New member, pain starting 3 years after vasectomy


just curious. Does anyone have times when they feel quite …I don’t know how to describe it. Sickly, or weak. Its almost flu like. It usually passes after a few minutes, but its quite nasty during that time. I usually feel a bit nauseous, my back aches a bit, if I stand for too long ( which makes the ache a little better), I feel weak. When I am sitting at work, the ache gets almost unbearable and I have to stand, even if were in a meeting. I blame it on a bad back. does this all sound familiar?

its so weird, either they are tight and aching, or they are loose and the pulling feeling in the scrotum sucks…the onyl time I feel okay is sometimes when I am standing for a short while, or first thin in the morning when I am still in bed…this is awful.


Here is a link to a very informal little survey I took off of the old board/forum some of us here were on before it went away. The link is actually a summary of info that I created on this forum

It’s part of my larger ‘PVPS congestion story’ here - My PVPS story and resolution

And for what it’s worth I had pain right out of the gate for about 6 weeks. Got healthier and all that pain went away COMPLETELY for about 6 months. Then came back worse and worse until I got a reversal. I really did supercharge my getting healthier (went from a sack to working out, eating MUCH better, supplements, etc).


@Darcy Yes, I know what you’re talking about. Several have talked about this same sickness. I’ve got it too. 2.5 years and counting. Weakness, body aches, back pain, nausea, headache. It’s all there.


Thank you. Wow, great journal of your experience. Very helpful for the rest of us. I hate to say misery loves company, but it was good to know thst having a long period with no symptoms and then having it come back is good to hear. Not about it coming back of course, just that my situation is not unique. I still have not ruled out cancer in my mind ( last blood tests this week). As bad as this is, not being life threatening is the first hurdle from my perspective . Thanks sign for all your help and support, it really means a lot to hsve strangers be so willing to help


Wow, 2.5 years, that’s a full. Thanks for letting me know. I had a friend confide in me this week about his experience. His was immediate and took a year to get to 95%. Local urologist thst did the procedure was not very helpful, basically said it happens to a small %. I am going to try everything possible first before going down the path of a reversal. Certainly some good success stories, but some pretty scary ones as well. Thank you for sharing :grinning:


Hi Darcy,

It can be frustrating and confusing trying to figure this stuff out, especially for the guys where the symptoms didn’t happen immediately. so you are probably wondering is this related to the vasectomy or not, I would be too. My symptoms started immediately and never went away completely, so I am confident what I have is related to the vasectomy. For what its worth I think my issue is congestion and I had a similar experience to what you describe where it felt like nausea after exercise and I didn’t immediately connect it to my testicle pain.

I don’t know how much exploring you have done, but one thing that helped me a lot was figuring out where the different pains were coming from exactly down there. At first I just thought ‘my balls hurt’, but eventually I realized for me my testicles actually are not sensitive really, I can poke and squeeze a number of things down there without causing any pain. But I learned there are areas in my epididymis that are very sensitive when things are bad, and that is the source of the worst of my symptoms. If I gently squeeze that spot, pain, nausea, light headed feeling etc happens. I eventually could also find the site of the surgery on the vas and manipulating that with my fingers I feel a stabbing pain in the side. Just being able to go to my doc and guide him - right here, that is where it is coming from - I think that helped me a lot. It helped for me to realize the worst pain I have is not from the vasectomy site but from the epididymis. Some of the docs didn’t really believe me at first but then they sqeeze the spot and see me wince in pain - I think that helped convince them its not all in my head. It sounds like the stage you are at you want to figure out if you believe it is really PVPS or maybe something else causing the problem, to start to figure out what to do about it.

wishing you good luck figuring it out…


You are very welcome.

After what I went through with so few/little support groups who are knowledgable about PVPS we have to do whatever we can to support others however possible


At this point i would be beyond thrilled if i get to 95% at a year out. I’m at 7.5 months and floating 80-90% of normal which I’m pretty okay with, but 95% would be awesome. Thanks for posting.


Darcy,I Didn t have issues with my vas until 8 years later.


its a great point about figuring out what the detailed symptoms are. To be honest, I have defaulted to the position that there all over the place, because to some extent that has been true. The swelling has been both sides, the hardness has been both sides, the aching feeling has been both sides. To your point, and after thinking about it a bit, there is no doubt there is more sensitivity on the right side, near the bottom and almost behind a bit. I am going to pay more attention to this going forward and see if that is consistent. IT would be good to convey that to the urologist. The gP definitely noticed my sensitivity there when he examined me last time. I am also noticing what feels like a larger mass on the top left ( not attached to the testicle.) . I tried to get the GP to feel that, but they were so dam tight at the time that he couldn.t feel it. Anyway, thanks for the advice, much appreciated


wow…that blows my mind. And for sure it is tied to the vasectomy? I assume you did all the tests and went through all the fears about cancer etc. Was there any kind of incident/trigger? I mentioned a short hike I did that is the only thing I can recall that could have caused it. Thanks for sharing, that is the first time I have heard about someone having symptoms after so long.
good luck!


