Pain from Granuloma? And other sperm granuloma questions


I had bilateral granuloma pain after my vas. Excruciating pain. Had them removed as well. Totally resolved granuloma pain however I developed painful scar tissue in response to surgery which I had removed when I got a reversal. I actually thought I developed granulomas again but turned out it was simply scar tissue. That was supposed to be my cure but unfortunately I’m dealing with scar tissue pain again after the reversal.


I’m with you on this choo, and @Ian, I too appreciate you sharing this picture. Yikes!


The granuloma pictured above was removed from the right side and grew around the titanium clip on what I believe to be the testicle side of the vas. When the granuloma was removed, the area was cauterized and the doctor used dissolving sutures. The granuloma was removed with local anesthetic and I was conscious. It was very similar to my original procedure. The initial granuloma removal was done free of charge by the doc that preformed my vasectomy.

These past few days I’ve noticed that I am favoring my right groin area. When I squat or bend over, I subconsciously try to keep my right leg straight. Sitting, squatting or bending definitely creates more pressure and pain in the area.

I met with my second opinion doctor today and he received my ultasound results. The ultrsound looked good with exception for the expected granuloma. The doctor did not recommend a second surgery to remove the granuloma. He was hesitant as he believes that this can be a reoccurring issue. If he did perform the removal of the 2nd granuloma, he would remove more including a gland and the entire portion of the vas where the granuloma is. He also mentioned that the steroid injection was essentially an anti-inflammatory and would be very painful and have short term results. Instead, the doctor has referred me to a pain clinic and said they will likely recommend an injection in the back to numb the area. This is obviously not ideal and a little frightening. I have an open mind though and will meet with the doc at the pain clinic and get his professional opinion of what is needed.

My wife and I have a set of 22 month old triplets, so a reversal is definitely not ideal, and today’s doc mentioned that I could easily end up with more scar tissue to irritate matters worse. I’m not looking forward to the pain clinic but I do hope to get back to normal. I must say that I have been extremely irritable recently too and I feel that my chronic pain has something to do with this.


Granulomas shouldn’t grow without an irritant. It’s seriously consider an option to halt sperm and see if that does the trick. Pain management will just get you high.


I’m curious, what are some options to halt the sperm? I do not think the injection in my would cause me to get high, would it? I will not take any opiates. Thanks for your thoughts.


Pain management is typically pain meds. Injections won’t get you high but it doesn’t last more than 5-6 hours. I hear a lot of talk about nerve blocks etc. this is really a temp fix or s diagnostic tool. It’s not going to help long term.

To stop production of sperm, that’s either papaya seed therapy or testosterone replacement therapy.


Listen to choo choo he’s dead on and I’d say me and him know more than 95% of the urologists out there now from an Anatomy and physiology standpoint. Urologist at Cleveland clinic said he recommends increasing T on all pvps sufferers if it looks like congestion or granuloma to stop the production of sperm. Makes way more sense than blocks if your not getting nerve pain.


So I got a vasectomy and got a sperm granuloma. Doctor said it might go away. I was stubborn and went back and asked if it was going to go away which it probably was going to over time but the doctor then said we can cut it out no problem. It’s a minor surgery just like the vesectomy. You’ll be good in like 3 days. BS. It’s been like 2 months. Still have problems. Now I have a huge lumberjack of scar tissue or something on top of my right testicle and it is very annoying. Wondering if it will go away at all. Don’t want a third surgery. Just super pissed at my doctor. He said it would be fine. Never mentioned the risks of more issues after the surgery. Not sure what to do. Maybe it just takes a ton of time to heal?? Not sure. Trying to seek answers. Feel like I was needlessly put through surgery. Also the doctor didn’t tell me they were going to cut into my testicle!!! Crazy. Definitely would have said no. Also they put me under for the surgery. And he seemed nervous like he’d never done the surgery before… should have listened to my gut…


I’m right there with you , been almost 4 weeks. Day 6 started getting a lot of pain and swelling above left testicle. Went to the er twice and got 2 ultrasounds . They keep telling me it’s normal but I can hardly walk. The lump is bigger then my testicle’s . They put me on doxacyline in case of infection but all the ibuprofen Tylenol and oxy, still doesn’t subdue the pain


Mine was painful too. HAd it cut out as part of my reversal. I still get pain at the site from the granuloma - it was wrapped in the cord and nerves.


Most of these “knots” are oversize scar tissue. I’m no doctor, but they may form due to many reasons. One is sperm leaking out of the vas. Another is a reaction to any foreign body, sutures and whatnot. And obviously a reaction to many layers of skin and muscle after being cut open. Some people heal easier than others, but in many cases scar tissue formation is unpredictable and may lead to great discomfort, especially if they adhere to other internal tissues.

Doctors don’t really care much about adhesion down there because it’s not like having one in your shoulder or knee, which is also quite painful. Also because the only way to remove bad scar tissue is by making a second incision, and the adhesion may form again - only thicker and to a greater extent. This is possibly why doctors don’t take them out right away. But maybe they just don’t have a clue.

I have a lump on the left side. Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt. But it took quite a while to heal and the skin is all glued together at incision site.

Sterilization through surgery is not a “contraception method”. It is genital mutilation. Plain and simple.


I still have pain and discomfort after the granuloma was removed. I have not had the 2nd granuloma removed. My Dr sent me to a surgeon to get his opinion. The guy was very upfront and honest saying he doesn’t know if removing it again would do anything. He thinks its a combination of the granuloma and scar tissue. If he were to do anything, he would remove the granuloma and wrap the end of the vas with “pig bladder.” Pigs have phenomenal healing qualities and the bladder is used to assist with healing and keeping swelling down. I was shocked by what he said and decided to give it some time to heal. Due to reoccurring pain and discomfort I will begin exploring all options.


Hi @Ian, have you considered trying papaya seeds? Won’t cause any harm giving it a go