New member, pain starting 3 years after vasectomy


@Darcy I was given the name of Dr. Neil Pollack as a doctor in BC who is well versed in PVPS. I know nothing about him and haven’t even looked into his credentials because I’m in Ontario but thought I’d share.


@Darcy, I find it odd that the doc you seen doesn’t think there is a connection between your current bout with epididymis and your vasectomy.

Epididymis is most definitely a risk involved with vasectomy, and generally speaking, the common first course of treatment is antibiotics. I’m not suggesting antibiotics will work tho.


Thanks for that. He is known as the guy that does all the vasectomy es in vancouver ( my GP’s description). I was supposed to go see him , but put it off while waiting to see the recent guy I visited. I wanted confirmation it was in fact vasectomy related. I wonder what % of men that get this chronic condition had vasectomy es at some point? Anyway, I am going to go see him at some point, can’t hurt right? Thanks again :grinning:


Thanks for the note. Yeah, he was a bit dismissive about it because of the elapsed time before symptoms appeared as well as feeling it was tied to something from the hike. Might be both thought right? Maybe something happened on the hike but it’s because of that area which was altered by the vasectomy. Anyway, I hope this strstegy helps! Thanks again


I think you have a workable theory myself.


Get a reversal immediately.Find my posts and read them.I was 10 years out plus and then things just started going to shit even though I was working out,eating right,etc…A lot of physical issues.Just couldn t cum.It felt like it was close but a million miles away and when I did it was like glue.Really really bad.Moster sex drive to zero.It took 10 years but then it all dropped.Get it reversed.I shoot cum like I use to and the feeling is all there.I had the weirdest feeling like something was re-connected the first couple hours I got out of the VR.It s not in my head.There is something else that gets cut off when you get Vasectomy.Not just the obvious physical cut.


@Mainman, do you realize how crazy you sound (to some people) telling everyone to get a reversal asap all the time?

There are dudes on this forum that have had bad outcomes post reversal, or were in one way or another made worse by their reversals (very very difficult and long recoveries at minimum).

While these outcomes may not be the normal, and somewhat rare, it certainly does happen, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t be telling every single man to get a reversal immediately. Shit does happen, and you don’t have to live with anyone’s outcome but your own.

I realize you’ve had a positive experience regarding your reversal, but reversal is a crap shoot brother. I’ve never seen you post your SA numbers before, and I honestly wonder if you even know what they were a year ago, or currently.

Personally, I think a lot of guys will fall short of their goals if they base their expectations on your outcome regarding all the good stuff that’s happened post reversal. I’ve experienced many of the positive things you experienced in the past post redo reversal, but that was then.

The stuff you keep telling people is nothing but positive, and I’ve seen many frame reversal up like you do over the last 8 years, but I’m telling you now that’s not quite the norm, not predictable, nor durable either. Everything regarding reversal is a crap shoot. I used to buy into a lot of what guys like you used to post many years ago, and I fell short of my expectations as well… twice.

I’ve had two reversals. The first was a failure far as return of sperm, and the second one lasted approximately 2~ years. I had great numbers the second time around, and it still failed.

I’ve seen guys blame failure on this, that, and the other, and I’m sure that’s easy to do, but I don’t see the scientific proof to back up much of what they say.


Good point Ringo.I just think a reversal to put it back to where it was , is as close as a guy is going to get back to normal.All these other procedures may or may not work but if you reverse the procedure I think you got a good shot.That said , I understand some guys have been really fucked over because of improper surgeries and excessive scarring etc…I realize my reversal may fail in the future but in my mind once you ve crosses into the vasectomy world , you look at THE best option to get out of it.Pain or not.VR is the best option whether it works or not.Period.


Yea, I agree that many guys have been screwed over by improper reversals and follow-up protocols, including some versions of vas to vas, all versions of vas to epi, etc, and unfortunately they didn’t even see it coming because they bought into their doctors ideologies, and/or methodology’s, experience, etc. I don’t like seeing anyone getting screwed over twice.

I feel confident my second reversal surgeon did my redo reversal correctly, gave me the highest odds of success possible on a redo, and it still tanked eventually.

I agree that a true three layer vas to vas reversal specifically is a good first option for many, or perhaps the majority (beyond conservative treatments), but you won’t see me pointing out all the positives without getting into the negatives. I don’t feel comfortable telling people one side of the story given the fact that I’ve experienced way beyond typical expectations. Novice victims, and/or readers need to be fully aware of this stuff beforehand.

I’m sure there’s a lot of guy’s that think outcomes like mine won’t likely happen to them because of stories like yours, and a few others on here that only talk about positive stuff post reversal. Many of them don’t even have much, if any real data to back their stories up with far as regular SA’s, etc, or have never posted their data, etc.

I used to be one of the guys that put to much stock into VR and true long term patency, and I was indoctrinated with that kind of thinking by others in pain forums like this one, and by at least one VR surgeon.

That VR surgeon claimed he was getting long term patency in 70~% of his vas to vas reversals, but when I asked to see the data, there was no hard data to be viewed. When my second reversal failed, it felt like my house fell on top of me.

I just try to tell it like it is. If we were a bunch of gals in a VR fertility forum, we would all understand that VR failure is a reality, and time is likely not on our side far as patency, but in a pain forum all of a sudden VR gets framed up by men (and some doc’s) like it supposedly lasts a long time far as patency when in reality true long term patency is a total crap shoot.

I personally believe that patency isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be far as the main benefit to many, or perhaps the majority regarding VR and pain, and side effects.

If reversals didn’t fail, and never made anyone worse for long, I’d be like you and recommend just about everyone get a reversal asap. My reasoning? Without getting into details, you and I are on the same page, or similar page about all that.


You know what Ringo , you seem like a pretty smart guy that s trying to get out of the post vasectomy world like everybody else here.I d be pretty pissed off if I had a vasectomy and 2 RV and I was still dealing with issues.I won t be as generic going forward because guys like you have gone past the RV and still haven t gotten back to pre-V.We ve all dealt with a whole range of pain,ED,mental/Physical stress,relationship issues,etc…I by no means advocate VR as the end all cure all but what the fuck is a guy to do.Be happy with a pain management program for the rest of your life?If my RV fails , I ll go back and do it again and again and again because the alternative is no way to live.Peace Brother.


Actually, the main reason’s I stick around this place is to help others where I can, attempting to keep others in check by creating balance, and to learn more about this subject in general.

I can’t sit here and let others get screwed again regarding reversal, corrective procedures, etc, as I watch them get half the story, perhaps mislead, possibly indoctrinated, and beleive in stuff they shouldn’t because they don’t know any better, because they are desperate, because they didn’t hear everything, because they’re still new to all of this, etc.

I literally study some of what I’m talking about in this forum because it sticks out like a soar thumb to me nowadays. I’ve been the new guy to forums like this one. I know what it’s like. Been there, done that.

Honestly, I’m in much better shape than many here, but I wish things were much better. I’ve come to much as accept my new reality best I can, keep working through it, etc.

Unlike the majority on this forum, I am unique in the sense that I had a pre-existing scrotal pain condition that had been dormant “pain wise” for years pre vas. Unfortunately, that’s probably what screws me as well. Tack on the permenant lower back injury I have, and there’s a decent chance I was double screwed from the get go.

I do enjoy reading your posts, and hope you stick around. When you get them SA results, let us know what’s up. Good luck to you as well brother.