Pain between the thigh and groin


Does anyone have this? Like in the spot where your leg meets the groin area. My husband gets this and we thought initially it was hernia related but it didn’t go away with the surgery and gets worse with heavy lifting and exertion. He compares it to his phone being folded in the area and it’s painful.


Nerve damage…


Yeah I agree. I’m still thinking it’s genitofemoral neuralgia. From the pictures I saw this runs along the same area.


What Mike said. Hopefully it won’t progress down the leg. Mine did over the course of 12 months. This condition is common among all snipped guys, but they and their docs don’t connect it to the snip.


Seems like i just started getting those pains it radiates from the testie to the groin to the upper thigh and pretty much stays on the outter part of the thigh… hoping its not nerve related and just related to the enlarged epi… but who knows with stuff…


I’m pretty confident it’s sportsman hernia, or inguinal disturbance as it’s also called, especially if he lifts or exercises a lot. I’m currently going through this, pain in exactly same spot. Not fun at all :frowning:


@SomeGreyBIoke he just had inguinal hernia surgery a few months ago. It seemed to get rid of his pains for a short period but it’s back and now with some testicle issues.


There are a lot of nerves that run through that area. My original vas incision was almost at the base of my penis and the scar runs right up to the inguinal ring. It was very high up. Intji k a lot of caitery was done and fascism imterpositon. Before my reversal i would wake with excruciating heart pounding burning pain that was indescribably bad. I know it’s scar tissue and nerve entrapment damage. Whatever could it be. The reversal took the top off the pain but I still have a smoldering pain and parasthesia in tje area.


As if having PVPS wasn’t bad enough… I have been diagnosed with small inguinal hernia, but also been told that all the symptoms I have are due to sports hernia, which is not hernia as such. I went to see 2 doctors and been told the operation will not fix pain, as they believe pains are to do with sports hernia, not inguinal hernia. I have got pains in exact spot you have described, pains running down my leg and even to the sole of my foot. After 4 months of struggling with it, seems to be improving very slowly. Have a look at, especially sticky post about sports hernia.


@MikeO his incision was midline but scalpel method so he didn’t have the bilateral high up incision that some of you have had. I don’t think he had cautery because there was no burning going on so I’m thinking it’s just clips. He swears he can feel the clips in there but it might just be the vas ends that were folded over. Mike, did you have the sitting issues you have now previous to your reversal? I know you had erection pain and other issues but I’m wondering about your Inguinal area issues.

@SomeGreyBIoke I’ve looked at that website before. I know they can operate in sports hernias but it seems like it’s not very successful and more complicated than normal hernias.


Switch gilmore groin. I had the same thing


@SomeGreyBIoke how did you find out you had the sports hernia? Did you have a MRI or something to confirm the hernia? I have pain in that exact same spot but assume it is from the VAS and cord pain on the right side. Just wondering If I should rule out a hernia


@Ben I had an ultrasound which showed small inguinal hernia. I really don’t know anymore, I read a post earler and other guys were complaining of the same thing Groin nerve pain read woodys post. If you can imagine this- (Y) and my pain is on the right side of the Y’s arm. Was so bad that my leg was tingling all the way to the sole of my foot. 3 months on and I started strengthening exercises and slowly improving