My PVPS story with reversal recovery journal


You list 9 different things that could be associated with prostate issues. My question to you is, how often were you experiencing these symptoms? All the time? Here, and there? Once in a blue moon?

Did your symptoms get any worse after the vasectomy?


for the most part i’ve been experiencing some or all of these symptoms for years. Its hard to say, but I don’t think that they are really that different post vas, but again, i wasn’t thinking about any of this until very recently.


I find that many of us, if not the majority of us didn’t know their junk, and/or man parts quite as good as they thought pre vas.

When you get a situation like pvp/s happening, I tend to think many of us become hypersensitive of sorts to every glitch, twinge, pain, prostate sensations, other sensations, etc, etc which is understandable.

My guess is, what you were experiencing pre vas was more in the normal range, but it’s hard to definitively say, on way, or another based on a little bit of text. These type of symptoms can also be associated with coffee, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, poor diet, poor hydration, amongst other things as well.

What I’m saying is not disregarding your concerns, but there’s truth in what I’m saying. My gut tells me, if you were experiencing the 9 symptoms you listed above regularly for year/s, you would’ve been to a doctor, and/or urologist a long time ago.

Unfortunately, I bet you don’t have any pre vas lab results to fall back on from here. Seems all you can do at this point is, go get some testing/inspection done, and/or, wait and see.


I would say that prior to the past year, so up until about age 32, I had never gone to the doctor for really anything. I had never been very sick or had any medical issues that required me going, and I was very unlikely to go for anything that didn’t seem serious. So while my wife probably did encourage me to talk to a Urologist about my apparent enlarged prostate symptoms, I just attributed them to the fact that I drink a lot of water during the day. The first time I had ever talked to a Urologist was for my vas, and then after that for the pain a few months later.

So while I agree that I am probably hyper-sensitive right now, I am just trying to think outside the box a bit. It probably is unrelated but you never know.


I agree with what Ringo said - after reading your story my first thought was congestion as well.

If you haven’t read my story I lay out some pretty clear indicators of congestion that I noticed over the months. Things that caused logical flare ups related to congestion type pain


I spoke with someone from Dr. Mark’s Tuscon location today. I am going to talk to him thursday night, but the woman I talked to mentioned something that made me pause. She said that the reversal rate is 8700, but that it jumps to 9800 if you get any procedures done before your reversal. I mentioned my nerve block scheduled for July 7th and she mentioned this would increase the cost of reversal. I asked why and she basically said that it could potentially damage tissue in the area, etc, and that could impact the effectiveness or successfulness of the reversal.

Can anyone elaborate on this? I am going to ask Dr. Marks, but obviously being in the business of reversals only, it makes sense that they will still encourage me to getting one. I will also as my Pain Management Dr. when I see him this coming Monday, however being in the Pain Management business, I’m sure he’ll encourage me to go forward with the (2) Nerve blocks.

I feel like the potential business of someone in pain is going to cloud any advice I get :unamused:


My redo reversal w Dr Marks was 9800 dollars. It was for same reasons. I can understand the price hike if you had your vasectomy redone, a previous failed reversal, perhaps other surgical procedures as well, but a cord block? I’d ask Dr Marks about that before you sweat it.


Same here. Had my reversal by dr Marks. They told me same thing. Basically they told me if there wasn’t too much tissue damage or clean up from previous surgery they would reimburse the money. They don’t know beforehand so the 9800 is the initial cost no matter what. Unfortunately I had so much scar tissue I paid the premium price. Dr. Marks said it looked like someone threw a grenade down there lol. Dr. Marks is the best reversal surgeon around so I personally wouldn’t doubt his or his clinics integrity.


Also, when you speak to him I’m sure you will be relieved. Dr Marks is one of the few surgeons who understands and sympathizes with pvp guys. And is pretty much the only one (top ranked surgeons) who does a FREE phone consultations. I forked over 200$ a pop when I consulted a couple leading reversal surgeons in addition to Dr Marks. The fact that he does free consults says a lot.


thanks @Thissucks and @RingoStar

So I feel like I might be starting to get some pain on the left (other) side too…just a tiny bit, but what would that mean?


I think you nailed it. I had pain instantly during the surgery and it never turned off. I’ve had it for two years and can manage it, but I’d rather be pre vasectomy surgery. I know someone who had the nerve removed but ended up with pain further into his abdomin. His pain went from roughly a 2-3 to a 6. Now he’s afraid to do anything.


Mouse vas studies.Very interesting.


I can elaborate a ton on this vas/reversal subject.

I’ve seen many men hem, and haw about why reversals fail, reversal this, reversal that. A lot of what people are saying is not medical science, nor been proven in any way.

Given the fact that my first reversal was basically a failure out the gates, and what @jsh is asking about the 9800 dollars, it’s all part of why I wish I had gone to ICVR the first time. I didn’t have time to be screwing around with anyone of a lesser caliber. This is my life we are talking about, not some reversal surgeons paycheck.

