Not long but feels like years


Hi all this is gonna be a long post sorry.I had my vas done on the 19 July 2017, a month later the pain started, at first just a pulling pain then pain in the right testical, to the degree where id be close to tears. I developed immune issues shortly after plus the use of meds caused extreme problems for me gutt wise, chronic constipation. ibs, ect .My neural system also took a knock and i was experiencing MS like symptoms, by the 3rd month out i was even experiencing prostate issues , I put myself on a healthy diet cut out sugar and stupidly all carbs, which has caused issues with my blood sugar levels ,went on the right diet and was diagnose with prediabetes…really! im only 10kg heavier than my optimal weight and Im 35? Anyway I had a reversal done on 16Nov2017 and started the long recovery road, I had developed depression ,severe health anxiety and panic attacks and was put on an ssri anti dep which caused insomnia and an array of side effects for 2-3 weeks, then total bliss for 2months. I could be me again I had no pain no side effects nothing I was good,what do I do?, stop the meds a month or so later everythimg including pain is back , my question is this, did the anti deps mask the pain or did the reversal work for a while then rescar? ive heard antideps work for chronic pain in certain circumstances, suffice to say it would seem reversal wasnt successful for me, thinking of having the bad sides testical removed because im convinced the snip was done too low and my issue is epi buildup and antisperm cell issues.
this has been a life altering event thats for sure…


Thank you for sharing. Sounds like a tough road you have had. God bless.


@Longlivesthepain if you try going back on the medication and everything is good, then there’s your answer. Why wouldn’t you try that before anything else that’s more drastic?


Currently started the meds again they take awhile to get into ones system.i really hope they do the trick because short of that its gonna be on to drastic measures.I’ve also heard this crazy thing about papaya seed powder helping with congestion wondered if it holds any merit…


Your story, and timeline sounds “similar” to mine, and I can relate to much of what you have and/or are going through both physically, and mentally.

I survived on meds, and conservative treatments for well over 5 years post vas, post reversal/s, and post varicocele embolization. I’m not saying it was great, or easy, but I did it.

There’s definitely enough documentation regarding papaya seed powder to make it worthy of giving it a whirl. Papaya seed powder certainly isn’t a hoax, isn’t a placebo, or anything of the sorts.

There are a lot of questions regarding papaya seed powder that would be great to have some concrete answers to, but in the meantime, we gotta deal with, and/or accept the data, and testimonials we got.

If I had any advice, it would be stay conservative for as long as you can take it. You may improve over time. I would definitely give it at least 12+ months before you seriously consider anything else surgical wise if you can manage.

Thanks for sharing your story.


Thanks for the input, so things could get better?
It’s been 4 months since my reversal and I thought I was doing fine but then the pain came back, where is your pain at now?would chewing on papaya seeds be as efficient as the powder?this stuff is really hard to come by.sorry for the many questions I’m quite desperate…


Hard to say what’s going on with you with so little information, and it wouldn’t be a whole lot easier to say one way or another if I knew everything about your case.

Was your reversal a success far as return of sperm? If so, what are your SA numbers looking like far as your count, and motility? If you haven’t had one already, get on it asap.

Saving reversals from becoming failures takes catching problems such as low numbers very early. It’s nearly impossible to save them once you’ve scarred closed, and it’s to late.

Did you have a full clean up during your reversal? In other words, did you have all the scarring, sperm granuloma, possible hemoclips, foreign objects, etc removed from the ends of your vas’s during your reversal?

Have you been examined by a professional to be certain you didn’t develop sperm granuloma (leakage) at your repair sites as you healed post reversal?

It’s absolutely possible that everything could be fine far as my questions go, and you are having relapses of pain for a variety of reasons. That kind of stuff is actually quite common, but tends to get better over time. That not to be confused with always gets better over time.

Far as the papaya seed powder goes, there’s several threads on this site about it that cover a lot of thoughts, dosage, where to get it, what to be aware of beforehand, possible side effects, misc stuff, etc. I’m not thinking it will be hard to get ahold of online unless you live in Antarctica, and people there could surely get it as well.

The original papaya seed powder thread is titled “congestion pain cured with papaya seed powder”, and that’s a good place to start your research. I think there’s as many as 4~ threads on this site about it that all contain some sort of valuable information. To answer your question, I don’t see how chewing on papaya seeds will do much of anything for you, if anything at all.

