New Member - 3 months post-vas


Hello all, and many many thanks to those who have gone before me and been willing to share their experience! I’m very grateful to have found this site.

My story (so far) is listed in my profile, and I hope to sit down and get more detailed with it soon so I don’t forgot the specifics. Short version, scalpel close-ended vasectomy performed in August 2018, no issues at the time. Recovery seemed slower than most and discomfort/slight pain never really went away.

I’ve since had two “flare-ups” of swelling/pain (roughly 1 month and 2 months post-procedure), both on the right side so far. Was given Cipro both times, as doc suspected epididymitis, and both times symptoms responded. I’m on day 21 of 30 for this round of Cipro, and almost all pain/swelling has subsided. That said, I have a sensitive pea-size lump (granuloma?) on the left, and pretty sure there’s another forming/deeper on the right. Both are uncomfortable all the time, but probably partially because I’m a nervous wreck and can’t quit feeling around.

Trying to be patient and wait on the Cipro round to be over, pray that it was indeed just “residual bacteria” but dreading the third flare-up and the associated “unknown” going forward. Breathing deep and hoping that time will do its thing.

Thanks again for all the info posted here, and the support shown. Can’t say I’m looking forward to more hours of research here, but certainly am grateful not to be alone.


Hey @Chad85. I didn’t miss your initial post, more like didn’t get around to replying. Thanks for sharing your story on this site.

Your story reads like many on here already. Pretty much everyone on this site, including myself would give you conservative options first should you be looking for advice.

Most guys that have stories like yours get papaya seed powder recommend to them as a decent first conservative option beyond what your doctor, urologist, etc is likely recommending to you. That doesn’t mean you have to try it, you obviously need to make educated choices for yourself regarding all of your options at this point.

The search bar on this site is generally a great way to find information using key words. It’s a great way to find specific posts, specific material, treatment options, etc. If you have any specific questions, please ask if you can’t seem to find the answers.

I attached a link to the main papaya seed powder thread on this site below. There are several other papaya seed powder related threads on here to. Once again, search bar.

Your certainly not alone. Keep us posted.


Thanks Ringo… my bulk supplements shipment arrived today so I’m gonna give it a shot! Thanks again for your feedback here and elsewhere.


Hey Chad. Too your point, worth a shot. I started about a month ago. I was motivated by my pain feeling like it was getting worse. I used to be a 2-3 most of the time, but went to a 3-5 in recent months. The high end always being when I was sitting in an office chair all day. Last couple of days of the week, the pain was really uncomfortable ie a 5

Anyway, I am taking a half teaspoon, twice per day in water. A month in, I am back to a 2-3 with an occasional 4. I hated being in that 4 plus range so I am thankful for any relief. I found that anything at that 4 range and higher becomes really debilitating and can definitely impact mood and state of mind. Not sure this will be a cure, but as a treatment option, it has been positive for me.

Good luck!