Pain swelling then reduced swelling then almost no Pain?


Hi all I joined the forum when I was in absolute agony my testicles had swollen to around 3 times there normal size I could hardly walk/sit. I had my vasectomy around 3 months ago. Everything went fine no real recovery issues 1 week off work then back to normal more or less.
I went to the doc who had a feel around and said the tube had swollen it should go away by itself if not come back. I honestly thought I would need emergency surgery as my balls were so big and I was in so much pain I thought I had done something really bad.
However fast fwd a week my testicles are around half a size bigger than normal and my pain has almost disappeared has anyone else experienced this??? Will it come back???
Sorry to post on a pain forum that my pain has all but gone but you guys really seem like the experts. Thanks Nathan


Pretty much the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine. His swelled up to grapefruits.

About a week later he was totally fine and years later he’s still fine.

You’ll probably be okay. Good luck