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hi all

my name is jim and i have been suffering from pain for 27 years now - i had the initail operation when i was 27 and that went werong in that it ended up with me having a lot of pain when i raised more than a smile with everything tigtning up

2 years later i had a reversal (attempted) and this caused futher issues i now suffer from pain all day every day and major spikes during and after sex. these spikes are completly debilitating with the pain in the groin and up through my belly when i get this ain i end up doubled up

i am on pinkillers and gabapentin and its just not working the gp’s have done the usual and sent me to the pain clinic - i am classed as a cronic pain sufferer but am getting to the end of my tether and am ticked off that i feel there is no where to go or anyone to talk to who understands - my partner is fully supportive but this is realy causing me to feel less of a man because of it

i have come on here to talk to people who hopfully will understand and i can talk about possible treatmants that may be open to me


hi Jim
As we say around here welcome to the club no one wanted to join.

I’m just had mine last December and so I’m a noob, but I think the first questions asked will be to get more detailed on where and what hurts. And what kind of work do you do…?

So sorry you have been suffering for so long.


thanks for answering

where it hurts now where do i begin!

on going pain everyday is throbbing pain in my scrotum and down the inside of my right leg - this pain makes it painfull to walk - the more i walk the worse it gets - tried tighter boxers ect to hold things together
daily pain is worse when i have not been amourous for a while and also when i get excited sry for being so graphic

they say that this is due to the posibility of nerve damage after first op

pain during love making - this puts me off as %90 of the time i will end up doubled up with either pain that comes on during sexual activity or when i think all is ok when i reach orgasim thats when the shit realy hits the fan and i end up doubled up in pain for up to 5 mins before it abates

sorry for being so graphic and if im not allowed to say these things on the open forum please tell me and i will remove them and look to mail people

ooo and im a software engineer lol


No nothing’s to graphic. We all know what it’s like here to start talking about it. You kind of get used to it. We even post pics occasionally.

Your on going pain what’s the pain measure like on a scale of 1-10

Are you saying it gets worse when you haven’t gotten it on in a while?

Have you tried briefs before?

Where is the pain when you ejac? Shafter testies?

Did the reversal take?


Have you considered denervation? How old were you when you got the original vas.


I can’t even explain the feelings I get when someone new joins this site. there’s got to be a better way to warn people about this garbage.


Also are you hear in the usa. Or elsewhere?


27 years. Wow. Besides reversal have you had anything else done like a nerve block?


Welcome and sorry Jim. That’s a long time to deal with this. I’m on 19 years now.
The people on this forum are awesome and nobody has been rude or anything like that. Great ideas are here to try. Some success stories also.
As with Choochoo or any of us I am not happy when another fella has to join this forum. Nastey.
And yeah… Graphics are a non issue. Some of the stuff I’ve talked about on here I shake my head.
Have you had anything work for you that helps at all?
Stupid question but have to ask… Have you seen a urologist and what did they say or recommend?


sorry for not getting back till now real life interviend Your on going pain what’s the pain measure like on a scale of 1-10

in answer to some of the questions here i go -

Are you saying it gets worse when you haven’t gotten it on in a while?
yes due to scrotum tighting up and being the usual fella i get the usual morning and during the day erections and when i do things tigten up even more and cant sit for long or walk for long - but problem is if i/my parner tries to do somthing as a release the second stage of the pain comes in

Have you tried briefs before?
yes all sorts tight restrictive ones - i tend to wear tighter ones - like one size down when in pain

Where is the pain when you ejac? Shafter testies?
pain at this point comes from right testee down inside of right leg and up into belly - it has go so this pain not only happens during ejaculation but before when everything tightens up and moment hurts - ried slow and gental fast and harder with parner but end up 90% of the time getting pain

so what ends up happening is i am now able to switch off from the frustration of not being able to ejaculate and put myself in a place that the frustration does not matter - so this does not effect my relationship other than me feeling for years that im less of a man

Did the reversal take?