Guys like yourself need to be very cautious with papaya seed powder, and/or TRT as you’ve been reversed already. It’s quite possible that either of these therapy’s could cause your reversal to fail due to a lack of sperm. Use common sense before you give either a try. If your reversal has failed, and you can prove it via SA results, you have nothing to lose far as your fertility goes.

Far as how am I doing now, well, it’s complicated, but with the help of some meds here and there, I manage to stay very low on the pain scale, to non existent “the majority of the time”.

I don’t have any significant physical limitations due to my pvp/s, but I do play it safe. Pain after ejaculating is my biggest problem far as triggers go, but I believe my issues are complicated, and related to congestion, varicocele pain, and nerves that have been as much as hypersensitized, and/or have become hypersensitive. Far as I’m concerned, that kind of stuff is a variation of nerve damage.


No I haven’t yet gotten my Numbers but am scheduled to do so next week ,My vas left me with major scaring and a granuloma on the right side all of which was cleaned out when reversal was done my healing was slow and my body didn’t even absorb the stitches properly,can you believe the one side of my vas attached to the wall of my scrotum post vasectomy, I scar badly in general ,trying not to be negative, but I fear the worst as far as SA is concerned, I do Though have a theory,I believe that congestion and how our bodies cope with it has a lot to do with how strong our immune systems are at the time, my father had his vas done 24 years ago and was lucky never to have any pain besides the norm,until he caught flu and almost died , he spent 3 days in icu and a further 2 months to recover,then out of the blue he starts having congestion problems. I too found that my pain is worse when I’ve picked up a cold,the other thing I’ve found is if I am dehydrated I suffer worse,this could all be smoke and mirrors but I’m keeping an eye on it,trying to boost my immune system to test the theory.Im glad you’ve found a way to manage your pain,as far as meds go I don’t do to well with it, I ended up in hospital last year Oct with servere gastritis thanks to the pain meds, pain was through the roof,as a result when it came to the reversal,had it, went home and didn’t take a single pain killer,just used ice,wasn’t fun to say the least,I wish I was told the risks I didnt even get the prep documentation I was just told to be there at so and so date and time and the op was done ,the doc still joked before my vas ,he said and I quote’ don’t think of reversing my vas now cos when I do a vas it’s a vas for life’ yeah you got that right my uro said it looked like a bomb went off inside me…luckily he is a pretty good uro and got all the pipe back to where they should be…


I hear you brother. Many others share your thoughts, and sentiments in regard to what’s happed to you. Many others share your unique symptoms as well.

Story’s like yours aren’t a first to my eyes. I’ve read of many guys that reversed within a matter of months post vasectomy, and their reversal surgeons told them they were scarred out like they’d been vasectomized for years.

FYI, my second reversal failed approximately 24-26 months after the fact, and I’ve been sterile since fall 2013. Theres a lot of theories in regard to why reversals fail, and I personally try to stick with what we can prove, and what we know.

Unlike some other pvps guys, my inner lumens were described as “wispy” by the guru that did my second reversal. I’m talking about something comparable to a tiny hair like thing. In-between that, my odd symptoms, and my unique immune system, etc, I tend to believe I have a combination of things set up against me by default that make long term patency extremely unlikely.

Some doc’s, and people think failure is more related to diet, an overall healthy style of living, keeping your systemic inflammation as low as humanly possible, etc. Personally, I’m not totally on board with all that, but I don’t see how these things could make things any worse, and they could very well be relevant in some cases.

I wish I knew the findings during my first reversal, and from my point of view, it’s very unfortunate that I don’t. I do tend to believe I was highly scarred out like many others I know of. I can prove I had bilateral sperm granuloma by month 2 post vas. Unfortunately, my first reversal surgeon didn’t consider any of that to be relevant, and I’m not sure if he does to date.

Keep us posted. FYI, you will make your story easier to follow by posting your follow-up in this same thread.

Good luck


Hey Ringo did you have AI issues mine seem to be back I didn’t expect them to come back after reversal but they have Does this ever get better?


It’s hard to say what is what far as my autoimmune symptoms go. I’ve posted about some of my personal experience in relevant threads.

I’ve never been the same since the vasectomy. Things used to be a lot worse years ago. I don’t experience a lot of the weird stuff I was experiencing in my earlier years.

