Pamphlet Analysis, and how soon is too soon for a reversal


Yep, I could tell you weren’t endoring that position. And, like you said, it might be different if men were getting the total picture up front. I believe there’s a conspiracy to keep men ignorant about the risks.


@Ethan_Scruples, I’ve kept up with your thread, your thoughts, your story, etc, and I’d say you are going through what many men go through far as the anger goes, and a reality check.

I find it interesting, and I’d say you are very lucky that you have gotten through life unscathed till now. Imagine how hard this is to deal with if youd already had a belly full of getting crapped on by life, having a hard go all to often, etc, etc. I know of many that got themselves into serious debt prior to the vas as well.

That’s pretty much what happened to me. I was in no shape physically, mentally, nor financially to have pvps dropped into my life. It wasn’t pretty.

Also, every man doesn’t consider vasectomy because their wife gave birth to their child, children, etc. Theres so many scenarios, and in my case, my wife has no kids. Birth control was wreaking havoc on my wife, and you can imagine the rest of the story.

We’ve all got our stories.


Yeah, we all have our stories and there are plenty of people in much more pain that me – lots of different kinds of pain.

It helps me to write down my story in a place where people who might find it interesting can see it. Maybe someone else will be helped by the bread crumbs I am dropping. I’ve been reading some of the old threads and have appreciated seeing what you have said over the years.

While I do not blame myself for not realizing that vasectomy was not safe – I will hold myself accountable to make an effort to warn others. That is what I wish more people had done for me. I told my urologist in no uncertain terms how I felt. I’ve considered hand writing letters to the other urologists in my area, or a letter to the editor of my local newspaper.

A billboard in a prominent location with a message like:

“Your urologist is not required to tell you that vasectomy causes 1 in 10 men to develop chronic pain.”

…might be worth crowd funding.


I hear you brother.

There are huge billboard’s in my state on very busy interstates that advertise vasectomy for a place in a huge city south of me. It has wording like, options available, no needle, no scalpel, pictures of the vasectomist smiling, blaaa… Of course there’s no mention of pain, pvps, complications, side effects, nothing but a positive, misleading, and indoctrinating message.

I cringe when I see the billboard’s. I know guys that ended up with pvps from those guys too. It doesn’t matter whom you go to, the risks are inherent far as the procedure goes, and on many levels.


The ones that get me pissed off are all the fluff articles “dispelling myths” about vasectomy.

“No, of course it won’t affect your man’s orgasm. It sounds like he needs a quick anatomy lesson. The fact of the matter is that vasectomy only snips the vas deferens – it doesn’t cut off the whole penis.”


Just an update. 74 days since vasectomy. I’ve been taking papaya seed powder for 2 weeks, and just took turmeric capsules yesterday and today. Still sleeping with a pillow between my thighs. Have been using a hot pad while watching TV in the evening about 1 day out of every 3 days.

I’ve seen some improvement in the last week. There is still a slight burning sensation most of the time, tenderness to pressure, and some uncomfortable twinges depending on what I am doing. Seems like the intensity has fallen, and I am noticing it less.

I might try getting back to going on walks and see if it leaves me sore like it did a couple of weeks ago.