Pamphlet Analysis, and how soon is too soon for a reversal



How are you faring with your reversal. I had horrific nerve pain prior to my reversal. I believe the scar tissue and it’s location were a constant source of irritation to my left GF nerve. It was excruciating pain that would hit me in the middle of the night and was so bad I could not sleep for hours after ward. It was hellish.

Getting that tissue removed during reversal took the top off my pain. It went from life threatening/disabling to a place where I can function. I can sleep which I suppose I should be grateful for but still have daily burning and issues sitting. I work and get around and escape from it occasionally.

Hope you get relief as well. When I see people who get some relief from those anticonvulsants I know they have similar neuropathic pain like me. You are right that they tend to decrease in effectiveness with use.

Take care,
Mike O


Thanks for asking, Mike. I just put in a short day 5 update in the other thread. N
Slowly healing and not a lot of new pain which is good.


Day 245

Lyrica update.

Yes, it definitely reduces the pain. If I pay close attention I can sense a faint burning sensation in the background, but it is not that significant.

It also makes me sleep all the way through the night. Before lyrica I frequently woke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I’m almost able to sleep without a pillow between my legs. There is still a little uncomfortable compressed feeling that causes me to prefer having a pillow, but it is nothing like before.

It does seem like it is harder to pay attention at work and in general. I feel like I lose track of what I was doing more often and it is harder to focus.

Libido really is all gone though. You know that feeling after you have sex where you don’t want any more and could only maybe manage an unenthusiastic erection? That’s what it feels like all the time for me.

I don’t want to take Lyrica any longer than I have to and am now planning to stop after 1 month. I also worry that the drug will screw up my brain if I take it long enough. There are reports of nasty withdrawals online.


Day 260

Lyrica update.

I’ve been on Lyrica for a month. It has been pretty effective for dealing with pain. Not perfect but pretty good. I still feel fragile and sensitive but at least I don’t feel a burning sensation all the time and achy.

Yesterday I only took 90% of my Lyrica dose. I want to wean off and see how things are doing. Lyrica interferes with concentration/motivation and took away what little sex drive I had left.

I did not expect any significant changes as a result of this but today when I woke up I definitely hurt. I could feel pain all along the left genitofemoral nerve, from my spine down to my groin. It is quite obvious and accompanied by muscle weakness.

I do not feel a significant increase in burning sensation. Some increase though. Again on the left side.

Also, I feel somewhat more myself mentally.

If reducing my dose by 10% can have these very noticeable effects, I’m very glad I didn’t try to quit cold turkey!

To go down 10% I am doing the following.

  1. Fill a syringe with warm water.
  2. Squirt the water into a glass
  3. Carefully pry apart the capsule
  4. Dump the corn starch into the water
  5. Stir
  6. Remove 1/10th of the water with the syringe and dump it
  7. Drink the remaining water


Are these pills suppose to dissolve in the stomach or gut? If they have gastro resistant coating, then drinking it might not be an ideal solution.


I’m not sure, but I’m following advice I found here:

Also, lyrica can be prepared in an oral solution, so maybe that means it doesn’t care about stomach acid?


Day 292

I tried Lyrica for a month and then tapered off over the course of about 2 weeks.

Lyrica did a pretty good job eliminating the pain. It was still present but not significant.

When I started reducing lyrica I immediately felt nerve pain on my left side from my back down to my groin that made it hard to walk. It went away pretty quickly though.

I’m feeling not great but not too bad at this point. The groin area feels somewhat inflamed and irritated. Testicles are hyper-sensitive to any shocks or squeezes. Sex still entails distracting levels of discomfort, and orgasm still feels messed up. Dull ache comes and goes. Ejaculating seems to bring the dull ache back and results in achy feelings right around the epididymis.

Stopping lyrica made it easier to get aroused. I’m still much less interested in sex than I was pre-vasectomy, but I do feel more confident that I could get sufficiently in the mood when my wife wants to.

I feel like I’m getting accustomed to feeling uncomfortable all the time. I’m forgetting what it was like to not have this in my life. The upset feelings have become less sharp.

I visited with my urologist this week. He basically said he didn’t have any more treatment to offer me at his office, but I could go to another doctor and get nerve injections with anesthetic and steroids.

He said he felt totally fine about recommending that I get a reversal and that he saw about 70% of patients get relief. He said that I had some time to decide – after 3 years it would be more difficult to do a vas-to-vas. However, he warned me that neuropathy would have a tendency to become permanent the longer it existed.

So anyway, I’m not in a lot of pain, but I’m in mild pain. It comes and it goes. Sometimes there is a burning sensation. Sometimes there is a pressure sensation. Sometimes it’s a sore feeling. Sometimes it’s an achy feeling. Sometimes it’s a sudden sharpish twang along the path of the vas over the pubic bone. Things feel inflamed and sore like when you are fighting an infection. Someone on this site referred to an inner thigh sunburn sensation. That is an excellent and accurate description of my leg pain. Urination is halting, and when I have a full bladder I feel my vas ache on both sides. Long car rides convert the pain from mild to moderate.

I don’t know whether I want to seek a reversal or not. I’m not happy with how things are, but I am afraid of getting reversed and not seeing improvement.


Day 326

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had some important improvements. Less pain. I notice less aching discomfort while driving. Sleeping with a pillow between my thighs at night is less critical. Libido seems to have improved a bit.

There is still a pretty consistent mild nagging ache and low grade burning sensation throughout my groin, but the level of intensity is low enough that I can ignore it most of the time. Halting urination and loose stools all the time have also improved.

The vasectomy site is still very tender to the touch – sort of like putting pressure on a tooth ache, but so long I don’t get bumped I’m fine. I still have a increased dull ache the day after sex.


Glad to hear you’re doing better @Ethan_Scruples, hopefully this will continue.