My story vasectomy pain


There’s actually a such thing as “reputation defending software” that these “docs” use to comb the internet for negative feedback.

They can do it themselves, or can easily pawn this job off on a staff member deal with this, and do all the dirty work for them.

When they get alerts regarding negative feedback, they can easily find it, and generally speaking, have it removed.


Yep, he sure is a low life grub to say the least.

He lies online, and he lies directly to your face.

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Hello everyone. Heres a update coming up to 6 months post reversal, just did my latest semen test 186 million and 63% motile so i am back to normal non vas person. Pain wise i am no better really, some days testicle pain seems better but i think its all to do with activity. I have always suffered lower abdominal pains from vas and that sadly has not changed. Basically now i am fertile and still in pain but anyway i had to try. I still have a large hydocele on left testicle and a hard lump remainder of hematoma, the hydocele will get drained end of month.I still suffer cord pain flank pain and all the other crap. So sadly reversal has not helped me yet, but hey maybe in the next 6 months who knows. I dont work much or excerise much just some light swimming but can live my daily life ok. i have pretty well given up on doctors and specialists as this horrible thing we have sometimes can not be treated but just keep waiting more time may fix. I still also have all the strange prostate issues, cant pee normal dribble dribble and have trouble holding a full bladder etc and all sorts of weird stuff like i have a infection. My prostate has been ckecked over and over its normal. All the issues vas gave me have not gone away. Also i still have IBS issues which is hard as i was fine before vas. All the best everyone hope you all had a good christmas and new year, hope this year is kinder for all of us on this forum.


He has one bad outcome documented now. Thanks for being brave and sharing your story and his name. It’s very hard to be dispassionate and objective towards your original doctor but it’s important to try. It’s not so much they harmed you terribly, it’s that they did not provide adequate informed consent. In some cases there is genuine denial/disbelief that vasectomy can cause a man problems. In that case so every provider gets the benefit of the doubt up until the first bad outcome. After that, if you document what happened as you have here and make them aware it’s more like malpractice if they don’t incorporate your outcome into their marketing/informed consent practices.

Doctors have to have a thick skin and bad outcomes do happen, however, they have an obligation to provide proper informed consent. ESPECIALLY FOR A COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY ELECTIVE PROCEDURE.

This is lifesaving surgery, it’s completely optional and voluntary, which makes it more unforgivable for providers to run from a bad outcome in order to keep selling the procedure as completely safe. The chronic lifelong pain/discomfort is almost never mentioned…


sorry to hear that you are still in pain man. Hang in there. At least you know you aren’t alone…for what that’s worth.