New member 32 days following "no big deal" operation


I’ve been reading here for the last few weeks but didn’t want to create an account because I was hopeful that I wouldn’t need one, but this past week has shown me I need support (and not the kind I’ve been relegated to wearing since mid-July of 2018)
I had a closed vas mid July after reading pamphlets and internet info about no scalpel vasectomies. I spoke with colleagues and neighbours who had it done and everyone said that within 1-2 weeks I’d be back to normal.
The operation went fine. Pain was, at its worst moment, a 3/10 but it wasn’t something I’d ever care about or harp on (I have compressed disks in my back and have had some gruesome injuries where pain is intolerable). I asked the doctor pre-op point blank if I’d be good for a family camping trip 8 days post-op and he said absolutely. He was wrong. Clearly I didn’t know that 10-15% of men experience pain for up to 6 months following the procedure. I knew of PVP but thought it was one of those 0.1% cases where it could come and go for those suffering from it.

The first 2 days of recovery went normally but then the “getting back to normal” didn’t happen. I have improved since mid-July (i.e. I can sometimes wear a bathing suit without it feeling like my testicles are being ripped out of my sack and some days I only have the ache for a few hours a day) but life has not gone back to normal and although I’m hoping people tell me I’m early in the process, it feels long. I have an aching pain daily (right side, and sometimes on the left), have impromptu sharp pain (9/10) at random times on either side (like walking down a hill when pushing a stroller), and I haven’t resumed general exercise (light swimming has happened a few times, but I haven’t jogged which I used to do 2-3x/week). This past week I also experienced a terrible pain following intercourse which I had never had. I also should mention the dizziness and the being drenched in sweat when severe acute pain happens. . . Thanks shock response.

I notice that some days there’s a really thick/tense patch from my sack to the side of my leg (epididymitis?) but it comes and goes. The doc who treated me is putting me on antibiotics before another course of action, but I’ve already tried the naproxen + tylenol for 2 weeks with no impact on the aching. I"m trying to be hopeful that after 5 weeks there is an infection that sometimes hurts, sometimes doesn’t, and that hasn’t produced fever. It’s a hope that I’m having a hard time believing but it’s part of taking this process day-by-day.

It’s been a bad roller-coaster for the past month and I’ve set the 7 month date (mid November) as the time when, if this isn’t much better (i.e. I can run, I don’t need to wear a jock strap daily, and dull aches happen 1-2x per week for short periods) I’m tempted to move towards extreme measures to resolve this pain.

Yesterday and today I’ve been fearful that I’ll never be able to run and engage in vigorous play with my kids again (the 5 year old remembers me doing this and asks daily how my penis is doing, my 16 month old has never known this and I fear never will). It’s so sad for both of them that it makes me cry each time I think of it. I am lucky in that I can lift them still but the 5 year old is getting around 45 lbs and it can cause pain sometimes (but not always, which itself is frustrating).

I’m writing this to share my experience with everyone here as it seems like people here are all in it together and that there is a huge amount of collective knowledge and goodwill which members generously share.

Sorry for the long post, but hopefully someone out there who is reading will recognise their own fears in my post and know that they aren’t alone.


Sorry to see you here chap, I would keep in good touch with your doctor and hopefully you will see pain resolve in time with conservative measures.

If your own doctor is unable to give you any relief, it may be worth looking up one of the urologists in the directory here for further guidance.

Chronic pain after vasectomy is really gruelling stuff, I hope you get fixed up.


My pains have been similar. Terrible burn and ache that can be on either side (eventually, my right side settled down and now it’s mostly my left). And the random stabbing pains, oh my. All of a sudden it was like someone jabbed a hypodermic needle into my sack. And then there’s the pain after intercourse. The whole reason you did this is now terrifying. It’s been a year and a half and it’s getting better, but I can still tell I’m very fragile and it won’t take much to get me hurting again.

My belief is that some men have epididimides (strangest plural word ever) that don’t take kindly to the stretching that occurs when they fill up and begin to swell from the pressure. I don’t believe it’s something the doctor did in most cases. There has to be something that’s different about us that makes bad candidates for this. Maybe our nerves run differently. Maybe the there’s a difference in the elasticity of our tissue. Something makes this okay for most men, and a nightmare for us.

I would try the papaya seed powder. It’s supposed to reduce sperm production and it did seem to reduce the flare ups for me after a couple weeks.


thanks, I ordered it today


Thanks for the references. I’m in Canada and am in contact with the doc who performed it. My fingers are crossed


Your pain levels sound very high indeed, Dr Jarvi seems the go to guy in Canada from other Canadian posters.

You will hopefully see things begin to settle soon though and not need to go to see someone more specialised.


Hi all,
I’m now 82 days out and have new, hopeful developments. I got put on Cipro for 14 days near the end of August (yikes, not the best side effects) and saw a drastic change in symptoms. Since taking them, pain has been getting better and symptoms have lessened (although I’m using papaya seed powder). Mid Spetember it was really bad, with hot flashes, soreness, throbbing, and painful sexual function. Then one day I just said ‘screw my body’ and went for a run after months of inactivity. The first 1/4 mile was terrible but then the pain dissipated. Since then, I’ve ran almost every second day and improvements have been made. Doctors told me I likely had an infection that went untreated (epididymitis) for more than a month from the operation and that recovery from such an infection take months in some cases. As it stands now, I’m about 85% of normal and that’s good enough given what I’ve lived through and what I’ve read here.

Thanks to everyone here for support and advice. This place and the people here are invaluable.
I’m trying to pay it forward by informing people of vasectomy risks before they get them done (2 work colleagues already have changed their minds on them; I give them information about PVP and % of men who have some side effects for up to 6 months post-op).

I’ll update further good or bad