Pain and missing orgasm


It’s easier to get a class A substance than antibiotics from my G.P .
Seriously i had a week on Cipro not so long ago and i’m sure it took the edge from the knee jerk pain i get .I will get another app with the uro soon for his take on results…Ultrasound only shows a cyst …
Also is the rapid progressive sperm being 0% a problem?


There are a lot of natural remedies you can take, which work like antibiotics + they’re safer. I took oil of oregano capsules ( very helpful), olive leaf extract, garlic capsules but most beneficial was serrapeptase.

From what I learned, you have decent counts and motility, so don’t think rapid progression is that important


Yes my count is fine and cyst is small.So, my GP thinks i should just forget about it .Here is hoping that my problems resolve themselves ,for all the help i’m getting …I will try the serrapeptase and keep taking nsaids …At least i can control the pain to a reasonable level .Rob