My low test, PVPS journey so far - who else has experienced this?



It’s been a while since I posted on here. I’m at the 9month mark since VAS. Since then I have been researching to death medical papers and texts on the topics of VAS, fertility, immune responses, you name it. I’ve been to all the specialists with the usual results not even worth mentioning (it’s in your head)

I’m an engineer and I’ve almost had to give myself a biochemistry degree to understand some of the past medical research into this. At least I have some nice new medical words to add to my vocabulary!

I’ve got some very sound theories on my own case and why some of us end up like this. I’ve tested these theories by writing letters and even giving a presentation to some members of the medical profession. Interesting that they started to look at listen when legitimate theories based on solid research are put in front of them. They can no longer brush off us few fringe dwellers. Will write another thread on this later as it’s a separate topic.

I just wanted today to talk about my symptoms to see if anyone else is experiencing them.

Summary: 8week post VAS mark testosterone plummented. Absolutely crashed, I was a mess. 16weeks some slight recovery. Over the months slightly, ever so slightly small recovery. It’s a daily cycle… ie. one day I could feel really good. The next really bad. The ‘cycle’ started to swing more heavy. Some days extremely good then crash. At 7.5month mark dull ache started.

I found the higher the pain went, the higher my testosterone levels. I literally started to recover in one way and suffer in another. I found I could deal with the pain if it meant my test recovered. I find the lack of test worse than the pain. That may change as the pain increases, and it is. This week the pain become stronger. It’s definitely feels like congestion. With that sharp pain increase, huge increases in testosterone. I can feel it surging through me making me feel alive again. I wake up with morning wood and night time wood wakes me up it’s so hard. Libido through the roof where it used to be. That lasted two days. Yesterday the pain turned to sharp stabs up into the abdomen, then as I wondered… I started to feel funny… goodbye to the testosterone. I took some ibuprofen last night. This morning? No night erections, no libido, can’t get an erection if I tried and no pain.

The two are heavily connected. Has anyone experienced this?

my theory: I have an open ended VAS done but no VAS is truly open ended. The ends clog up with sperm, antibodies, fluids etc. All of us are at risk of congestion. This leads to build up in the epididymis and pain. What is also does though is stops sperm from it’s daily barrage on the body. I believe that halts the immune response for a while allowing the testis to recover. My sharp pains were possibly the block letting go. Huge amounts of sperm shoot out, the reaction starts up again and my body no longer produces testosterone like it should.

I’m booked in for reversal in three weeks. After my huge recovery this week it had to thinking if I should postphone. This morning I think I won’t be postphoning.

Hoping for the best.


I’m not sure what to think about your theory. Your years behind me far as trying to recover from a vasectomy, leaking sperm, etc, etc.

I have a ton of theories myself, hard to say what’s going on in so many cases, but I do believe something is definitely going on, and as you already know, individual cases will likely vary. It’s pretty bizarre this stuff doesn’t seem to effect everyone. Doesn’t seem to anyway…

Good luck with your reversal, hope it helps.


Hi there,

During my post vas pre reversal time, I had an increase in bodyhair growth. So I assumed my T l
was up. I thought it came from hyperaemia of the testis due to inflamation. Now I am on TRT…


Hi @nylem appreciate your insight and theory. Just recently over the last few weeks i would guess my T levels are rising because i have been experiencing morning and during the night woods almost daily, but with that my congestion/epi pains have also increased. before this time no morning wood, and i know my T levels were low, and pain was better. So i can kinda relate with your theory am going to get another t level test done soon to see if and how high did my t levels raise… As for reversal ultimately this is your decision for me am at 10 month mark post vas and mentally told myself give it 1yr and then go with reversal if am not recovered in a way i can live with.


I had my VAS in June, 2017. Pain started in Feb 2018. Testosterone tested in April 2018. Results below. I think they are normal, but I don’t have any other points to compare to yet. I am going to retest after my reversal in a few weeks.


I used Directlabs online and got blood drawn at Quest. My HSA card worked online, which was nice.

I don’t know man. You could be right but there’s really no way to tell. If I were you, I’d focus on preparing for the reversal and making sure I was all ready for maximum recovery and reduction of inflammation and scarring. Make the absolute best possible outcome for yourself.

I am seeing Dr. Shep in Louisville and am taking an entire week off work after the procedure. I’ve got supplements and warm baths all lines up. Babysitters on call. I find keeping my mind focused on the optimism of getting some kind of relief and return to myself to be the best strategy, instead of going into infinite theories of my suffering.


Hi @NC79 you seem to be experiencing very similar to me. I’ve had a lot of T level tests. I found that your body adjusts to the lower levels and things get a little better without any actual increase in total T. That being said I’d guess mine is higher now than it was on my last test because I am getting morning and night woods. Not daily but more regular. Still I am nowhere near where I was. My thoughts on it are, my body is unlikely to ‘fully’ recover. ie get back to where I was. Clearly my body doesn’t like what happened so putting it as close to back the way it was is going to be my best chance.

It would seem though that everyone reacts differently to VAS. @myballshurt That is a good T reading. My total T is floating around the low 300 mark. You have almost three times. I’d be very happy with that. Shame about your pain because your T survived which makes me think your immune system was ok with sperm. As it appears is most guys.

Well good luck guys. I’m going to need it too as I think I all out of good ideas for once in my life. The VAS was the worst one I every made. :slight_smile:


Yea, his numbers are definitely high compared to what many report on this site. I’d be pleased if my numbers were as such as well.

Figured I’d also mention that I do know of guys that can prove they were in the 300-400~ range at some point pre vas.

Here’s a website that easily converts ng/dL into nmol/L and vice versa. It also gives anyone a general idea where they stand in the scaling.


Hi @myballshurt when are you scheduled for reversal? Also what supplements are you stocked up? All the best with the reversal and to a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.


Nothing crazy, and I’m looking into others.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Fish Oil
Other antioxidants and vitamins