New supportive underwear, looking for testers. (Fixed my pain!)


My vasectomy pain was starting to get out of hand about 6 months ago and doctors said there was nothing wrong with me (non credible doctors). Mostly I would say my pain was congestion, cord pain, and very sore testicles. The short story is that I was able to make some very special supportive underwear for my testicles. It’s unlike other supportive underwear because it’s adjustable, can be worn 24 hours a day, and only supports the testicles which seems to be the key. It doesn’t need to be removed when going to the bathroom, or doing anything else. This gives continued support, and it’s worked wonders. 99.9% of my pain is gone. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but my guess is that it holds the testicles in place without very much movement at all for long enough that stuff can actually heal, down there.

I have been wearing the prototype for about 3-4 months now, nonstop. I only remove it for 1 minute to wash in the shower. And like I said, my pain is gone! The “congestion” went away, swelling is gone, my testicles are not sore anymore, and it seems like the cord pain has healed too. I can sit, drive, sleep!, work in the yard, on my car, exercise and so much more without pain.

My hope is that this will work for other people as well.

I’m currently looking for 3 or 4 people that are willing to test out the prototypes to see if it will work for them too. Ideally I’m looking for people that are not on pain medication, so it doesn’t skew the results. I would like to find people with different types of pain to see what it works best on. But so far it seems to work best on congestion pain.

If this does help others like it has helped me I will start producing them for sale. But if not, then I will just make them for myself.

If you are interested in helping me out please send me a private message on here and we can talk.



I will help you with brand names.
Urologists Blunder Armour,
Busted Nut Huts,


LOL, very funny. Those are some great names. I almost wish I didn’t already have a name for it.

Urologist Blunder Armor is my favorite.


So it’s a modified jock strap? Got any pics? (we don’t need you to model it or anything lol)


The super simple answer is yes, it’s a modified jock strap. But in reality it’s nothing like that. It’s fully custom made. It’s a soft stretchy spandex “pouch” that holds the testicles in place and snug. It’s also very comfortable to wear. LOL.

Definitely no pictures of me wearing it, or anyone else (much too graphic). The pouch only holds the testicles and not the penis, and this makes a huge difference, for many reasons.

We have made a website for the underwear but it’s not finished and we are going to wait for the testers results first before releasing it.

We are still looking for more testers. So if anyone’s interested please message me.



I’m game. Are they heated? lol


PM sent.
LOL. I actually thought about heated underwear. The more heat the less sperm. But it was very unreasonable, the amount of heat vs how much sperm is produced. It’s always a losing battle.


@mikeo Busted Nut Huts FTW.

To the OP - you’ll surely understand that I’m very skeptical of your claims.

We’ve all been duped by docs and are a desperate bunch willing to try almost anything to get our lives back.

Now, with that said, if your story is true and even if your underwear is only effective in reducing or eliminating pain for say 5% of guys who use them, well then you sir, are a hero in my books, because that’s 5% who won’t need to suffer or undergo surgery.

But, if you’re just looking for a quick buck off of guys suffering from chronic genital pain, then shame on you.

Sorry if this post comes off as rude, but you’ve gotta understand where I’m coming from here.


I fully understand your skepticism, I would be really skeptical reading this post too.

My story is on this forum, and you can read it. I’ve suffered pain on and off for about 6 years from my vasectomy, but it started to get VERY bad about 6-8 months ago.

I assure you, I’m not looking to make a quick buck with this. As it turns out, a product like this will NOT make a fast buck. It’s luck to break even, and I’ve already spent money on making some prototypes, but not much. I already own a small business and that’s what pays my bills. I want to make this underwear because I think it will help others, at least I hope it will.

This is also the reason why I’m having people test it out first. I want to make sure it will actually work for other guys like it has me. And for me it’s worked great! I realize that it won’t work for everyone. And one other person on this forum has tested it and it didn’t work at all for him, but his problem is a little unique, so I’m not surprised. I’m suspecting it will work best for people suffering from mostly congestion, as I think that was my main problem.

Am also doing this for free. The tester don’t have to pay anything. I’m just gaining information to see if it’s worth me investing some money into this (I’m not rich). If my research turns out that it doesn’t help anyone (only me) then I can save my money and not waste it.

I just know that it really worked for me and I pray that it will help others too. I was seriously considering orchiectomy as a solution, and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore. I hope to be able to save people money, time, and pain from another surgery.

I will not charge anyone a dime unless I have proof that it works on more people than just me.


I’d be willing to try them out. I’ve had, overall, a pretty good week for the last week while on vacation, and I attribute it to wearing a supporter for most of the time. I’m learning which types, brands, and even sizes work best.


I like your business model.

Thanks for helping us out. Like I said, even if it helps just a few guys, it’s worth the effort.

Sorry to hear you’ve had pain this long. I’m only 10 months out, and well, I can’t imagine another 6 years or longer.


Kyle has developed a pretty ingenius design. Im the one who has tried it so far. Kyle is very generous and kind enough to send for free. I would have benefited greatly from it but my dysfunctional dartos muscle prevents me from wearing anything that touches my scrotum. If i didnt have that muscular dysfunction the underwear would greatly help my internal injury with the support it brings. Im still experimenting with it though. My favorite thing about it is you can literally wear it 24/7 the way its designed.


PM’s sent to raising4girls and vasregret.

I think the right type of supportive underwear can do a lot of good for us.

Vasregret. My pain was not constant the whole 6 years, it was on and off. I wouldn’t have been able to make it that long. :frowning: It was bad at the beginning, and then would come and go. But 8 months ago it got really bad, too bad. But now I’m doing great, I’m very blessed.

Thissucks, was the first person to test out the underwear and I’m sad it didn’t work out for him. But like he said, there are some cool things about this underwear that you won’t find anywhere else. And the ability to wear it 24/7 is one of the reasons I believe it works so good. You don’t have to take it off while going to the bathroom. Continued support ALL the time = healing.


I’d be willing to test them out as well.

I have been back to wearing support for the last month (usually two pairs of tight briefs, wearing a jock strap constantly cause its own issues) and will probably wear extra support for the next while.

PM me.


@KyleY I want to try this underweae you were talking about.


PM sent Ste.

Just a little update. We are currently done testing them and will be producing them in the near future. My guess is 8 - 10 months before that are finished.



Great to hear @KyleY keep us posted on production, i bought a pair of ufm underwear which are much better than the typical scrotal support/jock strap underwear but if you have built a better mouse trap count me in…