Pain worse throughout the day?


Hey guys,

I’m around 10 months or so post-vas now and although I don’t have any immense pain like some, I do still have a very annoying persistence of a ‘full feeling’ in my right epididymis that progressively gets worse throughout the day…

The strange thing is, the epididymis feels fine first thing in the morning but seems to get progressively more ‘full’ as the day goes on…

I know this is the case as the epi feels very empty, as it were, in the morning, but as the day goes on I begin to notice a full sensation and the epi starts to engorge slightly – note that it never seems to balloon up to a stupid size and cause debilitating pain…but I am worried it may start to do that…

I’ve also noticed there is now a small lump behind my testicle in the epi which I can only assume is from a blowout at some point…

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this sensation?..


Buy a good quality papaya seeds and take them regularly


I’ve heard about that in the past – can you vouch for it?


Also I am from the UK – looking around for about an hour online I cannot actually find a supplier for papaya seed powder – there is one brand but is $50 dollars and doesn’t seem to ship internationally :frowning:


No one will vouch for anything @kyles, it worked for me and cleared congestion pains, but might not work for you. You’ll have to try and figure out yourself. I’m in UK, ordered from, they ship to UK, but will be pricey


Thanks mate – ordered some.

Will post back on here after trialling it for a while


Keep us posted @kyles


Hi guys I’ve had my pain for over a year now and it’s starting to ease a little pregablin and tens machine help also knowing ur own body and a pain clinic I’m in UK tho work trying to support there at the end of the line now find some volentry work helps I’m a Xbox ambassador so don’t leave house but have a huge team I chat to


Is it less painful on days when you move less?


Hey Guys thought I’d post in this thread with an update, as I was going to make another thread with a different issue.

I honestly can’t say if the powder works, or if it is just placebo.

I took it solidly every day for just over a month and although pain stopped, I have had that experience many times in the past; you know, a few weeks restbite then it kicks up again.

Either way, can’t hurt to try it


Don’t stop it, carry on with it for at least 3 months, I had really good results with papaya, if anything, it will be good diagnostic tool for you to work out what kind of pains you have.