and im from scotland - not found anything over here for pvps and docs are a joke - take blockers 9 a day - take 8 paracetamol a day - and when its bad take dyhyracodiene (which has been more and more over last 2 years)

another point is testee with the pain has shrunk to the size of a marble and other has doubled in size over last 5 years - ruled out testicular cancer - but scans showed restricted blood suply to right side

urologist says posible damage to testee and blood supply and also nerve damage - all of the above is refer to the pain clinic who manage the pain but not resolve it

i feel like this is a condition that not many doctors over here know the answers to and i feel that because they cant find the answers they load you up with nerve blockers and pain killers and hope it goes away - but i have news for them it dosnt go away - it has now become a way of life and im sick of it

sry for being so verbose but maybee ive found some like minded people here


and on the 1 to 10 question

during day constant throb at 7 waves of pain during day and sitting walking to long take it to a 8 - pain during sex is a 10 (almost blackout pain)


Man I feel for you - and 20+ years - yikes.

Software engineer here as well - but I only took the pain for 3-4 months (got worse and worse) before I dedicated research full time into fixing it.

A few things I learned FWIW:

  • normal urology docs are worthless
  • I would consider a redo reversal BUT with one big caveat. Out of the western half of the US I only found about 3 reversal surgeons I was willing to go see. These are guys who ONLY do reversals and only do 1 surgery per day (to be on top of their game mentally and not tired, etc).
  • I personally know of a few people who even got reversals from good docs who specialize in it but ended up failing due to inflamation causing scarring/improper healing. I even knew one guy who had a reversal that failed pretty quick (couple months) then had a redo that worked until it failed around 2 years after. For me (going on 5+ years post reversal now) if it does fail I will do another reversal. The safest approach IMHO as it puts things back to ‘normal’ the way nature intended.
  • could consider nerve blocks/surgeries and there are a lot of resources here for that

Good luck


So if you satisfy yourself it’s less painful than if your partner does it? I’m truly sorry for all you’ve gone thru. Did the reversal give you any relief? @David who did you find that did yours?


Maybe after the reversal it was less painful to satisfy myself (I think it’s a good sign I don’t even remember much of those details anymore [heh]).
Thanks - anyone who has to go through any form of PVPS deserves sympathy IMHO.
Very fortunately yes the reversal did give me 95-99% relief. I would say the past 3 years or so I have been 99% mostly. I am probably 100% but I am just to aware of anything and everything that goes on down there now.
I used Dr Marks at Dr. Sheldon Marks MD - Microsurgical Specialist. International Center for Vasectomy Reversal

| | |


| |
Dr. Sheldon Marks MD - Microsurgical Specialist. International Center for V…
Dr Sheldon Marks is a Microsurgical Specialist, specializing in Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals Since 1983. Re… | |



If you are interested you can read about my story here - I made sort of a summary of my journey
My PVPS story and resolution

| |
My PVPS story and resolution
This is my story from start to finish copied from the old yahoo PVPS message boards. Here is a table of contents… | |


Good luck!


Glad to hear you are doing well and had a good outcome with Dr. Marks. He is one of the few who have been open about pvps for a long time and open to talking about it. I’ve read a lot about him and his partner, all good.


@Jim What about you. If you satisfy yourself is it less painful than if your partner does it? Did the reversal give you any relief?


sorry for not getting back - i dont masterbate at all hurts to much - my partner is much gentelaer than me

i had a thought as well and managed to get a url im thinking of setting a site up this side of the pond with links to all the reserch material i can find - do you mind if i link this form into it?



Im working on something for this side of the pond right now.
Hopefully we can get some things changed regard this safe, simple and pain free procedure.


Sorry that hurts - there’s something out there called a fleshlight that you could look into. That may help make things “gentler” when you’re on your own.


When you say put back to normal, do you mean just put the vas to vas and hope for the best? Meaning that if there is no sperm present when the doctor does the reversal, meaning it’s possible it’s blocked further up, that it will someone work itself out? I have my reversal scheduled for March 9th here in CT and I’m scared shit less to be honest. I wish I never had the vasectomy. I’m going on 9 years and didn’t realize I was in pain until about 5 months ago. Soon as I discovered this site and thought back, EVERYTHING made sense. This vasectomy cost me my marriage and the enjoyment of life for the last 6 years due to a traumatic divorce.