My Vasectomy Risk Article


So I was able to find the one article about the risks of tubal ligation (i mean vasectomy :joy:) that was given to me. Mind you this is a MEGA medical organization worth gazzillians spread throughout western US

So manipulative and dishonest.


Wow. Way to make guys feel like they need to ‘step up’ because it’s so safe and simple.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned going through this crap, it’s that to doctors, chronic pain is NOT a health risk.

Chronic pain won’t kill you, but it might make you want to kill yourself.

Chronic post-op pain is a dirty little secret amongst medical professionals it seems


Exactly. So sad. There are some things worse than death.


I think this is the paper that the often quoted tubal ligation mortality rate comes from, year published = 1982, data sets analysed = late 1970’s, country = U.S.

I wonder what more modern U.S. and European stats are now, especially with improved laparoscopic techniques etc. over the past 40 years? Not that I am in any possible way ever ever ever encouraging anyone to get a tubal ligation done, given my experience with a vas!!!

I wonder if this, like the 1 in 1000 pain risk for vasectomy, is a case of an old stat that keeps getting reused?

This 2007 paper puts the risk lower:

This paper even says tubal ligation reduces some cancer rates ???

Though I think the rates of death outside the western world caused by tubal ligation are heartbreakingly high.

I do wonder what the values are underlying some of the very strong pro vasectomy advocacy men experience.


I dont doubt whether the info in the article is correct I just think its deceptively irrelevant. First off it just describes the risk of death. Really?! Why focus just on the worst possible scenario? Second, why is the one article about vasectomy risks underplayed by focusing on a totally different procedure and only speaking about death rates? Everything in life has the possibility of death - flying in an airplane, driving a car, walking down the street. Tell me something i dont know and that actually pertains to the procedure at hand like granulomas, scar tissue, lumps, epididymitus, etc.


I can’t argue with anything in the article. Vasectomy is much safer from a “death as an outcome or complication” perspective. When I see article like this now I simply sign up for the comments and drop the AUA, CUA and NHS stats and hyperlink about the percent of men that end up with chronic pain. I mention a blurb about how I’ve been in pain and/or discomfort for 10 years. I do it politely and say it’s in the interest of informed consent.


I hear you mike. Its the context that irks me. Your right the article itself is fine. But when its the ONLY info on vasectomy risks given in a vasectomy information packet by a major medical corporation that provides for millions in the western US its just an example of lack of proper disclosure. Thats all Im saying.


It’s funny that they compare tubals to vasectomies. All about guilt trips. Now, I would NEVER have my wife go under the knife for a tubal, no way, no how, not to mention there is such a thing as post-tubal ligation syndrome, and apparently women can have hormonal issues, more severe menstrual cramps, etc. post tubal ligation. Of course, medicine denies this, but there are a few docs who have taken up their cause.

I think the mechanism of pain for women post-tubal is similar to guys with congestive pains - we were all told that our bodies would absorb those billions of sperm, and women are told the same thing about their eggs, “your body just absorbs it!”

If your body could really absorb all of this shit, there would be no human race, sperm would be absorbed in the epi’s before you even ejaculated. If our bodies could absorb all of this sperm, then the epi’s of vasectomized men would not be swollen and distended, PVPS sufferer or not.


I can’t believe that i ever fell for this spiel, “that the body just reabsorbes it”. I was doing the vasectomy because of all that i saw my wife go through with the births and the monthly bleeding I didn’t stop and think about if it made sense or not. I thought i was being the good husband and saving my wife from having to do anthing. Little did i know that in a few short years that she would have to undergo a hysterectomy which she knew that she would have to go through anyways because she always had so much bleeding and pain. And they also dont mention that it is a relatively easy task to tie the tubes while theyre in there doing the birth. Then there is the other mathematical issue of what is one egg verses millions and millions of sperm over years and years and years. The thing that really ticked me off is when i read that they knew that there were problems with a vasectomy with many men back in the late 1890s and early 1900s when they first tried it on mass, so they just wrote a new cover page to sell it to us dummies (like me) that believed that overpopulation would soon be a problem and that we might be compassionate enough to want to do something about it. Man i feel so used. Just call me part of the guinnea pig generation… man i hate this feeling! And I haven’t found a single urologist who seems to care one little bit! Not one! Maybe they’re out there…but I haven’t met them.