My PVPS story and resolution


I have not had a reversal but have consulted with Dr Shane Russel in Ohio also in the library on this site. He is on my short list of possible reversal surgeons


Yea I’ve spoken to him several times. Great guy but does not accept my insurance (United Healthcare).

I’ll probably call him today to see if he has colleagues in the area he might recommend.


If you can get in to see him, Dr. Sabanegh at the Cleveland Clinic is a delightful man and well-trained. I saw 2-3 years after my reversal in 2006 and again last year when this bout of pain started. He replaced the uro who did my reversal. I wouldn’t hesitate to consider Dr. Sabanegh if I felt I needed a re-do reversal.



I have been dealing with PVPS since Dec of 2017, had the vasectomy about 11 months ago, 39 with two kids, thought I was doing the right thing,I have just finished with a spermatic cord block to rule out pvps. Didn’t really get the outcome I was looking for, and am thinking of getting the reversal done. The cord denervation scares the hell out of me. I would love to talk more in detail with you on this, if you are willing to give the time. I am new to this blog, so I am not sure if I can send you a personal message with my number or contact info, or if you can give me yours. looking for help brother. going nuts, being grouchy and angry all of the time. this is not cool to go through raising my kids and making it hard for my wife with this lousy lifestyle. please help!!


Dr. Vij now does the reversals at the clinic and sees Sabanegh’s patients. I saw her this week, and am planning on getting my reversal done by her. Sabanegh got promoted to main campus president.


I’m not surprised to hear about Dr. Sabanegh. I really liked him when I saw him 2008-09 as he had replaced Dr. Thomas. I heard through some of my contacts in other areas at the CC that Dr. Sabanegh was getting a “big promotion.” Main campus president certainly qualifies.

Please post your experiences with Dr. Vij. Dr. Thomas at the CC was one of the pioneers in treating PVPS victims, and I was one of his last reversal patients in 2006. Many of the surgeons like Dr. Nangia, Dr. Parekatill, and Dr. Sabanegh did fellowship training with and were influenced by Dr. Thomas. He left big shoes to fill at the CC. As soon as docs see I was treated by him a decade ago, they seem to give me some extra attention out of respect to his legacy.


@KLAMBO Can you let me know more about Dr Vij? I’m in the Cleveland area and looking for a urologist that has treated pvps. Had my vas done in Akron in June. Trending better but will never go back to original uro.