One month in..still icing and ibuprofen


Today was my month anniversary and will say it has been one of the most challenging month of my life. I have done several military deployments but this has tested my mental resilience like no other!

First week was standard. Felt good by day 5. Iced religiously and watched lots of westerns and war movies.

Day 7-8 went back to my regular routine. Coached Little League and walked the dogs. My Fitbit said I did 12k on both days…which was probably a mistake. Day 9 my right nut became very swollen and tender and then the fun started.

Day 9-20 felt like my nuts were in a vice grip continuously. Used ice and ibuprofen 800 mg * 3 times a day. Finally got the swelling under control by Day 20. Anxiety increased as I began to investigate PVPS and saw some horror stories and began to think I have ruined both my military career and my life. Everything front the urologists office stated 3-7 days normal and then the chronic cases. No real talk of those in between. Hence some long sleepless nights and tears in my beers.

Day 20 -30 been on pins and needles. Pain and tenderness decreased but am scared to do anything that requires a lot of effort or work.

Top notch support from my Military GP and urologist who have eased my mind. They have indicated that it is just my epi’s swollen and will probably take 4-10 weeks to full heal. Indicated that this is more normal then stated…wish I had known this.

My aches and tenderness are still there and I feel exceptionally fragile. Taking 400 mg ibuprofen 3 times a day and icing probably 4-6 times a day.

Anyone been down this similar road? When should I reduce the ibuprofen or begin to escalate efforts. Any idea of how much longer these full aches will last. Still scared of PVPS but i think I am trending in the right direction and pain never escalates above 2.

Glad I found this group which indicates that many people take 2-6 months to fully heal.


I’m 5½ years out and still ice and take pills some, although less than in the past. I recommend pursuing more aggressive treatments after 10 weeks.


@Dan99 your still early and time is on your side. If you are able to still walk 12k steps a day and coach little league that is a good sign in my opinion. Its been 3 months for me I can not do those things today. Everyone heals at a different rate and there are stories of guys taking several months to a year to be 100%.


Thanks Ben

Yeah the 12k and Little league were Day 7-8 post. No chance I could walk that now.

Urologist told me another 2-4 weeks and I should be good to go.

Not really sure how he gets 2 those numbers but trying to stay optimistic


I’ll be at 4 months in a few days. Although I’m not 100% back to normal, I’d say I’m in the mid-90’s.

It has been slow, steady progress the whole time. Throughout my recovery, some days were better and some days were worse, but overall the pain has been on a steady decline the entire time and now it’s finally almost completely gone.

The only time I really notice it is if I sit in a bad position (i.e. crushing the boys) for too long. I still occasionally have “bad” days, but even those aren’t nearly as bad as they were a month or two ago. Just some discomfort/annoyance throughout the day.

I was pretty bad off mentally, so I can definitely relate to the fear. I’m an ex-military guy. I’d hate to have to deal with this while in the military because I know that nobody will have sympathy or understand what you’re going through.

Just wait it out, and take care of them the best you can. Follow your doctor’s advice on the medicine. Hot baths helped me. Also try switching up underwear. Everyone (doctor included) said to wear supportive underwear, but I tried 3 different types of briefs and boxer-briefs and all of them seemed to make matters worse. Regular cotton boxers (stretchy T-shirt material) gave me the most relief. I just had to walk gently when wearing them. It could be the opposite for you, but try a few things anyway.

It’s really shitty that the urologists aren’t upfront about how common it is to have pain for months afterward. They know they’d lose the business if they told guys that there’s a good chance they’ll have testicle pain for months.



What was your major area of pain. Mine is just that nagging dull ache that comes and goes and the associated swelling makes me operationally ineffective. I am riding a desk on this tour so glad I do not have to grind it out, although it seems that my military doctors are aware that many of us take many weeks (months) to heal. Been really trying to concentrate on my mental tools to win this fight. I am finding ice and jockstraps to be working. Moved to them last week and already noticing a difference. My urologist has been pretty good, told me not to worry and ride out the storm…


Seven weeks today.

My right teste still swells During increased activity.

No sharp pain but they get sensitive and tender after the days work. I think I am slowly winning the battle but man this is long and frustrating.

Uro says still healing from the surgery and some guys take 3-6 months. Wish I knew that going in…


Dan I saw your posts at the r/vas page. Firstly, some of the people over there, haven’t even had a vasectomy or only had one recently. I wouldn’t put much stock in what they say since they don’t have years into one.

I am 5 1/2 years in. For me, when I get more active, my left side swells up. I was really busy for like 3 months with work. And my left side swelled up the size of a lime. So no, things don’t always settle down after a month or 2 or 12. Like I said, I am 5 1/2 years in.

I still can’t do any of the things I used to do before my vasectomy. And i’ve tried all the non-surgical options. My suggestion as someone who’s tried tons of stuff, visited 25 uros/specialists and been given a ton(62) of different meds, TAKE IT EASY!!! Don’t overdo it. I waited over a month before I tried anything physical. Picking up the kids, anything athletic, sex. None of it for over a month. And it was winter when I had one so I didn’t have anything outside to do since the weather wasn’t bad. And I still ended up in constant pain. So if you don’t want to end up like me or anyone else who’s in pain, take it easy.


2 months post vas.

Each day I am making slow progress.

Felt really good yesterday so hit the gym and did 30 on the elliptical with no pain. Swelling today but I am now optimistic that I can defeat this demon.

Just going to increase my walks.

Anyone else heal around the 2-3 month mark? Did it ever reoccur?


3 months post vas and still icing on a regular basis

If I play any sports I get swelling. If I just walk and do day to day stuff I can get by.

Frustrating as I am in the military…and am operational useless


I replied on the other thread, but I’ll reply here too…

I just crossed 6 months. Pain is mostly gone. I’d classify it as “discomfort” now, and I only have it sometimes. I haven’t done much exercise other than light swimming, mainly because I’m afraid I’ll slip back in my recovery. But I feel like I probably could exercise.

There’s still some sensitivity, and I’m still conscious of it when I move around, but I think a lot of that is just subconscious habit now.

One thing that struck me is that you mentioned you’re in a desk job now. I have a desk job too. I kind-of felt like sitting all day aggravated it. For the past month, I’ve had more of a “walk around” job and it seems to help. Just a thought… maybe try not to sit for long periods.


Yeah I am on a good week now. Have worked out all week and hardly any pain. Was able to do a 10k hike.

I was there two weeks ago and then went down hill for a few days.

Have not been able to correlate what kicks it off but I am confident that I will get there. The dark days are hopefully over.

Uro says in 2 months all should be good. On the plus side it worked!