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Thanks for posting your updates! I’m on a similar timeline (August 2018 vasectomy for me) with similar issues. I’ve got a pea-size lump on the upper left side, slight discomfort but no pain. Right side has been weird; two major flare-ups of swelling/pain at about 30 days and 60 days post vas, both treated with Cipro antibiotic.

Fingers crossed for you and me both! I miss the pre-vas life for sure…


@Newballs I had similar experience post vas. The cauterized end of the vas that goes up the pelvis was a large painful know on both sides. The rest of the vas along the side of the penis was also large and hardened. The Dr said some people get granulomas at the end and wasn’t concerned even though I was. Time, Ice, avoiding touching, Meloxicam, and maybe the antibiotics all helped slowly. By week 6, they reduced to a point that I no longer notice them. Unfortunately, it was about that same time that all of my congestion and testicle pain kicked in. Hang in there, there is hope they will calm down.


99 days post vasectomy:

Maybe I should have waited until tomorrow to post this so I could be at 100 days. Things have improved, but I’m not at 100%. I would say the new balls are gone. There’s a small bump/knot on the left side where the newball used to be and something else feels a bit swollen/tender to the touch. There seems to be two swollen things on the right side or maybe just one larger swollen thing. Not sure if the swollen things are my epi or something else. I’ve been able to resume my normal activities without my pain holding me back. I haven’t tried running because it’s cold out, but I suspect I’ll be able to do that with supportive underwear. All in all, my pain is manageable and only an issue if clothing is bunched up in the area or if there’s pressure on my sack. If I had to give it a percentage, I’d say I’m ~90% recovered. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is as good as I get and if don’t get any worse I’d say this is manageable. My condition is far from ideal and I’d easily drop money for a reversal if it was guaranteed to make me better, but that guarantee doesn’t exist. I wish I had never gotten a vas, but my life doesn’t seem potentially ruined anymore…fingers crossed things only get better from here.

Thanks to everyone on here for your help the past 99 days. There were some really dark days and you guys helped me keep my sanity as much as possible. I might update this thread if things improve or if people have questions, but I wanted to provide this update to give back as much as I can. I don’t think anything really helped me too much other than time and maybe supportive underwear and maybe 4 weeks of 600mg of ibuprofen a day (I honestly don’t think this did anything, but I wanted to try). Good luck to those of you still looking for improvement!