Pain relief with Benadryl?


Anybody else figure this out? I’ve started taking Benadryl to help me sleep and I’ve noticed I get about 12 hours of relief per 25mg tablet but it takes about 5 hours to totally kick in. Anyone else had a similar experience? I have read that it can help with nerve pain. Just curious.



If that’s what it takes I can’t think of a more benign way to get out from under being in pain.

NSAIDS are notoriously hard on the GI tract and kidneys and opiates… well that goes w/out saying.

The anticonvulsants are okay if they don’t make you totally loopy and there is a reason Neurontin is called … uhhhh… what’s the word… Morontin.

Antidepressants are fine if you want sexual dysfunction, to be tired, have cottonmouth, and want to eat every potatochip and cheeto within a 500 mile radius.

Glad you found something that works for you.

I may try it myself today.



Interesting. Glad it works for you. In general, anything that helps you get a full night’s rest is probably restorative to some degree (in my humble opinion.) Btw, if anyone has had pelvic floor pain/prostatitis you might look into trying flomax.


I’ll give it a try done everything else


Tried it, knocks me on my ass for a day. Never responded well to Benadryl for some reason. Just groggy for an entire day after taking it. I really can’t say I noticed any relief from it but I don’t think I can deal with taking it multiple days in a row.


Anyone else ever try this? I am considering it


Yeah, it seemed like it worked some for me. Took up to 75mg before bed. It really turned me into a zombie the following morning though.


@jsh I fumbled into Benadryl by accident and I’m not exaggerating that it saved my life. I had so much perineum, prostate and epididymus pain I was loosing large chunks of time. The burning pain was seriously the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my life. Nothing but hot baths would help. I used to find myself at home after work, not remembering the 30 minute drive… kept finding myself sitting in a scalding hot bath, not remembering how I got there. One time I even, “snapped back to reality” in the bath, still wearing my clothes, car keys and wallet still in my pockets. That sort of thing. One sleepless night I remembered I had a bottle of Benadryl and that used to knock me out. I think I took 50mg and the next day I woke up very groggy, but was also 90-95% pain free for the first time in months.

Another member posted here (I can’t recall his name) stating that a PT mentioned how Benadryl can help relax the pelvic muscles in some folks. I learned some time later that my posture was completely wrecked from my vas, my muscles where twisted and I basically had pinched several major nerves on the left side of my pelvis.

I can recall now, pre-vas, that taking Benadryl before bed would prevent me from getting arroused or from having an orgasm for almost 20 hours after the time of dosage… it basically seemed to, “shutoff” a lot of things in my pelvic region.

So, maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. It’s cheap and can be bought anywhere. I used name brand only, if that makes a difference. If it works for you, that’s great but don’t overdo it. I used it daily for… I can’t remember how many weeks… I started getting some really weird side effects.

I have asked several medical professionals for an explanation to this during my PVP journey and they all look at me like I’m totally stupid.


I tried it last night and it didn’t hurt, can’t tell if it helped a lot, but maybe. I was prescribed Tizanidine today so I may skip Benadryl for the time being while I am on that.


Glad I’m not the only crazy one. Benadryl is such a dirty drug, it’s hard to know for sure what’s going on. It could be that you’re simply sleeping better. Sleep issues are the keystone of chronic pain. I also wondered about he histamine connection. I’ve been tested for both mast cell activation disorder and mastocytosis, both negative. Protamine in sperm is a known histamine activator. Benadryl also lowers intracranial pressure (something else I’ve had issues with since my vas) and may help flush substance P out of your CSF while you sleep, ultimately leading to less pain. Who the heck knows. I never once had ejaculation issues with it.


Benadryl is a simple, but broad H1 antihistamine. It has anti cholinergic properties which can cause a decrease of involuntary muscle movement, ie your bowels and urinary tract. It has known central nervous system depression effects and in most people works as a sedative. Any of these actions could explain how it decreases pain. I get what @Choohooo is saying about it being a “dirty drug”, primarily because it’s receptor activation is so broad. However, it’s pretty well tolerated in most people and its side effect profile in the OTC doses is pretty low. Definitely discuss with your doc before combining it with other medicines, but it’s a cheap option to have available.