New to forum - Nerve Pain Left Side


Hey everyone! Wow, lots of good info here. I had my vasectomy done in April of this year and have been experiencing some nerve pain on my left side. I can’t ride a bike, or sit too long, or have any sort of pressure coming up underneath me (like sitting on a pillow).

My urologist has prescribed my amitriptyline. Ugh. I am not one for meds. I don’t have any other pain, swelling, trouble with urinating, or ejaculation. I have a young boy that is wanting to be carried a lot these days, which doesn’t help. I can’t seem to carry more than 25 lbs on my left side either without feeling some discomfort for hours afterwards.

My urologist is a man of few words, and I am trying to figure out the best approach here… as medication is just a way to mask what is going on, and is not a real solution. Anyone have any advice on the direction I should take?


Hey there, welcome to the forum.

I don’t have any advice regarding which direction you should take, what you should do, etc, but as you already said, there’s a lot of good information on this site regarding so many things. Research conservative options first, and you should come up with some things to consider trying out.

Far as what’s going on with you, it could be a lot of things, and your going to have to do your best to narrow that down best you can.

If you have any specific questions for us, just ask.

Good luck


I suppose I should’ve also advised finding another urologist that may be of some help to you.


Thanks for the reply @RingoStar. My urologist things I have something called ‘genitofemoral neuralgia.’ My symptoms are not so much about the pain on my left side, but as of late, more about the warmness of my perineum area, and also slightly up into my abdomen. The meds seem to help with the pain, but not the discomfort of sitting down when this flares up. I am starting to lose my mind a little over this. I was down to a 1/10 on the pain level for a while, and am now back to a 5 or so. Nothing has really changed either. Anyone have any experience with this?


Yes, there’s definitely some guys on this site that tend to beleive they have the same thing. I would personally try a few things in an attempt to be more certain on your diagnosis. The last thing any of us should do is assume to much, and/or assume worst case scenario right away.

BTW, how were you feeling during the procedure? An hour later? Your fist week? A month into things? Etc.



I have something very similar to what you are describing. There are a few on here that have had that. I have had nerve type pain on my left side since my vasectomy in December '15. Here is what I know. I believe that a majority of it is tightness of muscles in the pelvic area. Tensing things up, even when you don’t even realize it. The longer this goes on, the harder it is to relax those muscles. It’s still a work in progress for me, but you are much earlier on in the process, than I was when I was determining this stuff.

Do you have any granuloma’s or anything of that nature, that could be rubbing on a nerve? Your Urologist probably would have told you if they felt a granuloma. If not, I would look for a pelvic floor therapist and start with that and trying to relax the muscles in the pelvic area. Look at threads/posts from @RichUK, @SunbeltRed, and @PVPSux. All of them seem to have really good luck with relaxation and/or stretching, solving their problems.

I have done the pelvic floor therapy recently and also been stretching for the last 3 months. While I can’t say that I am cured, I can say that my pain is currently reduced dramatically from where it was. I’m staying on top of it and things are as close to normal as they have been over the last 3 years. I’m having more and more times of little to no pain at all, and that’s after a long time of dealing with this.

I can’t tell you that this will cure you, or guarantee that it will reduce your pain, but it has helped some of us here on this board. Right now I am on 10 mg Amitriptyline each night and 2 mg Diazapam (almost every night). I was on 25 mg Amitriptyline (for about 5 months), but lowered that dose about a month and a half ago with no increase in pain. I’m going to try to wean off of it all together and see if it has any effect.

Where you are right now though, you may have muscle tightness causing inflammation to the nerve. So reducing the pain in the nerve, may also help reduce the muscle tightness, because your body won’t tense up as much. You may also see about an anxiety medicine to use temporarily, to reduce the stress of thinking about the pain and causing your muscles to automatically tighten, without even thinking about it. Warm bathes may help as well to loosen muscles. I’ve done stretches/exercises from Amy Stein’s book, Healing Pelvic Pain, which have helped.

Again, I don’t know if any of this will help, no guarantees here, but I will say that relaxing the mind and the pelvic muscles shouldn’t hurt, and it may help you find relief.


Thank you for your response!! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I saw a feldenkras specialist yesterday and he worked on my SI on my left side. He said my left leg is also shorter than my right, so he is working to correct that. I feel much better than I did yesterday at this time. I don’t want any cord blocks or other nonsense that doesn’t really solve the underlying problem.

I am also going to try some a acupuncture, which I think will help.

I will look into a pelvic floor specialist as well. My wife is a craniosacral specialist, which I would also recommend. The energy healing and structural alignment seems like my path forward. I too hope to cut down on the meds. I have had many 0, 1, and 2 days out of 10, but recently jumped up to a 4 or 5. My new shoes were not supporting me, and I think that tightened my hips/groin also.

