Pamphlet Analysis, and how soon is too soon for a reversal


Yep, I could tell you weren’t endoring that position. And, like you said, it might be different if men were getting the total picture up front. I believe there’s a conspiracy to keep men ignorant about the risks.


@Ethan_Scruples, I’ve kept up with your thread, your thoughts, your story, etc, and I’d say you are going through what many men go through far as the anger goes, and a reality check.

I find it interesting, and I’d say you are very lucky that you have gotten through life unscathed till now. Imagine how hard this is to deal with if youd already had a belly full of getting crapped on by life, having a hard go all to often, etc, etc. I know of many that got themselves into serious debt prior to the vas as well.

That’s pretty much what happened to me. I was in no shape physically, mentally, nor financially to have pvps dropped into my life. It wasn’t pretty.

Also, every man doesn’t consider vasectomy because their wife gave birth to their child, children, etc. Theres so many scenarios, and in my case, my wife has no kids. Birth control was wreaking havoc on my wife, and you can imagine the rest of the story.

We’ve all got our stories.


Yeah, we all have our stories and there are plenty of people in much more pain that me – lots of different kinds of pain.

It helps me to write down my story in a place where people who might find it interesting can see it. Maybe someone else will be helped by the bread crumbs I am dropping. I’ve been reading some of the old threads and have appreciated seeing what you have said over the years.

While I do not blame myself for not realizing that vasectomy was not safe – I will hold myself accountable to make an effort to warn others. That is what I wish more people had done for me. I told my urologist in no uncertain terms how I felt. I’ve considered hand writing letters to the other urologists in my area, or a letter to the editor of my local newspaper.

A billboard in a prominent location with a message like:

“Your urologist is not required to tell you that vasectomy causes 1 in 10 men to develop chronic pain.”

…might be worth crowd funding.


I hear you brother.

There are huge billboard’s in my state on very busy interstates that advertise vasectomy for a place in a huge city south of me. It has wording like, options available, no needle, no scalpel, pictures of the vasectomist smiling, blaaa… Of course there’s no mention of pain, pvps, complications, side effects, nothing but a positive, misleading, and indoctrinating message.

I cringe when I see the billboard’s. I know guys that ended up with pvps from those guys too. It doesn’t matter whom you go to, the risks are inherent far as the procedure goes, and on many levels.


The ones that get me pissed off are all the fluff articles “dispelling myths” about vasectomy.

“No, of course it won’t affect your man’s orgasm. It sounds like he needs a quick anatomy lesson. The fact of the matter is that vasectomy only snips the vas deferens – it doesn’t cut off the whole penis.”


Just an update. 74 days since vasectomy. I’ve been taking papaya seed powder for 2 weeks, and just took turmeric capsules yesterday and today. Still sleeping with a pillow between my thighs. Have been using a hot pad while watching TV in the evening about 1 day out of every 3 days.

I’ve seen some improvement in the last week. There is still a slight burning sensation most of the time, tenderness to pressure, and some uncomfortable twinges depending on what I am doing. Seems like the intensity has fallen, and I am noticing it less.

I might try getting back to going on walks and see if it leaves me sore like it did a couple of weeks ago.



Day 104

Still feel warm and uncomfortable most of the time. There has been gradual improvement. Haven’t tried going on walks.

Saw a new urologist this week. Young guy. He seems a little cocky.

He says he doesn’t think that what I have is PVPS because it is so early. After examining me he says he doesn’t feel any granuloma, but I do have epididymitis and inflammed spermatic cords. He suggests we try to stop the inflammation with a multi-pronged attack:

Prescription anti-inflammatory (Toradol) every 6 hours
Alternate tylenol every 6 hours
Antibiotic (doxycycline) just in case
Icing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off
Sitting and putting a towel under my scrotum to keep the testes elevated and allow inflammatory agents to leave the area

The above for 3 days.

He says if that doesn’t stop the inflammation, the next step would be steroid injections.


Day 112

Took it easy (relatively) for 3 days. Popped Toradol, Tylenol, Doxycycline. Iced as much as possible. Kept things elevated.

Not much improvement. I still feel a mild burning sensation basically all the time.

Had sex a couple of days ago. Missionary position seems to be less problematic now, which is nice. The next day though, my epididymitis flared up so I was sore all day.

I guess the next step is to get lidocaine + cortisol injections per the doctor’s advice. That probably won’t happen for about a month as I have some travel coming up, including some long plane rides. Will report back on how sitting in an airplane chair for 6 hours feels…

Something I’ve noticed lately – I have certain memories that keep coming back to “haunt” me. In the counselling meeting I recall the doctor walking into the room and saying “So you’d like to get a vasectomy.” I remember her saying “There will be bodily changes… the epididymis, which is the little caterpillar shaped part on top of the testicle, will get bigger.” I remember just after getting the operation, seeing the little bit of vas on the steel table. Looked like a white piece of spaghetti about 1cm long. I felt a pang of uncertainty when I saw it.

These memories keep coming back over and over very vividly, several times per week – and there is a little part of me that thinks for a split second that I can somehow fix the past so that I didn’t get a vasectomy.


Day 118

Had an ultrasound yesterday. Doctor said it showed nothing surprising, given his evaluation that I have inflamed epididymis and spermatic cord.

I told him that the oral anti-inflammatory cocktail / weekend did not seem to have improved things much. He suggested we try the cortisol so we tried that today. The procedure was quite uncomfortable as he had to locate my spermatic cord and do the injection. His fingers squeezing the already sensitized cord was very intense and I was breathing through clenched teeth. The injection contained a short acting and a long acting pain killer. Frankly things feel about the same if not more irritated after that experience. It was only about 90 minutes ago though.


