Please Join Me on This Anniversary Toast


Five years ago today, I was pushed into a surgery I didn’t want for birth control we didn’t need. Please join me in toasting all of those who created, promoted, and continue to perpetuate the myth of the Safe and Simple Procedure ™. [-raises glass-] I salute you all. Thanks for another 365 days of the gift that keeps on giving.


Dilly dilly! …


That’s pretty much it!

I imagine many would be shocked to realize who those people really are.


May they play with our nuts for a long time to come!


Dilly dilly! …

The pit of misery


Chin chin!!..sad state of affairs!


Ha ha! Made my day rain!!!


Sadly, I now do this every day.

I’m approaching my decade anniversary. Woot. It should be clear to anybody thinking about this procedure that if they want to live a life of blue balls, then go for it. I have a colleague that watched me go through the pain. I strongly advised him not to get the snip. Now, he is one of us - a Zombie - not quite dead.

I joke with my kids about pain. I tell them first that pain is a message to the brain to not do that, and secondly, it let’s you know that you are alive.


Hi and welcome, do you mind sharing a bit of your story?

Any treatments, surgeries tried?