Officially diagnosed with pvps


It’s been a tough 2 plus months. I’m in pain all day. Can’t sit in chairs and must almost need to be laying down most of the time. Anyways, went back to the original urologist who said I have pvps and his only suggestion was hot baths. Issue is hot baths seem to really be making things worse. Anyone out there start with constant pain and got better? I just want to be functional at this point, willing to accept less than100 percent. I’m 7.5 months post vas.


Sorry to hear your story. Pathetic that a urologist can perform vasectomies but isn’t even versed on the standard PVPS protocols that a simple google search could yield for him.


Hi Help

Had my vasectomy in Nov. 2015. I was in pain for most of the first year or so and had to wheel a soft leather office chair between the kitchen and TV room, as it was the only chair I could tolerate.
Visits to restaurants, friend’s houses etc. were awkward as the pain would start soon after sitting down. I remember a holiday to Barcelona being a nightmare as I couldn’t sit on the beach etc.
Things gradually improved and I haven’t felt any pain in a year or so.


This is similar to me. I can’t even sleep in my bed as the pressure is so bad. I’m on the couch. Was there any medication that helped you through that first year? I’m in some bad pain right now and aleve and Tylenol 3 is doing nothing.


@Help sorry you’re here man. Read through my posts and it’ll give you a good idea of where I was about 18 months ago to where I am today. I’m definitely better, not perfect and still having pain, but definitely functional and able to live life pretty much any way I want. I’ve tried pretty much every conservative measure, most of which offered some relief. Find a doctor that will offer help. Good luck.


Have a look at thread “congestion cured with papaya seeds” @Help


The second and third reply in this thread come from guys that are admittedly anti-corrective surgery minded at all costs. Obviously we all are not of this mindset, and/or opinion.

The first one claims to have full resolution by year 3~. The second one has tried just about every single conservative treatment available to men, some of which many wouldn’t be interested in. Seems as of his last update, he still takes several antidepressants daily to keep his pain in check.

I would recommend reading as much material, individual stories, cases, etc, and get a feel for where your at, whom you can relate with, what they did, what treatment’s are available, the big picture of what your dealing with, and/or up against, decisions you must make for yourself, etc.

You don’t have to follow anyone’s personal path, what anyone else did, etc. You need to educate yourself far as pros and cons concerning all available avenues, and do what you think is best for you.

I’d highly recommend consulting with several pvps docs as opinions certainly vary, treatment options vary, strategy’s vary, where to begin, etc.

Ultimately, you will have to live with whatever you decide to do, not what one individual doctor thinks and/or thinks you should do, or what anyone else thinks you should do for that matter. You got to do what’s best for you. You got to be proactive, educate yourself far as all the options that are available to you, success rates between individual procedures, methodologies, ideologies, etc. Weigh out the pros and cons of waiting this out indefinitely, etc, etc.

Keep us posted, and good luck.


I appreciate the support and information. I spend 10 hours searching this wealth of info yesterday and will continue today.


Incorrect, unless a post was deleted. Mine was the first reply, and I am not anti-corrective surgery. You know that. In fact, you’ve hinted in other threads that I may be too pro-reversal. Which is it? If anything, I’m pro-correct surgery provided conservative methods have been exhaused.

Please amend your inaccurate statement.


My bad, I apologize @raising4girls. I meant to say second and third replies. Post edited.


Prednisone (steroids) and Cialis were by far the most effective medications for me. Lyrica, Vivomva less so.
7.5 months after surgery is still very early doors. Mine improved gradually.


Man, it’s been 2 days of hell. Uro completed an exam. I told him how sensitive it is but felt like he was squeezing both sides. Now I’ve got some bad stinging pain in what seems like inguinal canal. More right but both sides. God I hope that goes down once this settles down. Before I could lay down and get some relief. Not right now. Praying it’s from the exam and will calm down with some time.


I have absolutely no idea how @RingoStar can apparently be so offended that he has to publicly call out those of us who have a different opinion from his. He who has had 2 failed corrective surgeries wants to constantly condemn those of us who believe that surgery should be a last resort, especially considering that every single person on this forum is a victim of a so called “simple” vasectomy. Yeah, forgive me for being hesitant to let someone else make another incision to my scrotum because the first turned out so well for me. I’ll take the other more less interested measures because at least I know they won’t hurt me anymore.

Yes, I’ve tried every conservative measure mentioned on here, and yes, I’m still in pain. Yes, I do still take an anti depressant, but you know what, I’m living a pretty damn good life now. I still hurt, but I’m not letting it define me or prevent me from doing anything. Nor do I feel the need to come on here and publicly call out somebody who’s genuinely trying to offer some advice. Well, until now, when I was ridiculed by @RingoStar for taking an anti depressant.