I have started using the pillow between my legs as well seems to help. Your explaination on what i could of should of done before the day of vastecomy is like you were reading my mind. For me the mental anguish and pain and sense of anxiety and depression is just as bad as the pain…


Day 134

Couple of weeks since my cortisol injection. It did seem to reduce my trouble – especially for the first week or so. Low grade dull ache never went completely away and appears to have increased again. Hard to say whether it’s more or less present than before the shot. I seem to be able to walk more with less trouble. Sitting in a chain still results in noticeable pain. Ejaculation still feels damaged / disconnected and lately I seem to be getting discomfort traveling down to the tip of the penis during ejaculation, along with the previous problems with soreness for a day or two afterward. Also, at the risk of being a bit too detailed for polite company (but maybe someone else has noticed this), I’ll say that orgasm definitely feels differently whether I am lying on my back or not. On my back it’s really messed up. When I’m upright, so my testicles are pulled away from my body by gravity, it’s much closer to normal feeling.


Day 157

The last 2 weeks I’ve had noticeable improvement in pain level and frequency. Maybe coincidentally, I took prednisone for 3 days for a different problem right before I had some improvement. I’ve been taking 1/2 tsp papaya daily for a couple of months now – I was getting sick to my stomach when I took the 1 tsp daily dose that many here use.

When I lay on my side in bed, I still need to use a pillow between my thighs but the level of pain is significantly less intense when I don’t have the pillow than it was a month ago.

I have noticed recently some slight nerve issue on my left side – like weird sensations and weakness in my left inner thigh and possibly radiating down to slight tingling and ‘nerve noise’ in the insole of my left foot.

Still have moderate tenderness when I touch or press the area where the vasectomy happened.

Sex still involves unpleasant tenderness and inability to really get lost in it, but things seem to be improving and I seem to be able to handle more.

Still have tenderness when I sit or drive a car. Feels like someone is squeezing my testicles just enough to hurt.

I’m pleased that things have improved though. I have less of the constant burning feeling, and am able to not think about my vasectomy for more of the day.


Day 162

Got a testosterone test recently shortly after 8 in the morning. Here are the results:

FREE TESTO, CALC = 68.9 pg/mL

I take it those are low numbers for someone my age (early 40s) but not extremely low. Hard to know what to make of it. I don’t have any T test results from before my vasectomy to compare with. I wanted to get these though periodically in case I get a reversal so I can compare afterwards, and to see if they can explain my low mood and low sex drive since vasectomy.


Day 181

Less pain lately. I’m mostly able to not think about the problem. If I pay close attention I do feel some unpleasant feelings, more so on the left side. Epis still feel swollen and tender. Still have the sense that the whole region is inflamed and not happy with me. Still have pain after sex. Still have little to no appetite for sex. Still have noticeable aching when I go on a long drive or when I exert myself. I’m still not getting any aerobic exercise.


Where do you mainly feel most of the pain after drive and exercise?


It can be hard to pin down an exact location, but roughly speaking it’s an achy feeling probably centered at the epididymis, and sometimes along the path the vas deferens takes over the pubic bone.


Hey @Ethan_Scruples am in the same boat for T levels wish I knew what they were before Vas… Am 39 and feel the same should be higher for someone my age… grant am not the healthiest guy and can afford shedding weight but the lack of sleep mental anguish and constant pain doesn’t help. Am tryin to tackle an underlying issue with my fatty liver as this can be a big cause as well to fatigue low T, pain, sleep apnea all which am experiencing. So for guys who know of liver issues worth investigating and correcting. Personally feel all these issues am having have been triggered from my complications with vast.


Sex this weekend… first time in a couple of months. We’ve been busy with other stuff and I haven’t been initiating. Next day I mowed the lawn and then had aching balls all day.

I’ve also realized that I have weak psoas muscles now. That explains the increased difficulty walking, climbing stairs, pushing strollers etc. The muscles feel immediately exhausted.

Wondering if people who had reversals got improvement in their psoas tone?


Appointment with the urologist today. He asked me how much relief I got from the cord block. I told him I got some relief for about a week – that it wasn’t night and day though as there was still pain. He said the fact that I didn’t get impressive levels of relief was a big signal for him that this is not due to trouble with the testicles, but is rather referred pain from higher up the nerve. He said he wondered whether this was all not related to the vasectomy, or if the vasectomy somehow triggered something else that would have appeared with any sort of pelvic procedure.

Can I please just get through one appointment with a urologist without them assuring me that vasectomy is not likely at fault here? Yes, I get it, you guys all think that. Vasectomy has plenty of cheerleading everywhere and I don’t need to hear more of it every single time I have an appointment to deal with my constant pelvic pain that began the day I got my vasectomy.

Anyway, he prescribed Elavil and suggested a CAT scan to rule out other sources of problems. He said if I had a hernia or something it would basically explain what was going on here, because if the problem was in my nuts the cord block should have worked.


Day 194

Cancelled my CAT scan. It just seems so unlikely to tell me anything useful. I think I’m going to seek out another urologist – one I know has some experience treating PVPS.

Fortunately my pain level and swelling is a little better every month. Things don’t seem that swollen any more. The pain that does happen is very minor and tolerable.

Things are not back to normal. Still a little swollen. Still a little throbbing pain sometimes in the epididymis and in the vas over my pubic bone. Driving still causes pain sometimes. If I don’t sleep with the pillow between my thighs I’m sore when I wake up. Sex still causes some pain. Orgasm still causes some dull ache the next day. Still have a mild warm/burning sensation whenever I direct my attention to the area. Still have a noticeably ‘disconnected’ feeling on orgasm. Still have little to no appetite for sex.

Psychologically, I’m starting to get used to how things are and forget how things were. I’m a lot less depressed about this than I was in April/May.