New male birth control being studied


I hadn’t heard of this study:

The women’s reactions are funny too.


@atlanticcoast posted a link to the same thing a couple days ago, lol.

In hindsight, I would’ve definitely tried this option if I’d had the opportunity years ago. Chances are I’d be just fine nowadays if I had. Beins my wife is menopause for the last several years, IMO chances are likely pretty high that I could’ve got off this stuff and been just fine afterwards.

As I mentioned in the thread below, nothing is risk free, and while the article says nobody has had any side effects to date in smaller trials, it also says they have been ironing out some of the ingredients for safety reasons, etc. That part alone makes me wonder if there really haven’t been any issues to date. I suppose time will tell.


And unlike vasectomy, there always would’ve been the option to get off of it ASAP should problems arise, side effects, etc.