Its a process for sure and it does not sound like the results are the same for everyone by any stretch. No idea where my journey will end. Question : do you find anything helps or hurts i.e. exercise good or bad? pelvic floor stuff? ice? anything natural in terms of supplements or anything?
open to trying just about anything…thanks for sharing


Advice I’ve given a few members 1) Find a doc that will listen to you and acknowledge there is a problem. Don’t deal with anyone that won’t take your concerns seriously. 2) After you find a uro/GP that is willing to help, explore medications to determine if you need them. I was started on Mobic( NSAID), Gabapentin and Elavil (different medications that help with nerve pain). They are not without side effects, but have helped me. I can’t take narcotics because I can’t work while on them. 3) Go see a psychiatrist/counselor to help deal with the mental aspect of this. I am in a much better place mentally. I realize this is going to be a long battle, but I have support at home and work, and I am coping pretty well with the fact that life may change forever. 4) Try massage/accupuncture and see if they help. Massage has helped a ton by relaxing my muscles. 5) One of the biggest helps has been Pelvic Floor PT. It’s unpleasant, but I can sit without increased pain and have learned ways to relax my pelvic floor which has relieved most of my referred pains. 6) I have been seeing a fascial stretch therapist (FST) which has helped immensely.I really believe he helped to mobilize some of the tissue, decreasing pressure on the nerves and removing any pelvic adhesions that may have developed. 7) I went full Paleo and then adopted the Ketogenic diet. Since starting it, I’ve felt like it’s helping with pain, but has for sure helped with energy levels and general demeanor which is great. I take turmeric, magnesium citrate, fish oil, vitamin d, vitamin c too. Papaya seed didn’t do much for me 8) Read these books. Viktor Frankel, “Mans Search for Meaning”. David Hanscoms “Take Back Control”. They helped me try to find some meaning in all of this and the latter helped me to realize the anger. Keeping my emotions/stress under control are important. I know that if work is hard, I have to take it easy that night. I say no to things I don’t want to do or that will cause me increased stress. If I get stressed, my rectum and balls hurt more.

My 8 month vasectomy anniversary was today and I am definitely, albeit slowly, getting better. 8 weeks after the vasectomy, I had fire in my groins, severe nauseating scrotal pain and felt like my rectum/perineum was going to rip apart from the inside. I am currently not going to consider any further procedure until a year, but think I’m heading in the right direction so even then, things would have to be way worse than they are now for me to do anything else. I can work and function very well, albeit with pain. Life is for the most part good, but is made more difficult because I hurt. Not ideal, but I can live like this and fear another procedure could set me back. My local PVPS guy has explained there are surgical options but they come with risks. He also believes most people get better with time, maybe not 100% but to a point they can live with. This board does have many men that trend better with time, so I remain hopeful. Currently I experience “congestion” pain in both testicles, left is worse. I still have some rectal and bilateral groin pain but it’s more an annoyance than a pain, like a sprained muscle. I can live with this pain. Honestly, I found myself skipping with my daughter the other day without even thinking about it until I stopped. Expected a lot more pain, but it never came. Some days I’m at 80%, some days I’m at 90%. I only take Elavil now and the occasional NSAID, so I’ve been able to get off most of the drugs. I will titrate off Elavil over the next few weeks/months. It’s such a low dose, and causes me no side effects, so I’m not really in a hurry to stop taking it yet.


I was fine after surgery. It was a non-event. I recovered quickly. Things never felt quite right but I did not have excruciating pain. I didn’t think about it. When I look back I was having issues with discomfort sitting almost immediately that I thought were just related to prostate issues or regular wear and tear from sitting a lot for work. By the end of the first year I spontaneously started inventing cut-out cushions using garden kneelers, anti-stress mats, and spray glue. I also started using Ambien to put me back to sleep when I would wake up in pain with erections in the middle of the night. I NEVER linked it to my vasectomy though which is weird right?

Like a frog in a pot of boiling water the pain got worse and so did my mental health as my sleep quality got worse and I spent more time in pain. Working in pain started to become more and more difficult.

By 5 years when I got my reversal I was a basket case and my pain was severe. It was crippling.


