Pain started about 2 years after open-ended vasectomy


Yes, yes, and yes. Your urologist has two things working against him. #1 he is a physician. #2 he is a urologist. This is not to dis doctors. However, they just don’t know how to think outside the box (aka textbook). I’m not sure if it’s the fear of lawsuit or shear arrogance getting in the way of being open minded but medical professionals are no longer diagnosticians. They order tests and let the blood work make the guess for them. It’s very unfortunate. Urology is mostly a procedure based specialty. They know how to cut but understand little about the physiology.

Papaya is somewhat controversial. If it was a marketable patent, trust me, it would’ve been a drug decades ago. I don’t know why physicians aren’t willing to look at alternative methods. See below…

“Carica papaya seed extract may selectively act on the developing germ cells, possibly mediated via Sertoli cells, leading to azoospermia (sterility).” ~Asian Journal of Urology 2002.

“Arrested spermatogenesis was observed in the seminiferous tubules of all [papaya seed] treated groups…and [they] recover normal sperm characteristics when the extract is withdrawn.” ~Animal Reproductive Sciences 2011.

It WORKS. You can’t argue that. There’s too much literature and it’s not your fault that he refuses to keep up on the research.

The affect of papaya on granulomas is only my theory. I have granulomas but they are minimal and not painful. Granulomas form as an immune reaction to a foreign body or toxin. If you get a rock or sliver in your hand, a granuloma will form around it as your body attempts to rid of it. My professional training is teeth. Granulomas are extremely common in dentistry and they are the main force behind toothaches. When a tooth dies, the necrotic tissues release toxins out the end of the tooth. The body responds with a granuloma at the base of the root. As this granuloma expands it becomes painful because it is surrounded by bone and the pressure increases. Removing the dead tissue from within the tooth, sterilizing and sealing it causes the granuloma to dissipate and the pain to disappear. This is essentially what a root canal is. The body’s response via granuloma isn’t towards the tooth but the crap coming out of it now that the nerve has died. To me, it makes sense that if you can remove the irritant leaking out of the vas deferens, the granuloma will go away as well.


Pretty sure that’s what happened in my case. I had pea-sized granulomas at the end of the testicle-side vas tips. I had sprung leaks. Post-reversal, I feel no granulomas anywhere.



To this same point, why is the granulomas always on the testicular end of the vas deferens and not the other end? Think about it. Sperm.


@Choohooo, @raising4girls Thanks guys for the replies. The granuloma I have is at the base of my epididymis from blowout, instead of the cut end of the vas. But the same principle applies, and it is still the testicle side. Doctors have told me that granulomas can shrink, so if they believe that, then it seems reasonable to me that they could also disappear completely.

Looking at the Asian Journal of Urology study, they used dosage of 50mg/kg/day. So with my body weight, and translating mg to teaspoons, that would be a bit less than 1 teaspoon a day of papaya seed. So looks like 1 tsp. per day is in the right ballpark.

Also, I remember seeing a case report that recommended Testoserone had good results for granuloma pain, so would be same principle of shutting down sperm production:

The use of testosterone in the treatment of chronic postvasectomy pain syndrome: case report and review of the literature.
The use of intramuscular testosterone cypionate in a dose of 400 mg monthly for 3 months is described for patients suffering from painful sperm granuloma at the vasectomy site or in the epididymis, circumventing the need for other medical or surgical approaches. Excellent results have been achieved in patients and a representative case is illustrated.


This is not a fix but i have said this many times on forum and new people join all the time so will say again. Open ended vas which i had to is nust another way to sell their bullshit product. If anything its worse leaking sperm in body.i suffered ectreme pain from start. If you going to get cut for granuloma just get a reversal i did.


“if it worked then we’d all be taking papaya seed for contraception”.

What immediately came to my mind, is that contraception requires the ability to block virtually all sperm. We only need enough reduction to stop our symptoms. So it can be both a lousy contraceptive and a good treatment.


As an update I am 1 month on the papaya seed and seemed to slowly be trending a bit better the last week. But had sex in the afternoon yesterday and while it didn’t hurt at the time, right afterward the soreness and burning increased alot in my left epi. Even this morning it hurts more than it had been. So it is confirmation to me that my pain is congestion related (and granuloma doesn’t help either).