My story vasectomy pain


Well guys for those that know me i have been around here for nearly 12 months.
Here goes. Vasectomy 12/9/16 extreme pain straight up was bed ridden for 4 weeks. Sore testicles, cord pain, abdominal pain, flank pain, groin pain prostate issues, peeing issues, hydroceles, you name it. I joined forum few months later for help. I got a bit better over the next 9 months but can’t work exercise not even live a daily normal life. Was pushed into vasectomy by my wife and hate her for it and its fucked our marriage.In the 9 months till July 2017 i tried it all any ideas from forum you name it. Continuous GP visits Urologists , pain specialists, psychologists pretty well every thing its cost me thousands and thousands pretty well broke me . And as usual like most here no there is nothing wrong with you all in your head.During this 9 months i have been on nurofen, tramadol, endone, lyrica,panadol, endless antibiotics and lots of other meds during taking all this it has given me very bad gut like IBS symptoms with bad wind and constant diarrhoea, rumbling bloating constant. . My pain never got better. So on 25/7/17 i flew to Sydney Australia for a reversal with a micro surgeon. Reversal all went as expected with brutal pain just like vasectomy i stayed in a hotel for a week near surgery not to damage anything. So a week later flew home and ended up with a hematoma. My recovery was very painful and no walk in the park and now writing this i still have the remainder of hematoma on left, big hydrocele on left, small hydrocele right my nuts look like a war zone. I am now 3 month post reversal and still have testicle pain, cord pain, abdominal pain, groin pain, flank pain same as before reversal and dont appear to be getting any better, yes i know its early but things are not changing but maybe more time i will who knows. I am currently seeing another urologist for needle aspiration of bigger hydrocele because its to heavy and pulling
on my cord. I refuse to have any more surgery for at least 12 months thats why i am going the needle, yes i know it comes back but will try sclerotherapy while at it. Still unable to work or exercise or live a normal life its fucked. This pain is killing me slowly but must keep going moving on never give up. I know some got fixed here from reversal but some havent to. Maybe i will never be fixed. I have had 2 semen tests in 3 months and seems reversal has worked but probably wont have any further tests am a bit over it. I have written this on spur of the moment because few people have private messaged me to see how i am and like lots of us here want to help whoever i can, so maybe i have left bits out because i am slack and didnt keep a diary. Also i want to say this forum has saved my life at times because i have been pretty fucked up. But also it has come a day i have started to distance myself from forum its depressing me sometimes just want to cry. I have changed my settings for notifications because i only want to be here every now and then. In Australia we have no help at all so i can help any Aussies with any info. If you want to contact me in future for info happy for you to message me i will check every few days, i was addicted to forum. . but i will also check this post only for a while if people want to know anything. This is a horrible thing and has ruined my life. Regards Laurie.


@Loz, You’re not alone my friend. The board will always be here if you need it. The board is for you but by being here you are also helping others and possibly preventing other men from unnecessary suffering. Thanks for this post/artifact. We are not just helping ourselves when we post here but making a difference in other men’s lives. Again, in all that stuff you just said, you’re not alone. If you ever want to talk send me a PM.


I’m not sure what to say here, so please don’t take anything I say wrong.

I think it sucks you didn’t get any relief from your reversal at all, and it seems to have made you a bit worse, or back to square one. Nerve damage was my number one guess far as your condition goes many moons ago.

I think you are doing the right thing distancing yourself from here at times. When you distance yourself from here, it will give you something else to think about. As you already mentioned, your life as you knew it is in shambles. I will add that spending to much time here can make it harder to move forward at minimum.

I still think it’s possible you could make a decent comeback over time. There are a few stories on here, one imperticularly stands out. That guy had pretty much every procedure known to man, and nothing helped. Some of the procedures he had seemed to make him worse.

Bottom line, after years of leaving it alone, he managed to make some decent progress. His username is a testimony to this.

Your right, 3 months post reversal isn’t much, but given the fact that you are most likely a nerve damage - neuropathic pain guy for the most part, with other possible pain sources, I think it’s going to take far longer than expected to make some headway, assuming you do make some over time, and chances are you will.

I would wait longer than 12 months. More like 18-24+ months. Total healing time on the inside with your reversal is 18 months.

