Pain and other questions


Good morning guys. So I have some questions and would like some input. I don’t really have many people in my life to talk to about this and figured a place full of people who have or had similar issues could be a great place.

I’m only one week in to the recovery so I’m not feeling doomed or anything. But it does hurt a fair bit still. The pain I’m having is very similar to pain I had when I had an ingunal hernia years ago. And it also spreads down below in the perineum area. Ice an ibuprofen are helping. But obviously I can’t do that forever and ibuprofen is wrecking my gut. In also hurts if I have to hold my urine for any amount of time. Or to try to pass gas etc…
To further complicate the issue there was an incident during the procedure that’s got me scared and pissed. While numbing my scrotum the doctor pushed all the way through, poked himself then pulled the needle BACK THROUGH me. When he did it he just said “oh damn I poked myself” and asked if I had any known blood-borne diseases. I assured him no and that I’ve been with my wife for over 20 years and we are each other’s only partners ever. He never told me he had to pull back through. Fast forward to Tuesday my wife and I were talking about it and decided I needed to call to make sure I wasn’t at risk. When they finally called back it was him and some type of management. And it was clear to me that he had never reported this incident to anyone. I was told that they would start the procedure for this type of incident immediately. To me had he reported it they would have done that last week. And if he had fessed up I could have started prophylaxis meds just in case. Since it was past 72 hours that would be useless. Part of my question is could him having done that caused him to panic and somehow have rushed and messed up the vas? Would it be appropriate to find another dr and have the whole thing checked out? I’m just at a loss and freaking out all the time.

Thanks folks


Hey there, I don’t see how anyone here can be of any help to you in regard to if you need to be worried about blood bourn pathogens from the event you described. It would be nearly impossible to speculate with any certainty far as if you’ve been inoculated with anything the urologist may be a carrier of, and vice versa.

That’s another tough call. I wouldn’t get yourself to worked up at this point as it will only cause you unnecessary worry, anxiety, etc that would likely be in vain. Odds are you recover in time to come like the majority of men do.

That’s another tough call. If you went and seen another urologist, I wouldn’t be surprised if they blew your concerns off as petty of sorts. I’d be shocked if they were highly empathetic regarding your experience.

No need to be at a loss. Get yourself tested for blood borne pathogens if your that freaked out. And if you do, send your vasectomist the bill, lol.


And just FYI, I think what happened to you is pretty screwed up, and very unprofessional.

There’s certainly much worse stories on here regarding urologists screwing up, unless you come to find out you were inoculated with hep C, HIV, or something else that’s serious.


The needle part of the post was really just venting and not actually looking for answers. And since it’s part of the whole story I figured I’d put it in.

I can see already that urologists are EXTREMELY dismissive and defensive over anything.


Yes, I agree. Seems from a Urologists perspective, they don’t seem to think they do anything wrong unless you can prove it in a court of law, which seems to be an extreme rarity.

That includes what they tell you verbally, their shoty paperwork, their mishaps and blunders, you name it.