Please help guys


Goin to see my gp on monday for my third bout of pain…quick recap is. Vas done in 2010… wicked pain blue balls,and stabbing during sex and ejaculation. …montsh later chord block helps for nearly five months… year later go for openended on the left side… 90%of the pain is on left… three years pain free and now returned two weeks now… started on left but that has gon down. But now the right is giving the stabbing pain during sex… what id like to know is wich direction should i be going… what is my pain from even??? I was never realy told… now i could have an appointment with dr jarvis in TO on the 22… but i dont know what to even tell my gp? Can i recomend anything for her to get checked? Will any tests even find anything… ive had em all done .twice three years ago… not sure what tk do


It is probably nerve pain related to the vasectomy. Maybe the openended got rid of some of the scar tissue nerve stuff and that offered some relief. Unfortunately for some the pain returns after several years. I guess the nerves and scar tissue grow back ? I don’t know. I had reversal and was 80% pain free for 4 years, but my pain is back bad and is on both testicles not just the left. Your best bet is Dr Jarvi, I too am on my way to see him. Feel free to message me on here if you have more questions. This is a very very frustrating pain issue, personally been battling it for 10 years.
Have you tried any of the anti depressants ? a mixture of lyrica and nortriptyline has been helping me a lot and many others out there. I also have to take some aleve every day as well. The various tests I have had revealed nothing, but for sure reach out to your Dr and get some done. Ultrasound is usually done as step one.


No i have not yet tried anti depressants. . I was never even offered that as a option. If i thought a reversal would help id be all over it. It seems like such a small thing… just cut out the wires that are fried. But it certainly isnt that simple im sure


Hi, I had a open ended vasectomy from the start here in Australia as stated in previous posts i suffer from extreme pain everywhere so my opinion is open ended is useless if it was so good i wouldn’t be suffering like this.I don’t know where to start because with pain in nuts, cords, and abdominal where do you start? Just my opinion and we are all different. Cheers.


A couple things Joey. For one, you got relief from your conversion for a significant amount of time so you might be a good candidate for reversal. I believe removing cauterized scarred vasal ends and sutures during reversal does a lot for guys because it removes a lot of angry nerves that have undergone years of inflammation and degradation and leaves healthy vasal tissue with good blood supply. If you can keep that area from scarring over or scarring significantly I think you have a good chance at no experiencing nerve dysfunction. That is my theory on why reversals provide significant pain relief. The get the crap out. I don’t even think patency (sperm flowing from the testes to the prostate) is required for relief to be achieved. Again, I’m not a doctor but I know when I saw what was removed from it made sense. The Drs. at the PUR clinic believe nerve degeneration over time can lead to dysfunctional nerves and pain. Why do some of us get it worse than others? Good question. Genes I suspect. The immune system in PVPS patients is probably off and attacks the scarred tissue and degrades the nerve endings or results in long term inflammation around the denatured proteins of the cauterized ends and sutures, vas clips…

I also have developed gut problems since my vasectomy and have a mother that died after having significant hunks of her intestines removed.

I personally think you might be a good candidate for reversal but you have to understand during your conversion some move vas was probably harvested which means a bit more will need to be taken to hook you back up again. You probably have plenty of vas left to reconnect so I would not worry but it’s something to think about.


I was wondering if my problem could be that my openended has closed up after this long?? Its been over three years. . Not sure if any tests can tell such a thing?


Does anyone know what types of tests could help determine where the pain is coming from? I had a chord block few years ago and that cured my constant dull pain from the little brain/bag of worms on my nut… but i also get tazer like shooting pains. … and during ejaculation sometimes its wild… im just very curious


Probably various nerve blocks could determine the origin of your pain.

It’s possible that your open ended vas has closed, but I don’t know what could be done to diagnose it, other than maybe exploratory surgery.


my 2 cents: I have the pain from the ‘little brain/ bag of worms’, which I assume you are referring to epididymis (thats what it looks like). In my mind that is congestion pain, one doc said he thinks I am leaking sperm there but I’m not sure I buy that theory. Or it could be from a hydrocelle in the epi, which apparently every vasectomized man has. Usually not painful, but we already know we are not the norm. I can pinpoint a sensitive spot in my ‘little brain’ squeeze it, I feel nausea, blue balls. I also have some of the tazer like shooting pains occasionally, mostly feel them in the side and gut. For me this comes from the vas site, possibly a granuloma. If I squeeze the vas site I get the stabbing pain. Since you went open ended you probably have a granuloma on that side, could be inflamed and causing pain, idk. In my case I’m hoping a reversal will address both aching pain in the epi and stabbing pain at the vas site.