I know of many that only started to see “some” improvement around 6 months into their reversals. It took more like 12-18+ months to see better progress.

Don’t give up Loz, many have suffered just like yourself and managed to make some headway eventually.

I used to be very angry w my wife years ago, and still harbor some strong resentments deep within myself. I know for a fact that us men play our part in destroying our own relationships with our wife’s far as the anger, and resentment goes, and I don’t blame us for getting so upset.

I was like you in the sense that I was railroaded into the vasectomy despite my wishes, and reservations about it. Not good. I’m not you, and you not me, but perhaps in time, things will get better, not perfect, IDK.

In my case, I had to sort myself out before the anger, and resentment destroyed what was left of my life. I made better progress with this by taking a very long break from forums like this one.

If I had any advice, stop feeling, touching, messing with yourself down there. Try to get on your feet and do a little something here, and there. Any stretching you can do should be helpful, but don’t over do it. 3 months post reversal in your shoes isn’t much. Keep on with whatever it takes to help manage your pain.

I wish you the best of luck brother. I think it’s possible things may turn around eventually.


Always here for you @Loz if you ever want to talk mate… like you said weve got to keep on fighting this and get to the best state possible given the circumstances… take it easy bro and heal up


@Loz I feel for you my Ausee friend. I really hope things start to turn for you for the better real soon! I have been dealing with this off and on for 20 years now and I can’t say it helps much knowing that it was my decision to get the original Vas. My wife told me to wait, i didn’t, and now I doubt myself with about almost every medical/any decision. It is hard on the self esteem. I was very concerned with the possability of a hematoma which is why i decided not to fly anywhere to have the reversal done. I don’t know if it helped or not…my reversal didn’t go well so may be it didn’t…but at least i didn’t get a hematoma! (Sorry mate just trying to find some humor in a totally humourless subject) I’m surprised that we don’t hear of them more often from guys that fly home after getting reversals. They are fairly common for everyday people, so I thought they may be even worse for someone who just had an operation. You do have to give it some time like people have said though (i know it’s easy to say when the other guy is in pain) but you have just had a lot of cutting on an area that was never ment to be cut on …so give it time for the inflamed tissue to calm down. I would be glad to discuss pain killers with you via email but i dont want to offend some people who are anti pain killers, but i have a very low pain threshold (at least i do by now) and i have tried just about everything i could get my hands on legally and can discuss the pros and cons pretty well. Find a pain killer or proceedure like sitting in a hot bath to kill sperm production, although i prefer ice most of the time. If you can get a pain specialist i have found them to be pretty understanding of testicular pain because they usually know what pain in that area feels like…most do. If he doesn’t, find a different pain specialist! Also I would recomend talking to a good pharmacist and find someone that you think that you can talk to if you can’t talk to the head pharmacist. And ask them if they can recomend a doctor who isn’t afraid to write a perscription or ask them something like…"of your patients who are in great pain…who is most happy with their doctors being able to solve their pain issues. It’s worth a shot!
I am not a pusher i just know that this curse is one of the most painful, constant and difficult to ignore that I could have possibly have imagined. It knocks the wind out of you in the most insidious way and it naggs at you because of our preprogramming as a species. It’s like fingernails on a chalk board one hour and like a punch in the gut another. And with a man preprogrammed to think of sex so much it is pure torture to try to not think of that area and activity. Sometimes I think I’m being punished for something that i did in a previous life because I know I haven’t done anything this bad in this life to deserve this! Here’s to a miriacle for us all! In fact those are my 2 favorite songs now a days…“I need a miracle every day…(the Grateful Dead i think) and " all i need is a miracle”., don’t know who did that one (something and the machine or mechanics i think)…but mostly…good luck! we’re all trying our best to send good vibes your way!


Thanks heaps boys for the positive info. I do know time heals. But yeah its hard getting smashed everyday with this shit. And yes i do know there is some got better up to 2 years so must hold onto that bit of hope it works for me. I dont know what else to say but i really do know you boys have been through this i am only starting the journey 13 months of hell. Regards to all you brothers. @ljtomono1i sent you a message.