Part of Dr Marks pre reversal questionnaire was, how easily do you scar when you get cut, or injured? I didn’t think much of it then, but think more into it now days.

Dr Marks described my inner lumen as wispy. We are talking about something that’s comparable to a human hair far as diameter, but it’s not rigid like a human hair. Imagine the tini bit of scar tissue required to close this repair off.

I know stents have been tried in the past in an attempt to keep the repair open with no luck. This part of the body wants to scar back closed once it has been breached by vasectomy. I don’t have all the answers/facts far as why some reversals stay open, and some do not other than “what seems to be” the obvious.

I’ve always said I believe my own immune system has been part of my PvP/s since my beginning’s. That said, it just reinforces my theory’s on why I can’t seem to keep a reversal open, and perhaps in other cases as well.

I also had the butcher version, closed ended vasectomy. My unorthodox vasectimist removed more of the vas than he was supposed to. He wasn’t thinking about me, he was thinking about himself far as being sued if I became fertile again via natural recanalization. I didn’t know any better back then.

I lost even more vas at the time of my first reversal. A recipe for more disaster IMO far as staying open indefinitely on a redo reversal.

Do I scar easily? I wouldn’t say so, but I do heal extremely well from just about anything. Do I have scars on my body from previous injuries? Yes I do, and I think that’s pretty normal.

The average sperm count of a reversed man that gets his partner/wife pregnant after a vasectomy reversal is around 5 million. At the peak of my redo reversal, my count was around 160 million/80% motile. I didn’t have poor numbers by any means.

I’ve had people say it was tobacco, cannabis, mountain dew, amongst other things that caused my second reversal to fail. While this is easy say, there is no medical proof for such allegations. The staff at ICVR offered me a mountain dew, water, or other soft drink within minutes of me coming to in the recovery room. I took them up on the mountain dew, lol.

Reversal is a crap shoot IMO. You never know what your gonna get. I might not be fertile, but I still reap the rewards of a full clean up, and being put back close as possible to my natural state again. I have no regrets far as going down the reversal road other than not going to ICVR the first time. If I thought a third reversal would stay open indefinitely, I’d give it a shot again, but I’m smarter than that.

Here’s a couple links to some interesting facts.


@RingoStar That was very well written and offers some very honest truths. You are right that the reversal is a crapshoot and men on here should not make the decision lightly. My local uro that does reversals said almost the exact same things as some that you wrote. This all sucks and we have to make some very difficult decisions and reading these posts help us to make those decisions and be realistic in our hopes.


I would also just like to emphasize and reiterate the importance of something ringo said because it is of HIGH importance IMHO:

Yes it is very expensive but it’s like those master card ‘priceless’ commercials. How much is it worth to you to get your life back as pain free as possible?

In all my research I came up with 3 docs in the western half of the US that I would trust to do a reversal and ultimately ended up with Dr Marks because of his experience and other testimonials on forums like this of their experience with him. I even contested the charges with my insurance trying to get them to pay. I was through the second round of appeals when my pain and recovery substantially improved. And at that point I decided to eat the cost because I got my life back and was more than happy with that.

So with all of that said I would not go with just ‘any urologist’ who ‘can do a reversal’. Reversals are some of the most fine/delicate micro-surgeries done today. I looked for a uro with the following criteria:

  1. only does reversals - specializes in reversals
  2. has experience with PVPS patients
  3. only does 1 surgery a day to stay fresh and on top of his game for you (and your big $$ price tag)
  4. has a higher than average success rate

Remember you have to cut out (usually) a section of your vas to get ‘clean ends’ to sew back together. And if your lucky (and your vas doc didn’t remove a bunch of vas to begin with) you only are going to have enough material for 1-3 (re)tries. Not to mention the long recovery cycle after the surgery (for me it was 5-6 months before I was pain free).

So with all of that said actual money cost was the last thing on my mind when choosing a reversal surgeon.


Thanks David. Yeah ultimately I will pay whatever it costs to fix the issues, if it sounded like I was nitpicking or being cheap that wasn’t my intention. I was mostly curious about the additional procedures like a Nerve Block affecting a future reversal or making that more difficult, etc. I hadn’t heard that before.


I spoke with Dr. Marks in Tucson last night for almost an hour. He seemed like a really genuine nice guy who really understands the issues most of us are facing. He had a lot of great suggestions for me including medication, treatment, relief, etc. I’d have to think seriously about using him for a reversal at some point if it comes to that.


Hopefully it won’t come to that. But if it does your in the best hands with Dr Marks.


Decided to cancel my nerve block and focus on things like more regular anti-inflammatory schedule. Ordered longvida tumeric, avosoy complete, fish oil and papaya powder. Pain doc subscribed Lyrica and something else that I will start taking instead of Gabapentin.

Feeling cautiously optimistic that I can outlast this and beat this inflammation if that is what it is.


Good decision. Nerve/cord blocks can be brutal! They’re only diagnostic never therapeutic.