I do have significantly worse allergies. I have a skin fungus on me that just won’t give up. My eyes are more light sensitive, specifically to sunlight. I could probably list more.

I’ve still managed to make progress beyond the pain since I’ve been a member of this forum, but I still feel like I have a mild form of PTSD from this entire ordeal.

I don’t see docs much anymore, and have no idea what my white blood cell count is, nor my testosterone levels, hormonal, nor my PSA, etc.

It came to the point where I just needed to get better both mentally and physically no matter what’s supposedly going on with all the weird stuff I’ve experienced since the vasectomy. From my POV, knowing less can actually be beneficial sometimes.


Just to clear it up sore stiff muscles, gut out of wack ,dizzy ,funny tingling in fingers face and toes general weak feeling …auto immune right?
As if the pain isnt enough…sorry im venting im having a bad day


If I’m still in pain and I’m getting ai symptoms again does that mean the reversal has failed


Ptsd is a bugger I feel all messed up that way as well I’m your opinion do you think ones immune system learns to adapt ?


This is a tough one. Like many, even though I had a reversal and my T and PSA levels are normal, like you,I’ve had more than my fair share of health problems. Vasectomy-related. Never be proven:

  1. Lower back lumbar fusion (bad backs run in my family; 39 y/o sister just had discectomy)
  2. Stubborn toenail fungus since 2011 (I hear many have this challenge)
  3. Hyper-sensitive teeth. Takes weeks to stop hurting after a procedure (first bout, though, was 7 years pre-vas, and I’ve been told I grind me teeth at night)
  4. Snoring
  5. High cholesterol (I’ve often wondered if that’s sperm building up; anyway, this is a nationwide problem, and I’ve found I can get it to normal if I exercise and more closely watch my diet)
  6. Light sensitivity (just started, but I’m 53 and told that’s normal)

So, for me, I think I’ve escaped problems I could logically pin on my vas other than nerve pain, but I don’t doubt for a minute that you and others have been compromised.

My dad just died at 75, and he had a cornucopia of health problems. You name it and then some. He had his vasectomy at about 40. No pain (they did his high up while repairing a hernia).

I’m 100% convinced his poor health since age 60 was due to the vasectomy, but it’ll never be proven.


Thanks I think I’ve dodged the nerve pain issue but I’m thinking im sitting with congestion issues again even after reversal ,we don’t have the calibre doctors here in SA like in the US and so on,and i dont think the uro worked as carefully as some might do.If I had the finance to go there and get this procedure redone I would but that’s a pipe dream excuse the pun .I can handle my pain most days but I get bad ai issues very similar to ones you get with fibromyalgia plus uti sensation although I’ve not been tested positive for infection


To answer your question, I do think it’s possible that our bodies can adapt to the AI challenges related to vasectomy, but I have no idea far as how many experience this kind of stuff on a significant level, and/or how many get better over time.

Even the possible PTSD I experience may be more related to AI, I really don’t know. I’ve seen many men report high anxiety, lack of concentration, changes in libido, hormonal, all kinds of stuff. It’s hard to say what’s exactly going on, especially in individual cases.

I know of many that have chased their tails getting blood work done all the time, other testing, etc, and even those people, and their doc’s don’t seem to be able to connect all the dots, and come up with concrete answers beyond “I wasn’t this way pre vas”.

You need to get an semen analysis (SA) done asap. Theres no point in torturing yourself far as not knowing what’s going on with you, not having any real answers, and assuming to much.


@Longlivesthepain, did you ever get an SA done yet?


No I didnt im Having abit of problems with insurance, so i had to put it on the back burner.
I was actually doing alot better for awhile almost no pain until a week ago so its been up and down for me, im at 6mths post reversal. I have had a rough deal with fibro type symptoms and pelvic pain i think i might be dealing with some kind of nerve issue idk just wish this hell would end.
Thanks for the check in.sorry for slow response.


No problem @Longlivesthepain. Having some ups and downs during your post reversal recovery is actually quite normal for many at minimum, but I still highly recommend you get an SA for several reasons.

Even if you find out your reversal was a failure, I personally believe it’s better to know than to be wondering, assuming to much, wearing condoms for absolutely no reason at all, etc. Don’t get caught up in that mental mess.

I also think it would be wise to get that SA before you give papaya seed powder a whirl because in theory, papaya seed powder could cause your reversal to fail, and/or scar closed permanently.

Good luck man