@Joshua_Pettijohn Hi buddy. I will just update on this post as i dont have much to do with forum now. Please read the previous posts its all here. As Ringo and Mike have said its only time that will save me now. I am 4 months on 25th of this month and at the moment no i am not better and reversal has not fixed me. Its all in the previous posts i still have all the pain. hydrocelles, hematoma,Testicle, cords, abdominal, flank you name it i got it. You can PM any time if you wish to for any help. I have kind of given up with this i am a ruined man and what ever happens happens i just got to wait my next step in at least 12 months remove my worse testicle. Regards Laurie.


Loz, I lost my mom one year ago today. She was only 74. I said a prayer for her and for all the guys on the forum. It’s all I know how to do at this point. I do wish you the best. I know that I didn’t achieve benefit from reversal until the 4th or 5th month afterward.


@raising4girls sorry for your loss. Thanks for the support.


@Loz - hang in there man. I am sorry. This thing is a bitch. I am over 2 year from vas and a year out of reversal. I do feel better but it took a long time and i still take a small dose of cymbalta daily to ease the never pain. Praying for you.


Hello everyone. Just going to update this. Yesterday i tried a different uooligist in one of our cities he treats a wide vatiety of people including cancer in testicles/prostate all that shit. And also removes testicles. I had all my latest ultrasounds done here my report. Cysts top of both epi, 2 hydroceles, remainder of hematoma on left, extreme swelling of testicles, extreme swelling of cords, a big lump on join of vas on both sides. Over blood supply to testicles due to trauma. So options are not many, all involve more surgery. It goes like this. Hydrocele repairs cut open again. Denervation for pain, testicle removal, all in that order. As those who know me on forum i have been around here a while and learned a lot, researched a lot. I am not an idiot and will tread very carefully with this. Uro said as we know its my decision not his. So i will NEVER have DENERVATION i know so many bad stories from it, its not happening. Hydrocele repair not happening not till 12 months.Testicle removal i will do this before before ever doing DENERVATION. So uro said the minute i dropped my pants what a mess before he even touched my nuts. So my decision as i have said all the way along is keep going for 12 months like this. This is where i am at not a good place to be. Regards Laurie.


I hope time gives you some relief. I am disaapointed that your hematoma is still with you, as I was told to expect mine to be gone in two months. Glad you have a new doctor.


Hello everyone. Just goin to update. I had my semen test. Week 4 was 36 million 54% motile. Week 9, 30 million 44% motile, latest test 16 weeks, 16 million 48% motile. So my concentration is dropping down to only 16 million now, probably starting to scar over now. It doesnt matter either way i have had no relief at all in 4 months of reversal. Also ended up with bonus of bigger hydrceles and hematoma so if anything i am worse off. I am now on celebrex which is helping tiny bit but nothing spectacular. I still have all the pain everywhere read my previous posts. I think pretty well i was suffering nerve pain all along and we all know there is no magic cure for that. I hope everyone else manageing ok, and all the best everyone. Regards Laurie.


Hey @Loz, Sorry to hear you are still suffering. Why would the urologist say such a thing?


@MikeO I told my new Uro what i been through and said do not sugar coat shit as they do. So yeah he was honest because as i have said my balls are a mess. Which is correct they dont even look normal. Also found this on FB my original surgeon still advertising how he has never had a person in pain. His name Chris Lekich, Australia,

trades as Metrocentre.

Low life grub still butchering people.


So bad. Can someone not sue for false advertising?


@Loz you could always write a review on his page, but make sure to keep it factual and without opinion bias. Might make you feel better. Ha


What an ass! Did you get a cord block yet and if so, is a epididymectomy a solution to try? Since it looks like you passed already a few “solutions”. I’m trying to get the epidymectomy now and if that doesn’t help the full castration, since none of the medication or the cord block did anything and in my case no one is willing to even try a reversal.


@Kyvas, jim yes i could do that but mate it wouldnt last long. I could even comment on his facebook page but it wont last long. Last person that did it got blocked and comment deleted. Also nobody can sue him even though he is only a GP but advertises as a vas specialist/ micro surgeon. Its a stupid loop hole rule in Australia. A GP can do anything here without qualifications. @derberlinersmurf i have tried everything possible, yes had blocks/steroid all that. I wont do epi removal, its off with nuts before that. I wont do denervation either to many horror stories. These are my opions from my research and be around forum. I will give this plenty of time at least 12 months to 2 years never know my body may fix it.


That sucks, dont know how these assholes live with themselves