Post vasectomy pain in Abdomen 5 months later Mystery to modern medicine!


Mine is central just above my Navel


Has anyone got any updates on progress? I have been on Amtriptyline for 6 weeks now with no change… have been taking anti inflams for 2 months now so i am coming off them for a little while quite sore in the abdomen at the moment… due to go back to my GP on the 6/3 he says he will put me on Gabapentin for 2 weeks and then refer me to a consultant. Thinking about getting some deep tissue massage to see if this helps.


Although more expensive, maybe ask your Dr for Lyrica instead ? It helped me with pvps symptoms way more than gabapentin did. Gabapentin was not good for me at all. Anyway just a suggestion.


Lee in my experience lyrica, tramadol, endone all of these drugs do not do much to help from abdominal pain i have had it since vas op as well as sore nuts and cords. The only thing that helps me is rest. The moment i get active its worse which is hard because you cant live on the couch there is work to do.


Thanks Don will ask the doc about the 2 drugs and which might suit me better. Sorry to hear that Loz and agree its the same with me i am fine if i am in bed or lying on the sofa but its no way to live… went on holiday recently and anti inflams let me do most of the things i would normally do with the kids which i am thankful for. The anti inflams make life bearable but i dont want to stay on them for long periods. Have just had 3 months on them so i am now giving my body a break from them for at least a week. But within a day of coming off them the old pain comes back.


Lee, hows things going? Any answers on abdominal pain?


Hi Loz… had pretty bad withdrawal symptoms from the Amtriptyline but over that now, so i have told my GP no more weird nerve drugs! He has referred me to a urologist which on the NHS will likely take over 3 mths, in the meantime i am seeing a private consultant on Monday so will let you know the outcome. Thankfully this week has been pretty good, the anti inflams are doing their job, only slight discomfort… means i can concentrate at work much better. How are you?


Hi mate, Still same here and searching. Am off to pain specialist Monday but am losing hope as time goes on. I have pretty much thrown out all drugs i was on and now just take a bit of Tramadol or codeine, to get me by when times are extreme. I have kind of adjusted to living in pain every day and soldier on at work gritting my teeth shutting it out. Brad Bowens book has a few answers worth a look.


Off to see another specialist on the 18th April in London… lets see if he can provide any better ideas


Lee i seen pain specialist in Australia and he said its GF Nerve and IL nerve damage he feels from vas.I had nerve block on cords relief for a few days now bad again. I have to go in for GF nerve block to trial that and see if he can find pain source. I am not doing well at all. My vasectomy specialist has offered a reversal free of cost if i want to go down that road as well. What i haven’t explained before is i got a open ended vasectomy by a specialist surgeon that only does vasectomy’s and fixes people with pain from vasectomy’s. He is also a vein specialist. And i still ended up fucked .He has seen plenty of people with testicle pain but never in Australia in 20 years has he seen a person with the abdominal pains. He is lost at what it can be. Also by the look of forum there isn’t a lot that suffer from abdominal pains.Let us know how you go please.


You’re not looking hard enough. There’s a ton of us with abdominal pains. It’s more common than you think.


@Loz sounds like progress mate, try not be downhearted… glad to hear the injection provided a little relief even if just for a few days… i think that will be my next course of action. Great that you can have a reversal done free… if i go down that path it will cost me at least £3k! I will want to be pretty sure it would resolve the issue and not make it worse before going down that path though! I have applied for the London marathon and been turned down every year for the last 4… whats the betting i get accepted this year!!:wink:


I just got to say this, Im calling bs on what this guy is telling you. Unless he’s done very few vasectomys, what he’s saying is statistically improbable. I find all the stories I read about vasectimists that have done 1000’s of vasectomys without any bad outcomes to be statistically improbable too. Statistics don’t lie. Vasectimists with real huge egos lie, and stretch the truth IMO.

I used to have abdominals really bad years ago. Only get twinges of them these days.

That’s really cool of this guy to offer a free reversal, but without knowing who he is, and where his skills are really at, I’m not so sure if I would let him.


What seemed to resolve it for you @RingoStar? Exercises? Simply time??


My situation is a bit different than what I’d call “normal” guys that had a vasectomy. I had a previous, dormant, scrotal pain condition, thus I find it challenging to compare myself to any other case as an equal example, or statistic. I’d say I got double wammied.

What worked for me? Little complicated here as I had two reversals. First one helped fas as no more of certain pains, but recovery was very challenging. I had a second reversal which was far easier than my first, and it helped me further while I was open. I screwed myself with a third procedure - a varicocele embolization procedure to treat my old pre existing condition, and that messed me all up for quite some time.

Honestly, it’s hard to say where I would be if I only had one reversal, and left it alone. I could never honestly say one way, or another. I’ve done what I’ve done.

I left myself alone after the third surgery I had. When you start getting unexpected responses, and negative results from procedures, it’s easy to get shy of more surgery. Tack on the fact that I had two reversals fail, one was from a guru. After that, I just gave up. Waiting things out indefinitely was suggested by my peers, and mentors, and that’s exactly what I’ve done since.

What got me through all them dark days, and time? Medication such as tramadol, and celebrex. Staying active. Finding the perfect underwear. Stretching out my hamstrings and midsection several times daily. Some earbuds and music while I worked, or played. Anything to get my mind off my condition, I would do. Xbox, cannabis, meds, anything. Time measured in years, not weeks/months has produced some positive results.

We have no children at home, so daily life at the house isn’t quite the normal pvps guys circumstances either.


@RingoStar i was thinking bullshit as well. He is probably 2nd biggist reversal clinic in Australia. At least he came to agreement to help, most boot you out the door.


Well done @RingoStar… theres hope for us all!


Yea, I just re read what you said he said about abdominal pains, in his experience, etc, etc again. That’s very bizarre.

Yea, I give him credit for working with you, and the offer, but I can’t say much else in regard to his skills, etc. From my end, he sounds like he could be similar to one of these vasectomy, vasectomy reversal gurus here in the states. I can think of one near me, and he does his vas to vas reversals with a loupe, under local anisthetic only.

Story’s like yours aren’t a first here. I can think of similar one’s anyway. Good luck


I think it’s a nice offer however I would be leery of getting a reversal from a guy that does vasectomies particular the guy that messed me up. I would go to the best doctor you can find and afford to get a reversal. That’s microsurgery and not just any hat can do it.


As far as i can find he is one of top 2 in Australia. He is a micro surgeon and his reversals are done with that robotic thing. There is fertility clinics that reverse here but hard to say what their success rate is.