New member - My PVPS experience


I’m by no means encouraging anyone, and all at the same time I’m not telling anyone what they should do. I always tell people conservative treatments first. People are going to do what they are going to do for various reasons. Sometimes the problem/s is more than pain.

Yes, I suffered dearly in the past. Live and learn.


Put yourself in the doctor’s shoes for a moment - potential fatal risk factors for my wife or a remote possibility of low grade pain for me.

In such a situation, I can indeed see how a doctor would be tempted to fudge the numbers they give to the man. However, it would still be an unethical violation of his rights, and not the kind of society I prefer to live in. I think our first commitment should be to the truth, and that gives us the best chance of actually making our situation better over time.


The surgeon who carried out my vasectomy told me the risk factors and I went with it anyway.

Every surgery presents a risk. I think this site fails to mention the potential fatal occurrences for our wives / girlfriends of us NOT getting a vasectomy. Condoms burst all the time and many women who’ve previously suffered preeclampsia etc. run the very real risk of dying during a pregnancy.

I’d prefer to live in a society where having a sore pair of testicles is less important than women dying unnecessarily.


It seems to me that you are just making up your story as you go. If you had been so well informed beforehand, and had such a great, informative, compassionate family doctor, etc, the rest of your story makes no sense to me.


I think this thread has been hijacked and has nothing to do with the original question anymore


I totally agree, but even knowing that yesterday, I couldn’t let this guy continue with his bs, and not jump into the conversation.

My apologies to the OP.


Just woke up, made coffee, opened my laptop and wow! :slight_smile:

Here’s my thinking in a nutshell:
I had my procedure a year and a half ago. I’ve suffered quite a bit since then from something they says is over and done with in a few days. I’ve limped around feeling like my balls were on fire. I’ve had sharp pains like I was being stabbed with a hypodermic needle. When I didn’t hurt, sex was still less enjoyable. I began to do the research I didn’t do before and I discovered that men were having procedure after procedure trying to get rid of the pain. They were taking all sorts of medication. They were having nerves cut and stripped. They were having globs of scar tissue removed. They were dealing with issues that I only imagine could cause them to miss the symptoms of more serious disease. Some were having their testicles removed for relief. And, sometimes the problems didn’t show up until much later.

I decided to look into undoing my vasectomy rather than rolling the dice on losing my nuts and living a life on painkillers. Maybe I’d even get part of my sex life back. I no longer believe in this procedure and I no longer think it’s a healthy way to live. I know the success rate is still considered to be very high, but I know I’ve been forever changed and it makes me feel like I just wasn’t a good candidate for it. I’m still reminded of my fragile state several times a week. I may not end up having a reversal, but man am I going to hate myself if I don’t look into it and end up needing all kinds of drugs and invasive procedures down the road.


Have you thought about the risk factors for your wife of you becoming fertile again?


Well, that I can deal with. Most people do. I’m getting old man dick so finishing inside isn’t always the best way for us anyway. We’re in our '40s and we’ve had no children despite a few years of trying. I did this because we decided it wasn’t for us.

She’s been great, by the way. She never pushed me to do this, and she supports whatever decision I make.


He (the same guy) also told me of the risks but they weren’t the real ones,he also stated in bold writing that a vasectomy does not effect your sex life.Well I’d consider not being able to have sex no matter how long you wait once every 6 weeks I was down to and still had pain to be a MASSIVE effect on my sex life.

There’s arguments for and against surgery but if a person had cancer or a bad heart should they refuse surgery because of the risk?

I had a reversal 6 weeks ago I was in pain for 11 months,I had it done by one of the most respected Urologists in the Uk,like your family doctor he was an honest,decent man he told me in my case it wasn’t going to go away without doing something about it.

He even sent me on a pretty extensive letter outlining my options which included pain management.

It was one bloody hard decision to make and probably the hardest I have had to make in my life.

Of course I won’t lie some of the things I read here helped me make my decision but ultimately it was MY decision and I also looked at numerous papers on pvps.

Of course I now have to think about contraception but I can handle that.

I’m not for or against reversal but I am for pro choice ie a person doing there own research and making their decision by themselves.


I’ll just add that I’m by no means cured but feel I have made some progress,as I’m told this is a long road that hopefully I’ll get to the end of.

There’s loads of different opinions on here,different nationalities etc but we all have a similar problem.

Let’s stick together men!


Hi Cannon

Hopefully the reversal will work out for you and your nightmare will end. Fingers crossed.

From talking with you on the phone on a couple of occasions many months ago, I always had the distinct impression that you were leaning towards reversal even back then and that ‘waiting it out’ without any guarantee of success would have proven very difficult for you, so I do understand your decision.

The symptoms you wrote about in response to my post, mirrored mine for the first 12 to 18 months post vasectomy, but thankfully they’ve slowly resolved themselves and now I’m pain free. I made the decision to avoid surgery at all costs and thankfully that decision seems to have been the correct decision.

I suppose my primary motivation for writing my posts is to show sufferers that symptoms usually resolve themselves without surgical intervention and to give sufferers hope that their current hell can, and in the majority of cases, will end with the passage of time. I’m also concerned that the reversals will cause more serious harm.

I do think that your comparison with cancer / heart disease is stretching it a little bit - as both of the mentioned diseases are life threatening and if one is to avoid death, surgery is usually mandatory.

I respect your call for people to keep it civil, but I’m not sure I’m to blame for the lack of civility. I’ve deliberately chosen not to engage with a certain poster as I don’t want to be dragged into an unseemly spat.

Anyway, I’ll head back to my studies for now.

Take care Cannon and I sincerely hope that you’ll get your life back!!!


Thanks I wish you all the best with yours too.,I agree I was always more than likely going to go the surgical route but I would be of the opinion that time doesn’t cure the majority of guys with severe cases but ultimately that’s just my opinion.

Great that yours has cleared up with time always great to see someone on here with a positive story wether it be with or without surgery.


One problem in making a decision is that when you talk to a doctor, you often get exactly what you want to hear. With a vasectomy, it’s that the procedure is 100% easy and safe. When it comes to reversal, the doctor I’ve spoken to is very positive about the outcomes. Although he’s said that it doesn’t guarantee pain relief, he does feel that failures are rare and that they will generally stay open if you make it through the first few years. I really want to believe that, but I don’t know what the real data is. I’m reliant on what is basically anecdotal evidence since everyone has a different story and many men who have reversals forget about them after having a child.


Well, I’m back on the papaya seed powder. I’m having the old symptoms again: burning and ache and random stabbing pains. One woke me up in the middle of the night.



Well, I’ve been relatively pain free the past month. I’d say I maybe have a 1-2 level episode once a week at most. My epis are still larger and more sensitive to touch than before the surgery, but they don’t bother me much anymore.

My brother-in-law just had a vasectomy done even after knowing what I’ve been through. He’ll probably be fine and I hope he is, but in the back of my mind I wonder if he’ll think I was just a hypochondriac.

Anyhoo, I’m thankful to have some normalcy back in my life, but I’m still concerned with the long term prognosis for this procedure. I’ll post again if anything changes.


Glad you’re trending better @Bry, hopefully sign of things to come.

I was trying to warn someone against vasectomy as well, but to no avail. I wish someone warned me.