Pain free in the morning, very tender before bed


I just want to know if anyone else experiences this and if it sounds like a good or bad thing. My left testicle is very tender on the bottom/backside right before bed time and I wake up feeling great. Does anyone one else here have this similar issue or is your pain more constant. I thought maybe it was congestion but I’m not sure how I would have daily morning relief that wouldn’t make sense because the congestion wouldn’t just disappear right?


My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that it could be nerve or scar tissue related, PERHAPS not congestion.

My more recent bouts (2008-09 and 2016-present) had the same pattern. Better in the morning after 6-8 hours of inactivity and no weight or gravity adding load to the nerves. I’m pretty sure I have nerve issues, not congestive issues, since I was reversed in 2006 despite having fairly low sperm counts now at age 53.

Others may know more, but I’m not sure that congestion follows a daily cycle.


Another guess as well, it could simply be your healing process from the surgery. Your normal day to day activity may just eventually be catching up to you by the end of the day causing you to be sore by night. The sane theory could also be that there’s congestion and the activity eventually causes some soreness by end of day. Definitely hard to say for certain.


Its difficult to say. In my situation after a days work I would be tender at night and get darts of pain. Sometimes they used to wake me or keep me awake. That was probably up to 5 months post vas. Now most days pain/discomfort varies. I would describe my pain as a tender pain. 7 months post vas now. How long are you post vas?


Tomorrow will be 2 weeks exactly. My left testicle on the bottom side is super tender to the touch even my underwear makes it feel like I’m being kicked.


Man your very early. You will be fine. Are you swollen and black and blue? This b.s. about men been perfect after a week is nonsense. Wear underwear that’s comfortable for you.


No I am not swollen that I can see. No discoloration. Just the tenderness but it has me anxious because it’s not the op site it’s the bottom of the testicle. I’m just extremely paranoid and trying to keep my sanity. I keep draining my battery with hours on end of “research”.


Mine isn’t the surgery sites either its my testicles mainly. I have definitely improved in last 2 months but still not right. We all go through this shit man but at 2 weeks you need to give yourself a chance. Anxiety will not help healing. Most guys improve within the month.


Much appreciated. I don’t want this to be the biggest regret of my life all because my wife was afraid of weight gain on birth control :rage:


These symptoms are very similar to mine. The underside of my left testicle was (is) very sensitive. At 2 weeks in, I couldn’t even wear boxer briefs because it hurt so bad so I switched to boxers and it gave me instant relief. I’m now at 3.5 weeks. I still have soreness, but it’s definitely improving. If you decide to try boxers, just be careful when you walk or get up and move around… you don’t want them bouncing off of your legs. I know everyone says “support, support, support” but not in my case. I think that the supportive underwear was causing more problems than helping.

I also noticed that the soreness was worse on days where I go to work. I make so much progress over the weekend, only to step backwards all week. I have a desk job, so it’s not physical activity that’s causing the pain. Instead, I believe it’s the pants I’ve been wearing to work. They’re not tight, but the material is like a thin denim and I think that things were just getting smashed down there. Sitting in a chair all day doesn’t help much.

Today, I wore some pants that are loose and sort-of stretchy… kind-of a cross between gym pants and dress pants, I guess. The difference is pretty obvious as I am much more comfortable now than I was at this time yesterday.

I’ve also had some twinges wake me up at night. At this point, I think that the twinges are mild enough that it’s more the surprise and fear that put me on edge, and not the actual pain.


I agree, I sit all night at work but I have to wear a super uncomfortable uniform all night. I’m a communications officer for our sheriff’s office and we are required to wear the same uni as the deputies, which is nonsense because I don’t so come in contact with anyone at all other than on the phone or radio. But anyway last night and today have been pretty good so far. Just very minor aches that I probably wouldn’t even notice if I quit thinking about it and some pelvic pain that I’m thinking is from walking funny for so long. I’m feeling more comfortable about taking on the other job I was offered.