@Help I’m sorry for hijacking your thread. Just know, that we’ve all been there. My first 3 months were a hell I don’t want to ever repeat. It got better. Most of these stories read, irregardless of the treatment, that most men get better. You’re at the point where you can’t fathom your issues ever abating. Trust me though, we’ve all been there. We’ve lived the hell your living. You will get better. Find some help within the medical community. PM those on here who have similar stories to you.

FYI, I’m still contemplating having a reversal in the next 6 months. However, the reason I keep putting it off, is because my live is going pretty f-ing great right now. I’m not sure I want to risk screwing that up even for the potential benefit of returning to 100%. I hope, knowing this, that it provides you some solace. You will get to a better place.

Good luck.


Nobody has ridiculed you @Kyvas, I only added to your story.

Those of you that take it upon yourselves to try to steer people into doing what you did, or what you think is best for everyone is a problem.


Please get your assumptions straight before you come after me. I am not offended by anything you said. Like I basically said in my previous post, I find it offensive, and bias that several guys on this forum seem to think they know what’s best for every man. Let them make their own choices, and don’t steer them into anything.


I’ve actually had three brother, and technically speaking, they were all considered failures of sorts. I did get some relief from both my reversals, but never hit the home runs I’d hoped for.


@RingoStar considering I pointed him directly to my story, I don’t really need your help adding to it. It’s all right here on the forum plain as day. Just didn’t want to rehash it when it’s already out there to find.

Oh well, I’ve said what I wanted to say. I just know that the doom and gloom that is present on this forum is incredibly terrifying when you’re already in your own personal hell. Obviously everyone needs to make their own decisions and not solely rely on anything we say on here. Both @RingoStar and I have repeatedly stressed this in our posts. That is one thing we both clearly agree too.

I truly wish some of the PVPS docs would perform more science based research so their isn’t a need for us to decide/argue which option is the best. Hell, I wish I had the money so I could fund it myself. Regardless, there are no clear answers, and no good choices.


No problem brother, and I agree with you on many levels. I’ve just seen so much this, that, and the other over 8+ years. Bickering, fighting, what’s best, what’s not, what men should do, guys that seem to think they know everything, etc. It took me about 4+ years to get beyond all that. It’s also something I strive to not allow to go on here to.

I see other guy/s telling part of their stories, and I make comments in them cases to. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I just know what it’s like to be the new guy, or the infrequent visitor, and get mislead by a single post that doesn’t reflect on that person/s entire story.

Theres one hard fast rule of thumb we should all understand. People shouldn’t post things on internet forums if they cannot handle the feedback, and/or comments.


And one last blurb here… People that try to steer others into doing what they think is best, or steering them with any sort of manipulative input are really setting themselves, and others up for disaster.

For those that are reading this, trust me, those people won’t be there when your at your lowest should things not go as they advised, anticipated, or steered you into. Those people will vanish, especially over time, and you’ll be lucky if they even tell you they are sorry for the bad advice. What good would a sorry do at that point anyway?

We got one guy on here steering guys, and gals into believing that if they wait 3~ years, they will likely achieve full resolution. I’m telling you all right now, that’s unorthodox advice, and goes against just about everything I know from credible sources, not from some guy sitting on his couch. Sure it happens on occasion, but it’s definitely not something anyone can count on. I’d consider it to be a rarity myself.

If they don’t achieve full resolution by 3~ years, that’s a whole lot of suffering, wasted time, and where did they get that advice? It certainly wasn’t from any urologist, doctor, or study that I’m aware of.

Best of luck all.


I agree re. how unsettling the ‘doom and gloom’ can be. My wife and family doctor used to plead with me to stay off it, as I invariably became more distressed every time I interfaced with it in the first year or so.
A recent example that perfectly elucidates the ‘doom and gloom’ of this site occurred when an obviously distressed wife received the following in response to her desperate questioning re. her husbands symptoms -
‘…There can be many things at play, or even at play at the same time beyond the vasectomy itself down to if he felt pressured to do it to himself…’
How could anyone believe that statements such as the above are in any way helpful to anyone, particularly to a stressed wife who was likely blaming herself already?
I also concur that it seems bizarre that people who share their positive stories of incremental improvement without having required costly and invasive surgical interventions are being mischaracterized as manipulative charlatans attempting to ‘steer people into doing what they did, or what you think is best for everyone’ and that we ‘will vanish, especially over time, and you’ll be lucky if they even tell you they are sorry for the bad advice’. I would like to state that I will continue to post on this site, unless I am banned permanently. A certain poster has already written of his dismay that my recent ban wasn’t made permanent.
My family doctor, a respected urology nurse with 35 years of experience, a registrar urologist and his consultant urologist in a public hospital, in addition to a consultant urologist in a private hospital all concurred that given sufficient time my symptoms would clear up and they were proven right.