I have hope again. I really really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. We’re all in this together and let’s be in touch.


Sounds like some good conservative advice to me @Uncomfortable. I certainly appreciate how you don’t frame your reply up in a way where it has to be the answer either. Theres definitely many guys on this site that report better, and sometimes even cured, or close to it with such advice.

I’d be interested in hearing how the guys you tagged are doing as of more recently. Perhaps they will post an update someday.


I’d still be curious to know the details regarding my question in the quote above @keebler456. If you post them details, it would likely be helpful to others researching such topics, and/or reading your thread.



No problem on my response. I really do believe that if I had all the information then that I do now, I would have gotten to this point much faster, be further along in my recovery, or altogether recovered. If you can understand what is potentially occurring with your body, and understand what could be the cause of your pain, I think it helps lead you to a path that you can comfortably follow and be ok with some pain. Just like, I had knee pain for a couple of years, due to running. I was ok with that pain, because I understood what was occurring to my body and it was just something that I would deal with. After the vasectomy, the doctors couldn’t really tell me what was going on, just that it should go away over time. So my anxiety was building, when the pain didn’t go away for months. Then I would start to have some relief and would push myself on a workout and be right back where I was.

Before the vasectomy I was a very fit individual that worked out for at least an hour a day and ran quite a bit. So, it was very difficult for me to just relax and not worry that I would ever be able to do that stuff again, especially when you have chronic pain. I have had to make modifications to my workout routines and I have had to completely stop running for now (trying to work back up to this, slowly).

I found that I would start to feel better and within a day or two of feeling good, I would automatically assume that I was good to go, or ready to push my body farther. I have found that when we are in this situation, it is definitely a marathon vs. a sprint. Don’t push yourself too early and when you get to the point that you feel good for a while, I would increase things slowly. You will probably still have some set-backs here and there, but hopefully they will be short-lived and you will feel incrementally better over time.

I have personally decided to avoid the activities that cause me to have increased pain for days at a time, such as running, basketball, soccer. Some stretches have caused me additional pain as well, but those I still do, just not as intense, and I go really slowly in increasing my range on those. I can still bike, weight train, and do some other low impact things, without any issues. I’ve just been working my way up to each new activity.

My pain has tended to be on the inner thighs and the inguinal canal, and just a bit at the vas tube at times. Your pain sounds like it’s in a bit of a different spot, but I think the logic is still sound, and muscle relaxation could be beneficial for you. Another persons thread you may read is @PerriT, they are also someone that over time, things improved, as I recall.

Again, think about this as a marathon at this point in time, not a sprint. Wish I would have heeded those words myself, but I’m following them now, and it seems to be helping. I hope these tips help you get at least some reduction in pain, using a conservative approach, but no guarantees.


I felt pretty numb during the procedure, as I was on Valium and a local anesthetic. I was a bit nervous though when my urologist was late to the appt, as I thought he would then rush the procedure… and maybe he did. My first week I was pretty black and blue, and didn’t wear enough support. I remember taking a long walk about 5 days in, and I was really hurting the next day. A month in, I was still uncomfortable, as I had some grape sized lumps on both sides where my incisions were. That lasted another month or so. Once the lumps subsided, I realized I would get a sharp pain in my left side if I took too large of a stride during a walk. Biking has been out of the question. I tried a few times and it really messed with me.


Thanks for the reply. I too was an avid exerciser. I stopped running in my late 20s (about 10 years ago), but I had been biking every day to and from work, and also biking for exercise, sweating, etc. That was my go-to. Now, I cannot bike at all. The few times I tried, it was really obvious that was a bad idea. I had a few days early on after a month or two, of feeling like I was healed… I’d jump on the bike, and be out for a week, at least. I feel like I carry too much weight in the front of my body as well, as my butt muscles are slight. So, that doesn’t help either. I am trying to refocus my posture and breathe, along with relaxing my muscles. I am taking a day of R&R tomorrow to get some acupuncture, and maybe even the spa.

I definitely agree that it is a marathon, not a sprint. I have not touched a bike seat in 2 months. I told myself i need to feel perfect for 3 weeks before trying that again. It seems too like the anxiety of never feeling like I’ll live a normal life compounds the issue, so it really helps to stay positive and get excited about some new stretch or some muscle that may be tight. My wife is really into astrology, and she thinks this also has to do with me being a Scorpio.

Having two young kids makes it extra hard as well, as they need attention all the time, and I am having to carry one that is 17 lbs constantly. I feel like I will finally recover in 18 years when my kids are out of the house;) Honestly, I am sure I’ll learn enough about this over time, that it won’t take that long.

I am glad you are figuring out some of this for yourself! Thanks for passing on your advice. I hope to be able to do the same some day of what worked/is working for me. No one else really understands all of this (and ironically not even the two urologists I’ve seen), so I am happy to have found you all.