My story of pain resolution using an open ended conversion


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I am 53 now , really did no excercise sexually active 2/3 times weekly sometimes twice , had my reversal in January this year via spinal under Paul Anderson at West Midlands hospital uk .

Main issue right sided epididimal pain , did respond to cipro and naproxen once or twice but came back again , henence the reversal but only the right side . The left has been left closed off

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Hi. I had my vasectomy 17 weeks ago and still have a constant pressure/pain around the nuts. Went back to the original urologist and apart from some disturbing example cases I got the request to evaluate another 3 months. After which he was willing to convert to open-ended (although he didn’t even knew for sure that this one was done close ended) but it would be done under narcosis/general anaesthesia. And since I don’t want to lose control, I refuse to get knocked out in a hospital. Since I read that you didn’t witness the puss flying through the OK, I wanted to make sure…

Was your open-ended conversion indeed done under general anaesthesia or where you awake?


I was definitely put under. I don’t know if I could have handled being
awake on this one. My first operation was done under local for the close
ended as it was a simple snip and cauterize (I was awake the whole time).
For the open ended revision, he needed to do more work to make sure that
the 2 ends of the vas didn’t accidentally get close to each other and
reconnect in the future. The conversion was a little more involved, so it
was never an option to go local.


Two incisions or one? It was Fenig right? I like Dr. Fenig a lot. He is a good guy. I went to him in desperation a year ago? Maybe 2. I chickened out at some point. I think he wanted to do the standard progression through nerve block and I just couldn’t do it. He called me one day out of the blue after my first visit and said something that made me think he was a thorough and thoughtful doctor. I have a rare wierd condition SRPE and he called to ask if I was on CPAP. There is some research to indicate CPAP helps. The fact he did that research and called to ask me about it outside an appointment impressed me tremendously. I am in fact on CPAP and have pretty bad apnea (despite being fairly fit and not really overweight). Sadly, many urologists are completely worthless when it comes to PVPS so when you come across a good one it is unexpected. Fenig recommended a good pelvic floor practice, however driving 50 miles and 45 minutes to an hour north 1 time a week was not working for me it to me. They dropped me when I could not commit to more visits.


It was a single incision. Yes, fenig did it. He was a great doctor to work
with, and seemed to really care. We did the standard anti inflammatory and
antibiotics deal. As you know its what they have to do to get the insurance
companies on board and rule things out. Since i was already through that in
the past, i skipped the antibiotics on that round so i didnt destroy my
stomach again. We then moved on to the and it wasnt very successful which
is why we ruled out the whole denervation option. The nerve block wasn’t
fun (it was my second one of those…a previous doctor that i saw tested it
too but dr. fenig wanted to rule that out). My take was that i was having
pain all day and a short period of elevated pain for the nerve block test
was worth getting towards a possible solution. After that, we ended up
giving the open ended vasectomy conversion operation a shot. Its been over
2 years and I’m still good. Good luck w everything. I consider myself luck
after reading all the stories, but I hope mine gives some hope.


I think sometimes getting the cauterized tissue/scar tissue and sutures out alone makes a difference. In a conversion that’s what happens. They lop off the closed end of your vas. I don’t even think patency is why reversals help guys. It’s cleaning out the mess created by the original vasectomy.

Fenig is a good guy. I’m a Maryland guy and there was something about him I really liked. He seemed like the type of guy I would have hung out with growing up.


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