Officially diagnosed with pvps


Most of the physicians I have consulted have all said something along this line. That’s the reality with any pain syndrome. Most will eventually burn out. A lot of scientific research regarding pain actually supports this theory too. However, I don’t think it’s that people end up totally pain free, but get to a point that they’re able to move forward. I am slowly realizing that I’m not going to be a 100%, but I don’t need to be 100% to live happily.


Good information in here guys and I do appreciate the different approaches and perspectives. I don’t know (don’t think anyone does for sure) how to move forward with this and this is good info to take into consideration. I do feel a bit more optimistic at least reading that time Could resolve some/many issues. It may or may not in my case but I used the search bar for time or something along those lines and there were two threads of people asking if just time could help and the near consensus in both of those was no. Ringo you actually chimed in to say yes you have seen it and experienced it in a certain extent yourself in one of those threads.


That certain poster was me. The owner of this forum already temporarily ban you once, and I had nothing to do with that. Once the ban was lifted, you are back to your same shit again.

@Irishguy, much of what you say in your quotes above are things I have said in the past, but I certainly didn’t say them in the way you frame them up to have been said.

Your current objective seems to be dividing and conquering this place. You may have one moderator on your side, but I assure you you do not have support from all of them, nor do you have the support of all regular users. If you wish to be banned permenantly, keep coming after me with your boxing gloves on, and I’m sure we could arrange that.

I give people honest, unbiased support, and advice on this site, and unlike you, the majority of them people appreciate that.



I have never heard or read anything like that. Where did you hear that? Do you have research to back that up?



This is a warning. If you have an issue with a specific person take it off line with them or address them directly at the time a comment is made. If you start taking shots at people on here and characterizing/judging them and their posts, painting yourself as a voice of reason etc… you will be banned again.

We know you are anti-surgery. You have made this point clear and that’s fine. Your truth is not everyone’s truth though. Whatever training you have does not make you any better or different than any of the other men on here. You are just another guy that has/had pain in his genitals/groin who has a story to tell.



This is the ad hominem attack I was responding to. It is the latest in a series of them that he has been generating and predictably I have been threatened with being banned.

Pull the trigger champ!!! Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.


Everyone needs to chill out on this thread.

Good grief. Act like adults.