New member, pain starting 3 years after vasectomy


Just curious if anyone has had this happen after such a long time of being fine. I have seen some posts that sound similar to my symptoms. I get tightness and discomfort ( pulling feeling) in the morning. In the afternoon, they get loose and just feel heavy. Sometimes they feel harder, but it does not stsy that way. They seem to have more of an ache when they are hard. I have hd ultrasound for TC, blood work for tumor markers, tested for hernia etc.

As mentioned, I had my procedure done 3 years ago and had no issues. The only thing I can think of was a hike sbout 2 months ago. I am not in shape and did not feel good afterwards. Thst is when my symptoms stsrted. Advill helps, but I don’t want to take those for evermore. Just curious if I am in the right place, or if my symptoms do not sound like whst others hsve experienced. Thank you everyone


Wow, the silence implies my situation is a bit unique. No one out there who did not have any symptoms for a very long time? I still think mine was triggered by the hike somehow, but who knows. At a bit of a loss right now…


@Darcy, I’m at a bit of a loss for answers myself.

It’s said that pvps can get going from the beginning, to out 20+ years.

It doesn’t seem you mentioned your age, but my guess is, if this does have something to do with your vasectomy, it’s neuropathic, and not congestive in nature.

You’ve had many tests and such done, but tests and such aren’t going to show pvps.

Again, I’m at a loss far as what to say, or advise other than get an in person, or telephone consultation with an experienced pvps doctor.

Personally, I tend to think that most cases of pvps that start up years down the line are neuropathic in nature, and not congestive. From scarring, organ damage, nerve damage, other not so well understood conditions, etc.

I’m sure congestive pains can, and do start years down the road for some, but my guess is that it’s not common.

If this is related to a hiking incident, I would again guess neuropathic in nature.

Personally, I think cases like your are even harder to troubleshoot than cases that get going within the first year~.

Perhaps this has nothing to do with the vasectomy, but odds are pretty good that it does. Hard to say one way or another.

Again, get in touch with an experienced pvps expert via tele, Skype, or in person.


Also, I do think that congestion “could be” at the root of your problems as all vasectomized men technically have congested/clogged epididymis’s, enlarged epididymis’s, etc that don’t show up as out of the ordinary on ultrasound, but if congestion has caused damage, trauma, scarring, etc, etc, the pain would be neuropathic.

This stuff gets so complicated, especially at your point, it’s really tough to say much definitively.


thank you for the response Ringo, very much appreciated. I guess what I am hoping for online is to determine if I am looking in the right direction. I don’t see a urologist until mid December ( canadian medical system), so I am just trying to eliminate as many probable causes as possible. To answer your question, I am in my 50’s. My initial fears have all been around Cancer of course. I don’t think that is it, although there are a couple more tests I am getting to make sure. It just seems weird that not many (if anyone) online has had these experiences start so long after the fact. To your point, it may happen, but I have not seen much in any forum online.

Also, not sure if the symptoms are consistent with what other folks are saying. The last 5 days for example, it feels like my testes are in a vice all day. When I wake up in the morning, the scrotum is loose, relaxed and almost pain free. Standing is one of the only ways to reduce the pain. Is any of this common or is that all different than what others experience, cuz I don’t see that from the reading I have done on the site. The only thing that has started to become consistent is a tenderness on the right one, near the bottom on the inside.

anyway, I cannot thank you enough for the response, its always encouraging just to have someone who knows how uncomfortable this can be to listen.


@Darcy, Yea, I hear you brother. I’m more prone to think you don’t have pvps, but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. At this point, I’d say anything is possible.

Given the fact that you are in your 50’s, I’m not thinking all of a sudden you have a major build up of sperm causing all the ruckus down there.

When you had your ultrasound/s, I’m sure varicocele, and/or spermatocele, hydrocele, ect, were ruled out.

The terms orchitis, and orchialiga come to mind with your symptoms, but I’m not sure about that either. Search them two terms, and see if any of that sounds possible.

What part of Canada are you in?


hey, well, I might not have Pvps, but its the closest thing I have heard of in terms of symptoms… Like I said, not having much luck with anyone out there experiencing these symptoms. I am in Vancouver, or I would track down this guy I have heard people mention in Ontario. I will wait and see what this urologist out here has to say. My GP was pretty quick to suggest having the vasectomy reversed, but based on what I have read here, I am a bit hesitant to go down that path.

to answer your question, yes, all those issues were looked at and there was nothing that looked out of whck or inflamed or whatever. what freaks me out a bit is when they feel hard. That seems like a really unique symptom i.e. both of them get hard, for maybe an hour, then the scrotum relaxes and they are soft again. When they are hard, that is when I get a bit more of an ache feeling in them. When they are soft again, its just more of that heaviness feeling…

thanks for listening


@Darcy, Hey, I’m with you on your thoughts. What you have going on does sound a lot like pvps, but the terms orchitis, and orchialiga do come to mind as well. The squeezing, in a vice, heaviness, etc are terms commonly associated with testicular pain, and with the terms above.

If you have been pain free for 3 years, and out of nowhere you have symptoms, and whether the hike had anything to do with the onset of pain being an uncertainty, I can understand how frustrating this must be.

I’d be like you far as try to rule everything else out first. Any good, well rounded pvps/testicular pain, etc doc would do the same.

Far as the reversal goes, I’d hold off on anything till you learn more. If all other possibilities are ruled out, I would be looking in that direction myself. Looking, and pondering anyway.

BTW, we have had a couple guys swing through here that ended up finding a different explanation for their symptoms. From lower back injuries, and so forth. This isn’t very common from what I’ve seen, but it certainly happens.

