Pain after vasectomy


Hey guys I went in for my Vasectomy on Thursday evening 12/10 and had the traditional two cut open ended vas. The procedure appeared to go well and wasn’t too bad. The pain next day was bad and could hardly move. It has been improving but now on day 5 I am still experiencing pain in my testes and have noticed a bit of a lump on my left side. Is it normal to have pain at this time? It gets worse if I am standing up for a period of time or walking.


Dude, you just got the thing. You’re going to be okay. When I see guys so fresh from surgery I breathe a sigh of relief because I know that time and the odds are in their favor. I would alternate heat and ice and take Motrin. Try to relax and treat yourself to your favorite foods or veg and watch football and some old favorite movies. If you continue to have issues we will help you.


Thanks man, appreciate the reply. It is just frustrating when you get told that you will be right in a couple of days and clearly that is not the case at all.


The, “3-5 days and you’re fine” is a joke but stastically you’ll be fine my friend. I was really bad for a bit while things adjusted, some folks just have a rough time up front. I can tell you I didn’t see substantial improvement for almost 6 months. However once I started getting better, I improved very, VERY fast. I would be 100% fine if not for congestive issues which can be delt with.

Realistically you’ll probably be fine in a few weeks. Relax, play your favorite video game, take it easy, and try some Advil or Tylenol.

Most importantly, stay positive.


Welcome to the shooting blank club. Well, in a few weeks for sure. I am relatively new to this, given I had mine three months ago. I experienced drainage and swelling at the suture points on both sides. If that is where your lump is then maybe it is irritated tissue. That fully healed within about ten days. I had very mild discomfort in or around the testes for a week or two and nothing close to what the guys on this site experienced. If you have just mild pain you are lucky, Many guys here are not so lucky.


Yes, that is where my current pain is coming from. Right testicle, lump at the sature point. Left side is fine nearly all healed. Hoping it all goes away soon and can go back to normal. Vasectomy is not the no complication in and out procedure that is sold to you. Hard to believe this has been going on for so many years.


Yeah, i met with my local pvps guy last week for a 7 month follow up. He said he has treated a guy whose pain lasted 4 years and then suddenly went away. 4 years. I’m sure he told me that to tell me things can get better, but holy hell i hope it’s not 4 years.


My pain started 12 years ago. Lasted 13 months, then went away for 2 years after reversal, then came back for 6 months, then went away for 7 years, then came back 18 months ago and here I am looking at more injections and potentially surgery. Vasectomy is cruel in that the medical community downplays and ignores the damage it creates. I NEVER would’ve considered it had I been informed of the real risks.


Has now been 7 days and there is still soreness there. Did mowing today and testes were sore after that. Not sure when I should contact Dr to have him check it out. Really hoping this is still normal.


You are 1 week out. Things are likely to be a little sensitive still. I did not have any testicular soreness or anything similar post op. I can imagine it would be disconcerting. Focus on the good stuff. You are now free from worry of accidental pregnancy. I don’t know if you are in a relationship/married but focus on the fact you did your wife a solid and that you can have fun without fear now.

Distract yourself. Definitely wear a little extra support. Go out today and buy some flyless briefs to wear under whatever it is you normally wear. Don’t let your guys bounce while you are adjusting. You’re going to be okay.


Ok, I went back to the Dr that performed the Vas and he seems to think there is a bit of epididymitis going on and some inflammation still. He already started me on antibiotics when I had the procedure because I was prone to getting epididymitis every couple of years prior to the Vas. He is certain that it will all clear up but I am stressing out about it all. I just wish I never had it done and things would go back to normal.


Watch the antibiotics they give, often Levaquin or Cipro. They have risks in themselves.


Any doctor that was aware you were prone to epididymitis but still performed a vas on you is not a very good one in my opinion.


Yep, hindsight is a great thing. I am just hoping things improve, not sure where to from here. Do you guys think I will still recover from this or should I see a specialist?


If you are only a week out I think there is a good chance you will improve. Since you had epididymitis before, you have to consider that this might not be due to the vasectomy, could be the same thing you had before. I would be careful though, keep icing it, etc. maybe try some anti-inflammatory supplements, advil etc. give it a month before you worry too much. I agree with MikeO though… knowing what I know now, a vasectomy seems like a bad idea if your epi is sensitive.


I went to my normal GP because the pain was not getting any better on my right testicle. He felt it and said there was a mass of blood there, prescribed me antibiotics and said it should clear up in a few weeks. I am feeling completely depressed and stressed out about this. Does this stuff normally clear up or am I stuffed?


If its a blood mass, hematoma, it can sometimes take a long time to dissolve. If that’s what’s causing your pain, then the pain should go away when it’s gone. However, that could take awhile… days, weeks, or months. No way to really know. You’re only a couple weeks out too. You’re more than likely going to be fine. Try not to stress out. You’re still very early with all of this.


Hard to say, but you’re still early in the process. Ten days if my math is right. I’d take it real easy and do anything you can to bring down the inflammation. I sincerely wish you the best,. My belief is that many men struggle for a few weeks, maybe a few months, and then heal and lead a normal life. The group of us regulars here are pretty pessimistic because many of us have been here for months or years.


hi guys
had mine done friday 19th and still bloody sore on the left side. thank christ i found this site. i also was sold the you will be ok after 2 or 3 days. was getting a little worried, now i know to just to relax and everthing will be fine in a few weeks.


Well currently 14 days out and still feeling bit sore on my left testicle where the lump is. Think that it is slowly improving but not 100% sure. Still hoping this will clear up :frowning: