Pain and missing orgasm


That’s pretty low (a 1). I don’t always have the urge either maybe try again the next day, that works sometimes for me. But it hasn’t dampened for that much but there is definitely no sensation from testicles on thru to the prostrate and out. So you are not alone.

I seen a few voices already saying get your T level checked. I would start there. And get your sperm count to see if your clogged.

I have a lot of added pain/discomfort also when I am clogged. Pressure against the bum and prostrate. Are your bowel movements okay?


My bloods said T is ok …I’m waiting on a SA now.In a strange way mechanically it’s feels right ,but without the accompanying pleasure and relief that should be there.I do not regret the reversal as everything felt wrong beforehand which has been rectified.
Toilet habits are fine .


What were your numbers? Did they test you in the morning?


No idea as the GP was only concerned about highish cholesterol. …just said T was fine.Also I had test after work in the afternoon. .


The problem with checking T by your GP is that they consider everything from 8nmol/L free T as normal. This iS fine if you’re an 80yo. I checked T myself through medichecks and will be seeing private endocrinologist as well, see what he says.


I’m not sure that T is particularly relevant in my case.Is it possible to have had epididymitis or such infection and /or inflammation without showing in my blood test …Wife says I should be patient and see what ultrasound comes up with . but it’s becoming all consuming trying to figure what’s gone wrong .


Potentially can be. If your SA will show signs of scarring, and if your T is low, then starting TRT treatment can shut down whatever sperm production you have left and congestion / epidydimis can resolve. There were some members who were doing really well on T


For what it’s worth @Rob, my second reversal failed way back in 2013, and I managed to stay very active in the getting busy department, whether it be with my wife, or myself. I definitely get the urge to release still.

Far as the feeling upon climax, it’s not quite what I’d call pre vas normal, but it’s still generally good over the past many years.

I wouldn’t get to wrapped up in the idea that if your testosterone is low, it will have much of an effect on how it feels when you ejaculate, but maybe…

I was always a busy bunny pre vas. Whether it was with my wife, or myself. I was a busy bunny for sure.

Post vas, everything tanked. After my first failed reversal things got better, but not good.

I had a second reversal, and the patency lasted about 2~ years. During them two years, I ejaculated nearly every single day in an attempt to keep things from scarring closed. It took a lot of visual stimulation to pull that off. Magazines, videos, etc. And during that time period, I’d say my sex drive, and my drive in general went back to nearly pre vas.

I’m not suggesting what worked for me will work for you, but what I’m saying may be worth a shot for anyone that would feel comfortable trying that out. I realize many wouldn’t consider that option for many reasons. My wife and I have never had any children together, no kids at home, etc. My wife knew that was part of the deal as my ejaculation frequency was recommended by my second reversal surgeon (once every 24~ hours, 48 hours max). Theres no way my wife could’ve pulled that off, and I did what I had to do with no shame, or not much anyway.

Anyway, hopefully you get this sorted. Hard to say if your issues are more less purely psychological, anything comparable to what I went through far as a crashed sex drive, poor orgasm, etc, or if there’s more to it than that. There seems to be a lot of unknowns in regard to post vasectomy side effects.

For what it’s also worth, I’ve heard of many guys that managed to get it back, improvements, etc, and some that did not. Results certainly vary.

Keep us posted, and good luck.


And hopefully I didn’t jack your thread @Rob. I realize your thread is titled pain and ‘missing orgasm’.

I wouldn’t say mine was ever completely missing, other than initially post vas it felt completely disconnected from me, or hardly part of the experience. As I also said, the vasectomy crashed my sex drive big time. It was a very disturbing experience to say the least.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t say mine feels missing anymore. It feels different, but it’s definitely way better than post vasectomy, and over the course of my first several years after the fact. And incase you missed it, I’m not completely pain free either.


The main reason I started posting other than reading these forums is for any feedback ,help even .Any experiences from person’s with problems similar to what I’m experiencing is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping for an ureka moment !!
If there’s scarring will an increase in ejaculating help or is that too late .And how do you get past the why the hell did I do the vasectomy bitterness and anger feelings. Sex used to be a massive stress relief and these problems only adds to it now …


Hard to say. I’m scared over, and have been for years. I did just that, even if it caused me pain. There’s been countless times where I’m in pain afterward asking myself why the hell do you do this to yourself? I do it because I get the urge, which is a good thing.

I’m not sure, everyone is different, everyone’s relationship is different, etc. I nearly ended up divorced over it to, but managed to get past the bitterness in time. My wife wouldn’t have been so persistent about the vasectomy if she had known the truth regarding the risks. I don’t blame her anymore, and haven’t for many years.

It took a lot of time and effort, but I got ‘some of that’ back over time as well. Pre vas days are gone, and acceptance of my new reality was inevitable if I was going to get on with my life.


I have ha a SA and an ultrasound .Still waiting on results. As i left the ultrasound my balls both seemed to have swelled and they were quite sensitive . Is this normal ?


hi SomeGreyBIoke ive just seen my testosterone level which are
Serum testosterone level 14.2 nmol/L [6.7 - 25.6]
i think it converts to ng/dL 409.5564 which seems low to me as a very active 50 year old ?


Hi @Rob, it’s not great, but seen guys ( including myself ) who have much lower T levels. Would be intersting to see what your SA says. If you done it with Care Fertility, they are quite detailed.


SA Results
Total Count 83 x 10 * 9/L
30 million m/l
Fast sperm 0%
slow sperm 31%
non progressive 23%
Motility 54%

Good ,Bad ???


This is your first SA isn’t it? How long ago was your reversal?

If it is your first SA, your numbers don’t look to bad. Obviously, get your reversal surgeons input as well.


Yes my first results …Reversal was 5 years ago .Thanks.


Hi @Rob, from what I’ve seen and learned, this is a good result, 30mil m/l. Sounds like you’re still wide open. Saying that, does the pain come from both testicles or just 1?


I agree about the vas is open as I don’t have congestion pain…It’s is most sore mainly in the left side but both have acute pain if prodded where the spermatid cord joins …I think .thanks


Might be worth going to your GP and ask for a course of antibiotics specific for UTI? Just a thought