My PVPS story with reversal recovery journal


You’re in C-bus, right? But, heading to Dr. Marks, right? If so, good choice. I consulted with Dr. Marks during my 2008-09 relapse and liked him a lot. Free consult for about an hour. Told me a re-do reversal wasn’t what I needed but gave me a lot of ideas.

Best of luck. Enjoy a Buckeye win over Oklahoma on Saturday.


i’m 1 week post reversal with Dr. Marks. Everything went well, i’m doing pretty good. I’ll update more (maybe) down the road, but for now i’m trying to keep my mind off of “pain” as much as possible. It was specifically requested by Dr. Marks :slight_smile:


I still have nerve pain but my reversal took from excruciating to bearable. I think you’ll find the same.


i was never quite at excruciating, so hopefully i’ll get back to normal


slight improvements every day. I think i am not too far away from getting over surgery pain/aches. Still early though so not trying to evaluate whether this “solved” anything. 14 days is tomorrow so…you know. Hopefully things improve a lot even after that.


Good to hear. If you were never bad and you are feeling good now then you are way ahead of the game.

You get to have an test out the plumbing tomorrow if Marks uses the same protocol. That was Christmas day for me in 2012. You can guess how I started my day, lol.


granted, i’m barely doing anything still, and i would say i’m still worse than I was pre-reversal…but yeah i am optimistic, as much as i can be


The equipment still works, so that’s good. Cautiously optimistic is my current mood. Looking forward to being healed from the reversal itself so i can evaluate the PVPS healing.


in the last week i’ve started to notice that i have pain on my left side now. It doesn’t feel exactly the same as PVP, but it does kind of feel “congestion like”. Could be swelling a bit? What does pain from swelling feel like?

Since I have been back to work, my ability to ice is limited to once in the morning and a few times at night. My SA is on Friday - kind of nervous about that. Dr. Marks’ nurse says that my pain is common and to be expected as a PVP person 1 month out from reversal.

Anyone else have this kind of feeling in my time period? My right side (which was the bad side previously) feels quite a bit better now, which is frustrating and confusing.


My right side became my bad side after reversal and my left side which was my bad side prior to reversal) became my good side. Then my right side got a lot better over the course of a year. It’s fine now. My left side however is once again my bad side. The pain is different. It’s way high up and I think it is likely it’s related to the tissue disruption that had to occur to reconnect me on that side to reverse me. That was always my bad side though. The pain I would get in the middle of the night and upon waking is much better now so when I get upset I focus on that -> how completely fucked up I was before reversal <-- and it makes me feel better.


I’m in the same boat. My right side was the bad side and now doesn’t feel too bad. My left side was not too bad before, and now it’s more painful.

I’m only three weeks post reversal, so trying to stay positive, but overall my pain levels are at baseline. I know everyone says it takes weeks, months, even years to reap the benefits from reversal, but when you feel pretty close to square one, that’s really hard to imagine.

Hopefully some more reversal veterans will chime in here.


@vasregret, @jsh, and anyone else that want my take here, rather than write a new post, here’s something I told another a while back.

How were my first few weeks? I’d say they sucked.

My second time around I was more mentally prepared, but still not enough. My second time around was much easier than my first. My redo recovery was nearly flawless far as healing.

I’m a bit different in the sense that I took celebrex and tramadol as needed, without having a big guilt complex about it. I did what I had to do, and wasn’t drooling on myself either. Never turned into some pill addict, zombie, or any such a thing.

It’s a long time known to keep the nerves at bay with something as you heal, over time, through rough patches, etc. Reasoning is, to keep the nerve receptors/pathway’s from 'locking open". Some doc’s use gabapentin specifically for just this purpose. I don’t do well w them pharmas, or antidepressant type drugs in general.

It takes a long time to get into the “all around better days” post reversal for the majority.

6 months of healing, and thinking about it daily will easily drain a man mentally. Been there, done that, and seen it happen to far to many. 6 months-ish is a popular time for many post reversal guys to start reporting all around “better days”. Some a little sooner, some a little later, but that’s my take on it.

With any luck, month by month, you should make progress.

Some of the best success stories I know of started out like the majority. Pain, new pains, etc, and that lasted for months, upon months, and we all worry, worry, worry, optimism was fading, but many made it. It just sucks getting there.

I was just like I described above. I took celebrex daily for months, and occasional tramadol, and/or Tylenol. Sometimes I took a lot of both just to make it through work (I do physical type work).

I am also like others in the sense that, I continued to make progress over time/years past 6~ months. I went through a rough time when my reversals failed, but it took months to catch up with me. Even then, I still made progress over the years. I never leaked sperm, no granuloma formations, nothing of the sort post reversal/s.

My advice is as I’ve always said, and learned to do myself over time (the hard way). Keep yourself occupied mentally and physically with something. Projects, new hobbies, gaming systems, anything. I think the more active you stay, the better off you will do, but don’t over do it to soon. You will know your overdoing it if it hurts, especially if it hurts for lengths of time afterwards (hours/days).

Guys reporting cured, or anything remotely close to it shortly after reversal has been a rarity far as what I’ve seen, and all the guys I’ve talked to. It think it wears many down far before they get to feeling better. Most guys I know of took 6-14+ months to finally get on with their lives again.

Bottom line, get to the 6~ month mark, and evaluate your progress.


@ringostar - I needed that. Thanks man.

Today’s been a shit day for sure, I messed up my neck/back and shoulder sleeping funny or something and of course everything just hurts more.

Then this morning I ran into a friend who had PVPS for a year and then it just went away, and he knows all about my situation and the reversal etc. and he’s like ‘you feelin better?’ and I just replied, too soon to tell.

Kinda got me down and I know it’s only been three weeks for me, but it’s nice to hear about that from someone who’s been at this a lot longer than I have.

@ringostar if you ever make it up to Canada, there’s beer in my fridge waiting for you. lol


hang in there man. at least you know there are others going through the same thing. that’s been helpful for me to some degree.


I feel u man. I have lost it all and wish I was told if pvps before hand etc
Ruined my life


First SA results came back. Roughly 245 million with 154 million motility


These are great numbers. What is your motile %?

I’m guessing the 154 mil represents total motile.


@jsh You’re still very early. Hard to hear, but it’s reality. 5 weeks isn’t enough time to judge if anything is improving. Keep taking it easy and keep your support system strong.


I retract that your numbers are great. Your numbers are excellent, and right up with some of the highest counts I’ve ever seen. And this is your first SA, lol.

I still have faith you will make some progress with your end goal. Hope so anyways.


@RingoStar yeah like 63% motility. The tech who called me was pretty stoked about it. I’m not a naturally optimistic person so its hard for me to be hopeful, but I think at least on paper there’s hope eventually.

@Kyvas yeah I know, thanks for reminding me though. I know its still early I just get bummed out some days. But in the grand scheme of things there are still plenty of you all who are probably far worse.