Post Dernervation (neurolysis) and Varicocelectomy Pain and Results


At the end of March 2018 ( 4 weeks ago) I had robotic assisted targeted microsurgical neurolysis or denervation of the spermatic cord. At the same time I had a varicocelectomy

I had trauma to my testicles mid November 2017 which had caused chronic testicular pain, and uncovered varicocele.

The day after the surgery I sat down and quickly felt a lot of ‘new’ pain around my sphincter. So I went back to bed and nursed myself for 4 weeks, as per doctors orders. I thought it was normal post op pain.

My concern is that I still feel that new pain. The doctor said it sounded like pudendal nerve which is most likely coming from my low back’s herniated disk, and not anything that he worked on.

He said I should seek physical therapy and treatment for my back. I’m skeptical because I have never had pudendal nerve issues, and, the day after the surgery, I start having severe pain there.

The denervation did NOT make my testicular pain go away. 1 week ago my low back spasmed and started to hurt really bad, so I went to an orthopedic walk in clinic and they prescribed a 6 day pack of Methylprednisolone 5mg. By the second day of taking the steroids, the testicular pain subsided 95%.

Now I wish I had taken Methylprednisolone before having denervation. Maybe I would not be experiencing the new pudendal pain.

I could use some reassurance that pudendal pain is something that people have experienced post op and advice on how to relieve that pain.


Sorry to hear about your experience with SCD.

Did you undergo any diagnostics beforehand? I’ve heard that the protocol many urologists use an a spermatic cord block first and, if the numbing agent relieves the pain, then their theory is you’re a good candidate for SCD.


Yes. I had the block before hand. And it had helped 100% for about 3 or 4 days.