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Post vasectomy pain, 3 months, worried about chronic pain, investigating surgical options


Hmm, that’s quite a high dose. Bear in mind that lyrica/pregabalin is roughly 6 times more potent than gabapentin. Hence a tablet is 50mg vs 300mg for gabapentin.
About 4-6 months after my vasectomy I was on up to 2400mg gabapentin but in the end I realized the effect was rather small.
And at that dose most of the drug is cleared before having a real effect. In the other hand pregabalin is more fat soluble and there more likely to have a linear increase in effect with increasing dose.
I GP prescribed the up to 2400 mg/day but I have later talked to experts in neuropathic pain who were hesitant to go to that dose…
I hope your pain levels will start decreasing.


My hint will be look at pain management if u have pvps the a small opportunity that can help if u have pvpd what I have it’s very long winded feel free to ask me what I’m on