New member - 10 months out


Hi All,
Had my vasectomy October 30, 2018.
Usual story, 40 years old and happily married with three kids. My wife does not tolerate the pill very well so I decided “to be a man” and get a vasectomy.
Worst decision I my life - by far!
Very painful but first weeks I thought/hoped it was just postoperative pain.
The next months were hard. Depressed over the hole situation and in much pain. Had to get sick leave from my desk job.
After 2-3 months I started gabapentin and found some help. Amitryptin was also tried but too many side effects - nearly crashed the car one morning.
After 4-5 months Pain slowly decreasing but still not able to wear jeans and found it hard to work full time. Sleeping more than 4-5 hrs a day was difficult.
At one time pain was bad and I had diarrhea for almost a week. At this point I was on 8x300mg gabapentin and it may have contributed.
Decreased gabapentin and found it had low effect. Now only 300mg before bed.
Tried vitaminC, vitamin B and lipoic acid.
Have been using papaya seed powder last three months. Maybe some effect but the pain never goes completely away.
Low pain in the morning that rises during the day. Usually in scrotum and bottom of testicles. Right side worst. Driving gives pain higher up - maybe 10cm above penis - still right side.

Found much useful information on this site - thanks a lot to all contributors!

The urologists here in Denmark first suggested removing the entire epididymis - a so-called

I managed to convince them to try a reversal instead. Less drastic and leaves more options available afterwards.

Sorry for the short sentences. I am writing this on my phone from the hospital bed after the reversal a few hours ago :-).

Some pain from the surgery as expected. But hopefully it solves the chronic pain I was in due the vasectomy.


I am sorry for your misfortune. Good luck with everything and keep us updated on your progress.


Day 2 after reversal. Still in bed all day but pain is not too bad. It is mainly from the incisions, but it overrides the congestion pain so I cannot tell whether it has helped on that.
But so far so good.


All the best with the recovery keep us posted.


Good luck.Keep us informed!


Day 5 after reversal. The last two days my left shoulder has been extremely painful. Definitely a result of lying on my back >20 hrs a day.
I hope to get an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow.
Slowly decreasing pain from the operation although a bit hard to tell with the shoulder pain.
Bottom of scrotum blue to black after the surgery. Similar to after my vasectomy actually and not worse which I think is positive. Will probably resolve within a week or two.
I have only had very small amount of pain along the spermatic cords. Also positive and actually a bit unexpected:-).
Still far from healed up after the reversal but so far so good.


Day 17 after reversal.
Still slowly improving. Stitches (2x3) removed at day 10. Not very painful compared to what I went through after the vasectomy.
I am still having issues with my left shoulder but it seems to be slowly improving. Will get an MRI of the neck to check for prolapse in a few days.
In the morning pain is quite low but steadily increases during the day. Feels a lot like before the reversal but given its only been 17 days since the surgery I am quite optimistic it should improve.
I went back to work on day 6 which was definetely a bit too early. Still wearing loose pants just like it’s been the case ever since the vase vasectomy.
Driving still causes a pain higher up on the right side. My new habit is to bring an ice pack in the car. It seems to help quite a lot :slight_smile:
Still haven’t had ejaculation. It will probably be painful as my epi is still painful to touch.
But hopefully in due time it could go away.
Will keep you posted. So far I am very happy that no new types of pain seems to have arises as a result of the reversal surgery.


Glad to hear you’re doing well @chronic_pain. Don’t get discouraged if you start getting new pains around 4 weeks mark.


1 month after reversal.
I started ejaculating two weeks after reversal and have done it every 3-4 days since then.
I have read different opinions about the frequency but this seems for me a reasonable schedule…

The first two ejaculates contained a bit of blood but after that it has seemed fully back to normal (ie thicker than after the vasectomy).
To me the difference is quite clear.
Ejacuation is still a bit painful but still much better than before reversal. I hope with time this will settle down also.
I still cannot wear jeans :frowning:

My back/shoulder pain is slowly improving. Unfortunately I have a prolapse in my neck.
I hope in a year from now to have conquered both issues :slight_smile:


Short update, 1 year after vasectomy, 2 months after reversal. The reversal seems to have fixed my urination issues and libido is also back to normal.
Unfortunately I am still in pain. In the morning the pain level is quite low but then increases during the day.
Driving in the car still gives a distinct pain on the right side. I am icing it while driving which really helps. Still has to wear loose pants and avoid sitting too much at work.
I am almost completely off medication except sometimes a 300mg gabapentin before going to bed.
I am of course still hoping for slow improvements over the next months.


I would definitely encourage you to try to remain optimistic regarding improvements over the next many months. I know it’s hard to stay optimistic, I’ve been there and done that several times, and so have many others on this site. As I’ve said many times on here, the majority of reversal recoveries I know of take a long time. 6-12+ months isn’t uncommon at all.

You may very well feel like your on a rollercoaster ride over the next several months to come. Obviously there’s no guarantee that you will make improvements over time, but based on what I’ve seen over the last 8+ years, odds are in your favor far as making gradual improvements. Perhaps month by month you will notice some improvement, perhaps every 3 months (quarterly). It’s hard to say with any certainty. Keep in mind that everyone is different.

Do what ever it takes to get through this. Meds, PT (stretching etc), heat, ice (whatever works for you), etc. Find a new hobby, music through some earbuds, anything that works, or anything you can think of to distract your mind as time will drag on seemingly forever. 6-12+ months will seem like more of an eternity if you don’t find ways to get your mind off of time, pain, etc.

Keep us posted, and good luck.


Thanks a lot for your input, Ringostar!
I have started swimming which gives me a bit of physical exercise. When in the water I feel less pain :slight_smile: