. Staying pro positive is one thing, bs’ing someone along is another.

Hope something works out for you. Good luck.


@Mainman, How long has it been since your reversal? Did your orgasms improve? Did testicular pain improve?.


Also, this metro centre place has a really limited amount of pvps information listed at the site. They only speak of the congestion type of pvps. I call bull on open ended vasectomy being safer. I know of to many guys with painful sperm granuloma as a result of leaking sperm.

Knowing what I know these days, it’s hard to understand why so many urologists still believe that men’s body’s gobble up all this sperm leaking into the scrotom with absolutely no consequence to any of them men.

That website has a bunch of high tech nonsense in it, and fails to cover so much imo. Of course, no mention of possible nerve damage either.

I really like the pictures of all the happy looking couples on the website to. With the mention of all the congestive pvps cases they have seen, know about, etc where are the pictures of them men?

I guess they think their vasectomy technique is better than others. They say they’ve never had a case of congestive pvps as a result of their procedure. That sounds like more marketing nonsense.


I agree if i could turn back the clock i would never have open ended as i feel all the leaking sperm is part of the sore testicles from antibodies reaction. 2 urologists i seen said open ended plays more havoc than good. Also they say by 8 weeks its closed up anyway with granuloma. I would not be wasting time and money on open ended conversion i am good example from start its no better if not worse.i found this if people are interested its a fine line if you will get hurt or not lots of fragile things here. After half way very interesting how much delicate stuff in where they cut.With all that running through inguinal canal little wander we end up with abdominal cramps.


It s been over a year now.Every once in a while a faint ache,but rare.Semen volume as per pre vasectomy.Orgasm and sex drive very good.Best decision I ve ever made.


I’d be curious to know if your place actually gets better long term patency with the way they “claim” to do theirs.

Ultimately, if I could turn back the clock, I would never have a vasectomy, but if I had to have one, I would want it done in the least damaging way. In my case, my guy took out longer sections of my vas than nesessary.

I can’t say one way, or another, but that may have something to do with why I’ve have had two reversals fail so swifty as well. Seems your vas has a taper to it, and when they take out a longer section, it makes it harder for the pipes to go back together. Seems taking out longer sections makes it harder for your vas’s to naturally come back together/recanalization, and that’s why some urologists do their vasectomys that way.

Just some thoughts.


Yes maybe so @RingoStar. When i did mine i chose least invasive i feel. None is cut out, open ended and its done to be reversed very easy. I had no stitches outside with only 2 tiny cuts each side 3mm long, wound healed in a week externaly, perfect vasectomy. But pain got me from day 1 brutal and has not gone. All he does is fold top of vas back onto itself easy and put a stitch in place.


I wander if i go down road of reversal maybe just maybe it wont be a big deal on my body because i have been hammered with brutal pain since day 1 of vasectomy. I was that severe that i was bed ridden for 8 weeks the only time i could do anything i was off my brain on lyrica, endone and all the other shit gp’s give you.


Yea, I hear you. That “sounds better” than the butcher version, closed ended I got.

That’s pretty scary that you’ve had that severe of pain since day one. I would be thinking one of two things. First thought is nerve damage. Second thought is a severe reaction to your own sperm. First thought seems most likely, but idk. There’s always somewhere in-between to.


Went to see new urologist in London on Tuesday seemed to be the first doc i have seen who knew what he was talking about… during examination he squeezed the cut ends of each vas, particularly on the left i felt sharp twinges in abdomen. He said i have a sizeable granuloma on left side and smaller one on right. He believes either a nerve has healed into the granuloma or is rubbing on it. He said that he would need to go in, and cut a bit of the vas, removing the granuloma and reseal, he suggested doing both sides but said its up to me. He did not think reversal was the best thing for me. It will be under general anaesthetic with a larger incision. Just need to make my mind up, it will cost £3,500… but worth it to get back to normal… question is always will it work!


The only thing I don’t understand is your pain was immediate so to me that says it is not due entirely to granuloma. However, I think that going in for a redo may
help in your case. I kind of wish scar tissue cleanup was offered as a first line approach more often because I think just getting the burnt ends of my vas resected would have helped me personally.

I would go for it. I have heard sometimes they go in and see gross mistakes in how the original vasectomy was performed. You may be good as new AND STERILE WOOP WOOP when it’s all done.

Reversal is a lot of tissue disruption, you may get what you need with a cleanup.


All the best with it brother at least you getting some answers. I just had block of gf nerve and has helped some of flank and right leg pain. so i do have gf damage. But didnt ease testicle, cord, abdominal pain enough so this is different issue which i will look at reversal in future. I must have been given a huge dose of lidacaine/steroid because i havent been able to sleep and made me very agitated/hungry nausious etc but it will settle in time i guess.


I wonder when reversal’s help if its more the scar tissue clean up that’s really doing the help, and when scar tissue nerves all grow back in a few years were back to pain again ?


In many, or perhaps the majority of cases I would put my money on yes. When I had my second reversal this was actually part of the topic. I don’t think all the relief I got from my second reversal was just being open. When my second reversal failed, I did not regress all the way back to what I was post reversal 1. Post reversal 1, I had a lot of abdominal pains way out of my recovery. My second recovery wasn’t loaded with abdominal pains.

Pvps is some complicated stuff, and a bit individualized. I find it more difficult to figure out when some have multiple issues, aka, varicocele pain, pvps, etc.

When my second reversal failed, I began to wonder how many must be failing as well. Perhaps its just me, but I’d put my money on failure is very common down the road. Where are all the guys that failed, and are in major pain again.

This stuff is definitely a bit hit and miss, and statistics prove that.

What about reversals that are done in such a way where they leave the scarring, clips, granuloma left intact in fear of more pain as the outcome. I’d like to see controlled statistics on that way, vs the full clean up method. Personally, I’m not a fan of leaving all the foreign stuff intact during a reversal.


At a minimum to do a reversal they have to take out the scarred ends of the vas deferens. That’s going to be clips, sutures, obnoxious fascial interposition etc… They have to take all that stuff out just to get two clean ends to reconnect…


I understand this, but what I’m talking about exists, no doubt. I couldn’t believe it either.

I’m not the foremost expert on that method, but the way I understand it, they come in from the side, not the end. And, I’m not sure if they do the same technique upper, and lower vas.

Just a note here, I had a full clean up both times.


Thanks for all your supporting comments… i am pretty certain i am going to get both ends done. Just need to work out when to avoid issues with work. Of course ironically it does not help that i have been feeling slightly better this week which messes with your head a bit!


Glad you are getting some relief @Loz… stick with it mate