I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted.


thank you. I will definitely update as I find things out. I will also do a bit more reading up on orchitis and orchialga.
thanks again!


just had a quick look at these. As an FYI, I did about 4 weeks of antibiotics with no effect. I then did another kind of antibiotic specifically for Chlamydia ( one does 2mg, taken on Sunday). No improvement so far. So, not very encouraging for it being bacterial in nature. Will keep researching though :slight_smile: thanks


@Darcy, Yea, that sounds par for the course far as all the antibiotics go. Antibiotics not helping pvps guys is rather on par as well.

I also want to point out that unlike the vast majority of urology, I don’t stereotype males into a whole, and treat them all like cattle far as sperm counts, testosterone, etc.

You said you are in your 50’s, and I gave some insight into that above. I don’t think every single man in his 50’s has a dwindling sperm count compared to younger men. I suppose this is something we all need to think about, and consider, no matter our age.

It seems there are several other members that have their pain stories posted on here that started out ok, and took a turn for the worst several years into their vas.

I suppose the kicker to your story for me is, your pain free for 3 years (the way I understand it), you go hiking a couple months ago (which may, or may not be relied), and all of a sudden you seem to be having “major issues”.

I think many of us know more about our own experiences than anything else. My onset of pain was within weeks of my vasectomy. Perhaps someone else will weigh in that can better relate to your story.

I’m not even sure if you have pvps, just adding to my thoughts here.


yeah, fair point, we only know what we know and I only know what has happened to me and the little bit I have read in forums like this. I think I chiropractic is not a bad next step either. I have had pretty bad siatica for a long time, so its always possible I have triggered something. Its so frustrating right now with the pain ( as many of you can relate I am sure). I am at my desk, in pain, probably a solid 5-6 and my only option is to stand periodically to get some relief. after about 5 minutes of that, my Sciatica kicks in and I go back into my chair. Dam frustrating! and of course, all the while trying to act like everything is fine and not be a prick to my co-workers just cuz I am in so much discomfort.

any thoughts on working out? I started at a gym two weeks ago and I honestly dont know if its a good or a bad thing. I need to be there, I am a big guy (6’3" & 260 lbs) but I hate to be compounding the problem by moving my junk all over the place and irritating the situation.
btw, Ringo, what makes you think it might not be pvps, is it the 3 year delay or the type of symptoms?



Best answer is, I look at everyone as individuals. I hate to be known as some idiot that tells every man that has a vas and has pain he has pvps with nothing solid to go on. There are numerous other possibilities to consider, and in your case, you’ve already been half way through the mill. I will put a 50/50 on “if you have pvps”.

I think you will get sorted eventually. Time has a way of sorting things out.


fingers crossed. thanks bud


Darcy - don’t take the silence as disinterest. This forum is a strange place (and I include myself in contributing to the strangeness). Couple of thoughts on slow responses: (1) we’ve all been slowed down by PVPS meaning it takes us longer to accomplish basic tasks and do our jobs; (2) there are times that being on the forum provides stress relief, but sometimes it’s more stressful and we need a break. I enjoy trying to help others here but, frankly, there aren’t a lot of answers, just a few sets of dice to roll.

To answer your question directly, @MikeO and I started our PVPS journeys about 8-9 months after our vasectomy, not immediately. Take a look at the PUR Clinic website on scrotal pain or Google wallerian degeneration. The PUR Clinic had a presentation that discussed how scrotal nerves can become hypersensitive post-vasectomy and all it takes is what they call an “inciting event.” That MAY be what happened to you. Or, it may be nothing, hard to tell.

It’s very hard to know if reversal would help you or not. Same for the other surgeries available. They are a roll of the dice with the risk of making matters worse. That said, congestion seems plausible and it wouldn’t hurt to start seeking out a reversal specialist. Where are you located?


Thank you. I guess when your new to this, you are desperate for answers, you think your situation is completely unique… Maybe looking for some common ground, I don’t know. Sorry, your right, I will try to slow down s little :slight_smile: good to hear about the inciting event as a reason that msy tie to my hiking incident ( maybe not, but it’s something). Do you think the tightness,looseness and the hard feeling testes at times are symptoms people here have at times? Msybe you don’t know the answer, which I understand, I just thought given your and ringos experience with the forum, you might know if they were consistent with pvps. Thanks for your help :grinning:
P.s. , sorry for the bad typing, working off of a cracked tsblet st the moment.


@Darcy, I would’ve mentioned the “inciting event” ideology yesterday, but wasn’t sure if you really over did things with the hike, or not. Based on your description of the hike, I wasn’t thinking you over did it, or if it was all that strenuous.

This inciting event ideology does seem to have some truth to it, and/or seems to be a reasonable avenue to explore.


Thanks Ringo. Not to worry, I take it with s grain of salt, but it is good to know that can happen. Like I said before, it just seems so weird to happen 3 years later. It’s not like I have not done anything strenuous previously. I have played squash for example. The difference on the hike was, I had not taken some blood pressure meds and more importantly, the feeling of being nauseous and just unwell immediately following it. While the worst of it subsided fairly quickly, what I thought was nausea morphed into the testicle symptoms over the next few days. I have been trying to do some reading on whether a blood pressure spike or a mild stroke could trigger symptoms like this, but have not found a correlation so far. I cannot thank the two of you enough for the help and support, it means a lot.


If you’re in Canada, I would get an appointment with Dr Jarvi asap. He’s one of the best in the world and also happens to be in Canada. Toronto I believe.


thanks Ringo
I am going to get my GP to refer me.