Pain after vasectomy


I am getting pretty pissed off at this whole situation. Saw the doctor that did the original Vas and he says it would either be a hematoma or sperm granuloma that would be causing the pain and that he would be very surprised if it was not cleared up in 2 - 3 weeks. He did say it is fairly common that things happen but most places I have read online on other forums mention guys are pretty much pain free after a few days. I am super stressed, have 4 young kids at home and a wife and am wanting to know should this still clear up or what I should do?


At this point time is your friend. I would alternate ice and heat and drink lots of fluids. Do some light exercise like walking to get your metabolism up and take over the counter NSAIDS like Ibuprofen (with food as tolerated, don’t overdo it).

You had some issues and are nowhere near your baseline. You will likely be fine. Hematomas press on everything and it’s hard to get back to normal while they are still there. It takes 30 days or longer for them to reabsorb/disapear.

Btw, you’re right. They don’t tell you about this stuff or they gloss over it. Most guys/people can’t imagine how bad problems down there can be until they have them.


Still getting dull aches and pains in right testicle, waking up with wood causes pain. Trying to remain positive but feel like things are not improving. Right testicle is still swollen and left seems to be shrinking. How soon is too soon to get a reversal?


you’re 3 weeks out? Give it more time.


Yeah 3 weeks tomorrow. How much time should I give it? Most guys I know are back to normal within a week


i would wait quite a bit longer before deciding on something as drastic as reversal.


@Joshaldo the rule of thumb on here is 6 months but there have also been men who did it earlier. The problem with going to early is that you’re operating on an area that’s already inflamed and irritated. Every risk from further surgical intervention would be increased due to the weakened integrity of the healing tissue. You’re only 3 weeks out man. Go to a doctor that will listen to your concerns and see if you can get some help via conservative measures. The odds are still in your favor.


I had bad pain after my vasectomy and it got better SLOWLY over about 3 months time. For me the pain never went away completely, but did get a lot better over that time. It is hard to imagine healing can be that slow, but it seemed to be true for me. I thought it was going away but then got worse somewhere around 6 months.

My wife was confused when I kept saying I thought it was getting better slowly, she basically said ‘it has been so long, if it is getting better, shouldn’t it be gone by now?’. it is just that the progress was so slow, improvement only noticeable week to week, or month to month, not day to day. It is frustrating, but if you can be patient you may ‘get out’ without more surgery. surgery can be a roll of the dice, might make things worse.


Thanks for the replies, it does help. To be honest my pain is improving, the hard lump at the top is no longer hurting neither is the side of my testicle. I am now just getting pain down the bottom for some strange reason. If I lay on it etc it hurts and is very tender. I think the anxiety, stress and regret in having it done has also contributed to the over emphasis on the pain.

I am still hoping to make a full recovery with no pain at all, hopefully this is possible?


Just had an ultrasound and was confirmed to have small hematoma. Radiologist said it should settle down over next few weeks


It will be 6 weeks at the end of this week and seemed to have hit a steady point where the pain is still there, tender testes if touched and dull ache. The ultrasound report I had done mentioned that there are bilateral small resolving hematoceles. My GP said this could take up to 3 months to fully heal. Is it likely this will get better or should I accept this is my new “normal”. Because I notice the pain there I constantly touch them which hurts. The pain seems to be coming from the base of the testes now.
My pain is sitting on a scale of 1-3 with a general ache during the day. Sex can hurt if Testes are touched etc and have noticed sometimes there is a stinging with ejaculation. Really hoping that I see some more improvement soon. The scan mentioned everything else was normal.


Now just over 7 weeks and feel like I haven’t improved much over the last two weeks. Still dull ache and sensitive to touch. Haven’t been taking many NSAID so I was thinking of taking 400mg 3 times a day to help reduce inflammation. I have booked myself into specialist Uro on the 22/12, hopefully he can offer more of an insight. Going to try back at the gym tomorrow, hoping that goes OK. Was also thinking of organising Skype consultation with Dr P, but don’t think there is much point considering he is unable to prescribe me anything being in Australia.

Many success stories from this stage with discomfort etc?