My personal update - suggestions appreciated


Curious if you know anyone who has had GF resection for PVP with success? I have not seen many stories on this site with actual resection even though I have seen it talked about many times. What kind of success rates are they giving with successful block?


Rather than edit my post above, I will add, and/or clarify that congestion could easily be a factor still.

Seems you basically said the same as what I would tell you next in the quote above, and I completely agree with you.

On that note, papaya seed powder, or TRT may be good options for you as well, but your already aware of that, and I understand why you feel it’s not in your best interests, or not at this point anyway.

Ultimately, I don’t see papaya seed powder helping you out long term, but nobody can say for certain. TRT? There’s definitely men out there that tried pretty much everything (surgical and then some), and TRT turned out to be their long term positive solution.


@raising4girls, having thought about the fibrosis thing off and on since last night, the stuff I clearly remember about it isn’t all good, and goes beyond what some may consider to be fact. What I’m going to say next isn’t intended to scare anyone. It’s not intended to scare anyone into making decisions based on my text, or anything of the sorts.

There are a few guys on this site, and/or online in general that were diagnosed with some testicular fibrosis post vasectomy. Some of them are many years out, some not so far out. Some never had a vasectomy, yet have a story involving some sort of testicular trauma.

As I recall, testicular fibrosis is, and/or can also be related to long term obstruction, and/or blockage, or vasectomy type procedures in general. Seems fibrosis can tie into the testicle/s ability to produce hormones, and then some. Seems this generally takes some time to manifest itself, and it’s irreversible damage.

On a side note, I have tended to believe I have a blockage on my left bad side. I could get into details about how I came up with that conclusion many years ago, but will leave it at that for now.

Bottom line, testicular fibrosis has been theorized to be a long term effect of vasectomy, and/or a side effect to the testicles because of an obstruction within the vas deferens.

Many of us are quite aware of the kind of damage vasectomy does, and/or can do to the testicles over time, and to the testicular organs such as epi’s, vas’s, etc over time.

What I remember about testicular fibrosis makes perfect sense, yet you won’t find much, if any published literature within the medical community about it.