Vas went perfect.No pain,no issues just the usual less semen,etc…Then at year 8 I experienced numerous issues.First was my right nut began to ache bad.Semen went to zero.ED issues,low Tetc…Was in great great shape and yet many issues.Finally after clean bill after clean bill from doctors I began looking at vasectomy.All pointed There.Was told “no” about 100 times by medical people until I said fuck it and got it reversed on my own.Cost 5K but all and I mean all issues disappeared.My story.


I was completely free of symptoms until year 10. was sterilized in 2002 and had no symptoms until 2011. since then the symptoms have gotten progressively worse. Severe Nerve pain, Nausea. abdominal Pain. clueless doctors, being ignored for years while in severe pain. Paying for multiple ultrasounds only to hear “im sorry” from the doctor. I have surgery scheduled for 11/30 to remove a major granuloma at the head of my R. Epididymis. I’m hoping to see relief. my surgeon is giving it 50/50. I’m new to the forum as well. many years of suffering.



Sorry you are here and suffering. I’m 10 years in which is f****** unbelievable. God damned doctor told me 1 in 1000. I’m glad you had a decade of being okay.


Wow, ten years… I have no words to show enough sympathy, that’s
seriously f*cked up.


Well the crazy thing is I didn’t know what was happening for most of the first 5 years. Vasectomy is a benign operation right?.. I did not link my issue to vasectomy. I was too busy working and living life but had more and more problems sitting and sleeping. By the time I realized what was going on I had almost lost my mind. I did not link the pain with vasectomy in my mind. I NEVER linked my vasectomy to my pain until I got epididymitis at year 3 exactly. My right nut blew up like a balloon. Then I realized I had had a constant state of burning prostatitis-like symptoms, groin pain, urgency, groin burning, aching etc. and sitting pain starting almost exactly when I got snipped. The pain is precisely where my vas uro cut into me. He cut into me about a half centimeter from the base of my penis up near my inguinal ring. Dude messed me up. I would be okay with it if the muther fucker had not said the odds of chronic pain were “1 in 1000, no 1 in 3000, I’ve never seen it… We can fix it if it happens…” I’m doing okay tonight brother so don’t worry too much about me.


hey everyone. I’ts been almost a month since I last updated. I was waiting on our wonderful canadian healthcare system to get in to see a urologist. During that time, my symptoms have been a real roller coaster ride. For the first 2-3 weeks I was feeling progressively better. T othe point where I was genuinely starting to believe I was on the road to recovery. Little did I know. …

what I should say is that I had been making a concerted effort during that time to work out, drink water and most of the other good stuff that I should be doing anyway. I assumed this was all impacting my recovery and was using that as motivation to keep going.

Then, about ten days ago, I woke up one morning feeling not so great. Soreness, nauseous, tightness, heaviness, all the usual suspects. I hoped it was a short term set back, but it has been slowly getting worse. If I am not back to square one, I am not far from it. Pretty deflating I must say…

So, the urologist. He listened to my history, then he did an exam. Now, I have examined myself enough times to know how it should feel. OR at least I thought I had. he was feeling around and I was a bit sensitive, which I am sometimes more than others. Then he reached to the back and up fairly high behind my testicles and squeezed one at a time, not hard, but firmly. I was torn between screaming out loud and punching him in the face. He was surprised by how "acute and localized " the pain was. I was kind of happy in the sense it was clear where the issue was, even if it was that painful

So, he said he thinks it is definitely the epididymitis. He thought it was weird it was both sides. He believes that the hike I did in september triggered something. He further believes that it could in fact be an infection. He is hoping that the previous 4 week stint of anti-biotics was ineffective because we did not include anti inflammatories with it and the guidance to drink a lot of water. So, that is the plan, to do this for 4 weeks straight. I am going to wait till after new years, cuz I know there will be wine involved this time of year, but thats the plan for now. My hopes are not real high.

the scary part is he said he does not think it has anything to do with my vasectomy from 3 years ago. He also thinks no one would want to go in and reverse it for fear of making things worse. I know there are a lot of contrary opinions on this forum, which is fine. So… if this does not work, he is saying its highly probable I have chronic Epididymitis, which he says there is not a lot he can do about. not very encouraging. I may have to end up going to see the guy in Toronto ( im in Vancouver), but will try this plan first.

Anyway, thought I would share the experience. I consider myself lucky relatively speaking. So many out there at pain levels much higher than mine. I float between a 3-6 on my scale I think. IT really, really sucks, but I almost find myself resigning myself to it.

I hope people are finding better solutions and progress out there than I am